Guys’ Guide to Giving Flowers When Dating

Most of the men out there can go miles to express their love for the woman of their life; however, they would just be naïve enough to ignore the very simple way they could have taken for putting their heart out to her. Flowers! Why wouldn’t you think about that? Women love flowers and it’s become a proven fact now after all these years. Be it the Victorian ages or modern times, flowers hold a very special place in the gifting world. Especially, if you are dating a girl and want to make the best expression; trust us, a flower bouquet can do wonders.

So if you have no clue regarding gifting flowers to your date or want to get better at it, here are some things for you to consider while picking flowers for your girl.


Know the reason for you gifting flowers to her

At first, ask yourself the purpose for which you are gifting the flowers. The best expressions come from a sincere and genuine reason and the right flowers will make the effort just right. There can be numerous reasons behind the gifting like expressing your love, liking, admiration, cherishing, thoughts, passions, care, etc for her or wanting to apologize, congratulate, appreciate, or propose her. Apart from all this, you can gift her flowers without any reason and turn any moment into a romantic one very subtly.


Select the right occasion

Well, to be honest, flowers don’t require any occasion to be gifted. We suggest that you include flowers in the gift set you give her on every occasion that is a landmark in your relationship. Be it first date, random dates, anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day, or even random surprises; you can never go wrong with flowers. They can even accompany your apology for any mistake that you did, of course, not for the very serious ones!


Take care of her likes and preferences

This knowledge will just boost the impact of your gift to another level. Do you remember her mentioning any particular flower that she loves the most or if she’s allergic to any for that? Both are the things that will help you a lot in narrowing down your search for the perfect flower. However, don’t worry much if you don’t know anything. Play safe by doing a Google search and gift the right flowers that convey your message and purpose.


Get creative with the flowers

Although you might be able to please her with a simple arrangement of flowers, getting something more creative would increase the charm of your gift.  Look out for the latest floral trends online and you can even order the fancy floral gifts from online flower selling sites. Here are some flower arrangement ideas you can try.

  • Hand-made bouquet: You can gather different types of flowers and tie them together with any ribbon all by yourself. It might look a little shoddy but your date would surely get emotional with the real efforts you put into it.
  • Flower vase: A vase with fresh flowers waiting on the living room table to greet her after a tiring day can be the best thing ever.
  • Get them delivered: Your woman is going to get super-surprised upon receiving a beautiful bouquet when at work or anywhere else. Online delivery of flowers is the best thing to bet upon if you want your love and care to reach her in a situation when you can’t.


Experimenting with the bouquet

A flower bouquet is the best and top choice of the floral arrangement of many people. However, it doesn’t have to be a simple arrangement always. You can ask the florist to customize it in these ways.

  • Monochromatic flowers: If you know her favorite color, then you can get single or different flowers of that color arranged in a bouquet.
  • Flowers of different textures: You can make any bouquet contemporary and bold by getting it made of contrastingly textured flowers. Such a bouquet will easily woo her.
  • Monotype flowers: Here we are, back to the basics as the flower bouquets featuring a single type of flower never go out of style. Go with roses or tulips and watch your beloved going bananas.


Some great flower options to gift

A bouquet of red roses is the classic choice for gifting flowers to a beloved. However, experimenting with other flowers can do magic. While selecting flowers, you can keep different factors in mind like their meaning, the color of the flower and its symbolism, etc. Here are some of the flowers you can gift to your beloved.

  • Lilies: These long-lasting flowers are the perfect expression of the strength of your relationship that will keep you two going together for long.
  • Tulips: A tulip flower symbolizes perfect love and can do the same wonder as roses. They look unique and will surely make a great companion to your love proposal for her.
  • Daisies: These are the perfect flowers to gift her if your relationship is new and you want to spark those playful and fun vibes between you two. Daisies are instant mood changers and you must utilize this quality.
  • Tropical flowers: These beauties have the most extraordinary appearance and fragrance that will just make her day. Tropical flowers like orchids, magnolia, bird of paradise, etc. can make up to be a great arrangement together or solo.
  • Sunflowers: If you adore your girlfriend and she lights up your gloomy days, then appreciate her with a bunch of sunflowers.


Make the gift even better

When you decide to give her flowers, you can go on with some add-ons that would make her smile even brighter. Stuffed toys, chocolates, minimal jewelry pieces, etc. are some of the great things you can send to her with the flowers. You can add anything else to the gift that she likes.

Now that you have become familiar with everything about gifting flowers to your beloved, don’t forget to pick some flowers from a nearby florists’ no matter how much rush you are in for going to see her.