How to Decorate your home with flower for Hari Raya Theme?

Hari Raya is an important occasion for most of the Muslims around the globe. It is basically a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan fasting and preparation of Eidul fitr.

While celebrating this auspicious occasion majority of Muslims focus on two main things one is what food to eat and the other thing is how to decorate their living spaces and what type of flowers will be better to celebrate their living spaces.

Food on Hari Raya is an integral part of this occasion but Muslims prepare the food in their house for their neighbors and other people which is basically the essence of this festival.

While decorating their homes Muslims pay special focus to the type of flowers for Hari Raya. They always go for flowers that are vibrant and very bright. They believe that on the occasion of Hari Raya flowers help them to add much-needed freshness to their homes.

So they personally go to the local florists and buy flowers and later decorate their homes with these flowers.


Decorating with flowers

Flowers are basically an integral part of decoration because they create the much-needed ambiance. Either its outdoor or indoor nothing can replace the magic created by the touch of fresh flowers and green stems.

These fresh blooms bring warmness and coziness in the living space. Along with the physical appearance flowers also purify the environment with their intoxicating fragrance.

The good thing about flowers is that you can decorate your home according to your own budget and preference and by spending very less you can create a magical design.

You can either buy red roses for hanging on your door, tulips to put in the vase as a centerpiece and also different sizes of pots to put in the kitchen and also tables.

Below are some of the flowers that can help you to decorate your living spaces on the occasion of Hari Raya


Flowers with bright colors

Ok so Hari Rays is a worth celebrating festival after almost a month of fasting families come together to celebrate the end of fasting. So the flowers for decoration must also be fresh and bright in order to add more brightness to the occasion.

There are various bright flowers that you can use for decoration on Hari Raya like pink, purple, peach and even white color of roses.

Although all colors of roses are very high in demand on Hari Raya but you can also go for lilies, magnolias and also star gazers.

Apart from these choose flowers that are peach, red, orange and also yellow in color because they go perfect with the theme.

In order to create festive mood inside your home go for green or purple flowers. The good thing about all these flowers is that they can also be given as gifts to all the friends as well as family members.


Bright colored vases

Ok so apart from choosing all the bright colored flowers you must also focus on the color theme of the vases. Since Hari raya is an occasion or festival once in a year so pay special attention to home accessories.

Try to match the color theme because if you match the color theme then it will be a plus point to the overall decoration.

If necessary try to consult a professional who can help you in making the flower decoration even more memorable by matching their color with vases etc.


Floral arrangements

You must give special attention to the floral arrangements try to be as innovative as possible. While buying the flower and bouquets ask the owner of the floral shop that which flowers are best for Hari Raya.

You may already have the vases inside your house but to arrange them according to your taste ask the florists to help you out.


Design the centerpieces

This is a very important thing to do. If you want to give the much needed extra touch to your decoration then you must also have a centerpiece in your dining table.

The benefit of having a centerpiece is that it will give a sophisticated and attractive look to the overall decoration. Try to mix various flowers while designing this centerpiece. You can play with colors like red, purple, pink, and peach.

All these colors go so well with each other. Also give extra attention to the flower type like lilies, lotus, roses and lavenders while designing the centerpiece. In order to fill the gaps include green petals inside this will also beautify the finishing.


Go for greens and all natural

You may not know but the real color of Hari Raya is the color green so the more green color you add the better it is and the prettier your home will look.

You can knit various ketupat bags with natural leaves and once done with knitting you can put them in a vase and place them with plants in your dining room and kitchen.

This way it will give all natural vibes rather than just forcing the vases in the overall settings.

Hari Raya is a best way of celebration and also an excuse to bring all the loved ones under one roof to celebrate. So be creative and also versatile.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with flower colors and types. In the process of decorating your home you will be surprised that how fun and therapeutic it is to decorate your home with your loved ones.