Great Ideas for Using Calla Lilies for Wedding Arrangement

Whenever we think about elegant, graceful florals, calla lilies make it to the list. These modern and chic trumpet-shaped florals can stand alone and you can even mix them with other blooms. Thus, they provide intrigue, build depth, and most significantly, create beauty. Calla lilies create a sophisticated, glamorous, and most sleek look.

Usually, one can obtain coloured lilies at all times as they are available year-round. Meaning that no matter when you schedule your wedding, callalies can be incorporated into your décor. Calla lilies can provide that sophisticated, clean, and sleek look. Although these flowers are quite striking on their own, florists can be original when it comes to creating a modern, elegant, and sophisticated presentation.

While mostly seen in the crisp white shade, calla lilies are available in a diverse color range, from deep aubergine bordering on black to orange. Besides their color, you can even go for a calla lily bouquet in large or small size. Now, let’s have a look at some great ideas for using calla lilies for wedding arrangement.


#1 Make a Cascade

To create a typical cascading flower bouquet, calla lilies are perfect due to their usual trumpet shape. For elongating the bouquet’s overall structure, you can incorporate some grasses. Now, finish the complete design using a glossy ribbon for holding everything together.


#2 Go with the Tradition

So, what can be best than offering your maids of honor a traditional feel! Go for petite, narrow calla lily bouquets for a sleek, sophisticated look.


#3 Make a Nice Statement

With a calla lily flower arrangement, you can turn bridesmaid bouquets into a work of art. To design a bouquet, you can lay it naturally across the bridesmaid’s arm using some calla lilies mounting. Bundle the bouquet with some leaves for offering it a nice, elegant look. Now, this calla lilies wedding idea is perfect that can complement the classy black gowns bridesmaids will wear.


#4 Go for Overgrown

Are you holding a rustic wedding celebration? Employ calla lily in bouquets designed to appear overgrown, alongside eucalyptus, limelight hydrangea, sweet pea, and tuberose for a wildflower-esque, organic flower arrangement.


#5 Opt for the Nosegay

In contrast to a more elaborate, large bridal bouquet, the nosegay is a handheld, small bouquet. This bouquet is carried by honorable wedding VIPs or bridesmaids. Try paring down the calla lilies for wedding to create a more petite silhouette. Thus, it is perfect for minimalist wedding ideas.


#6 Let It Be Contemporary

Choose a clean and crisp look by choosing a structured wedding bouquet. Pair your accent grasses and leaves with dahlias and calla lilies. You can go for all green and white shades. This creates a perfect focal for the wedding bouquet.

Also, you can match boutonnieres of smaller calla lilies for the groomsmen or groom. This is a perfect way for tying the floral style altogether.


#7 Keep It Narrow

Narrow and slim could be the perfect blend when it comes to a bridal bouquet. For creating a striking wedding bouquet, you will only require some steps. This is enough for playing up the bridal look’s elegance, no matter if you are wearing a bridal jumpsuit or a ballgown.


#8 Choose Simplicity

When you design something with calla lilies, then even simple is quite more. So, it is preferable to design these flowers alone because only showing them off is the best choice. It is better to design florals and bouquets to appear natural and not overdone or forced. So, work with florists for creating a bridal bouquet that is simple yet not basic.


#9 Match with Your Dress

You can even take inspiration for calla lily flower arrangement ideasfrom your dress style. Make a bouquet as an extension to your dress. So, get inspired for your wedding design from your dress. You can create a bouquet by playing with the dress style you have chosen. Go for a cascading bridal bouquet of orchids, greenery, and calla lilies.


#10 Think of Cranberry

Now, think of something other than the usual cream and white color palette that calla lilies are famous for. Go for a deeper red hue and consider cranberry. The dark red will be picturesque for autumn weddings. So, this bouquet can provide the most amazing contrast against your wedding gown’s white.

Also, it is quite an impressive idea to pair the deep tone with the blush pink dresses of bridesmaids. This will seem like an extra feminine blend of reds and pinks.


#11 Go with Texture

As calla lilies feature just one white petal on each stem, the bloom’s simplicity lends itself to a very soft look. If you like to add more dimension to the entire bouquet, then look for other flowers too. You can go for blooms that are popular for a textured appearance. It is best to choose something like gardenia, David Austin roses, or chrysanthemums.


#12 Select a Different Shape

Calla lilies have a unique shape naturally. Use this shape for creating a different shape for the complete bridal bouquet. Take together some calla lily stems, add grasses and orchids tightly underneath the bouquet’s head. This will create an illusion that calla lilies float on a flower bed.


#13 Choose Posies

As mentioned before, design your florals and bouquets to look natural and not overdone. Keep things subtle and low key with calla lilies. You can select posies for bridal bouquets as this makes your bouquet a petite one.

So, these are some unique ideas for using calla lilies for wedding arrangements. Now, you can create your own floral bouquet by making calla lily flower delivery at your doorstep. Also, if you want to create something brooding and dark, then you can go with dark-colored calla lilies. This bouquet will be perfect for any winter or autumn weddings. Now, work with your wedding florist and come up with your own wedding floral arrangement. It is super exciting to work with calla lilies!