6 Holiday Flower Gifting Tips

Christmas is indeed one of the most festive seasons celebrated by almost everyone in the entire world. This joyous season is indeed something to be excited about as it is all about food, gatherings, gift-giving, memories, and the celebration of Jesus’ birth. This season also marks the last days of the year and symbolizes a new hope for the coming year. Since Christmas is about giving gifts and exchanging cards, it may be a great idea to give someone a beautiful arrangement of flowers during the Holiday season. If that person already has everything anyone can wish for, it might be a great idea to surprise them with a flower arrangement they will treasure forever.

To help you out on your mission, we have listed down a few tips on how to make your holiday flower gifting a successful one!


  1. Invest on the flowers in season

If you are tight on budget, consider investing on the flowers that bloom during the cold December season. These flowers will surely be abundant during this time and their prices will go down as stocks pile up. Unlike the most popular belief that fall flowers are the most colorful, winter flowers are also equally colorful and beautiful. Usually, the winter season denotes more toned-down blooms, but you will be shocked to find out that some of the popular flowers you know can also bloom during the winter season. Roses are one them. These beautiful and colorful blooms grow all year round and you can choose them as your Holiday gift for your loved one. Carnations also bloom during winter and have a bunch of different colors to choose from. Carnations also have very sturdy and thick petals making them withstand the walk outside after Christmas dinner.


  1. Go warm and bold

Christmas season is usually very cold. That is why the Christmas colors are usually warm to contrast the freezing weather. Inside the house, warm colored outfits, decorations, and flowers are often seen during this festive season that is why warm can be your best friend in choosing the perfect Christmas bouquet. There are lots of warm-colored flowers during the Christmas season and you can also match them with a warm-toned specialty paper to match its look. Carnations, poinsettia, and roses have red, orange, and yellow blooms and you can totally use that to warm up your bouquet. Remember to not be afraid to go warm and bold in this cold season to keep that fire burning!


  1. Dead or Alive – Flowers are the best!

If you plan on giving dead flowers – that is if they are already cut and arranged in a bouquet, then go ahead and make him or her happy! But if you prefer giving a flower while it is still planted in soil and can be propagated, then that can also work! Nowadays during the pandemic, people have invested in flowers and made it a hobby to stay sane during the lockdown periods. During the chilly December of 2020, you can gift someone with planted flowers like poinsettias and make the gift feel a lot more like a living thing to be cared for rather than just a bouquet that can wilt fast. Rose plants can also be a great choice as they thrive in any season.


  1. Size does not matter

Since Christmas is the time of giving, people may think that they should give something extravagant or huge on this special occasion. That is definitely not the case especially if you want to gift flowers in the Christmas season. Giving a huge arrangement or bouquet might look and feel overwhelming sometimes and make the impression that you are trying so hard to make someone happy. As in all matters of life, size does not matter. You can go simple and still make someone just as happy. It is all about the thought and remembrance of giving in this beautiful season.


  1. Consider the meaning and symbol of the flower you will choose

Flowers have their own meanings and symbols – just like any other gift you can find. You must know what message you want to interpret to the person you want to gift and make sure to choose the flower that sends that exact message. If you want to express love, affection, and deep appreciation, go for red flowers like red roses and poinsettias. If you want to show your pure intentions and that you really care for someone, go for white flowers like white roses and carnations. If you want to show love and appreciation to a friend or a colleague, go for more colorful ones like pink and yellow to symbolize your bond and fun times together. Just like giving flowers during valentine’s day, giving them during the Holiday season must be as meaningful. You can let them know the meaning of the flowers and your intention verbally or just let the flowers do the talking.


  1. Presentation is key!

How you give or present the flowers is also important as it will be the first thing that the recipient will see. Do you want to let someone deliver them for you and just add a card with a message? Or do you want to give it yourself and maybe give a kiss or a hug? It is all up to you. You can also give an inspiring message first before handing out the flowers. Presentation will really make a difference especially if you put thought to it and make sure to let that person feel really special.

That’s it! Holidays are coming near so better plan out your gifts. If you wish to give flowers, know that this choice might not be the most popular, but it will really make the recipient feel special and loved. Keep in the mind the tips we gave above, and you will surely be successful. Holiday is the one event to share love and special gifts so we should really make the most out of it.