How Do You Get Your Boyfriend to Buy You Flowers?

When we think about getting for a girl, flowers top the list. A bouquet of flowers is the best gift that you can gift to a girl. It brings a smile on their face. Most men know about it but they get us blooms only on special occasions. However, we would like to receive lovely flowers more often!

So, how often do you receive flowers? Probably, you are a bit envious of your best friend when her guy surprises her every now and then with flowers. Also, it makes you think about your guy and wonder why he does not bring you blooms. Perhaps if your man gets the gist of why do women like to have flowers, then he may gift you a floral arrangement more often.

A bunch of flowers is a sweet gesture of your affection and love. It shows how much you care and love your beloved. So, how can you tell your man that you want blooms? If you like to have flowers often, then follow some tips mentioned here. These effective tips can help to awake some romantic vibes in your guy. So, let’s have a look below!

  1. Giving them an idea

To get flowers more often from your man, you have to express your love for flowers to him. So, the next time you pass by a floral shop, you can tell them how much you love flowers and how those lovely flowers would look in your living room. It may ring a bell that how much you love them when they see flowers on their way home. So, he may show up with flowers the next time.


  1. Surprising yourself

You can also purchase flowers and get them home. Do this more often! If you do so, your man will understand how much importance flowers hold in your life. Moreover, he can surprise you with some the next time for sure. So, try buying flowers for yourself if you want to give a hint to your boyfriend how much you actually love them. Otherwise, buying flowers for yourself is not a bad idea.


  1. By setting an example

You can tell your guy about your friends who get flowers more often from their men. You can start by saying that “Alex got Kim a bunch of amazing roses” or “Her boyfriend gave her flowers.” Your man will definitely take this hint and surprise you with a bouquet of fresh flowers the very next day. However, you should not do overdo this as it could hurt the feelings of your partner.


  1. Telling them directly

Unfortunately, men do not always understand our hints, which is a pity. So, it is best to tell them directly and they will understand it immediately. You need to ask them questions, such as “Why do not you gift me flowers?” or “If you will gift flowers, it will make me happier.” It is not a bad idea to tell your man directly.

So, these are some of the tips that you can use for making your man bring flowers. If these tips do not help, then you should follow the step-wise guide present below to get your boyfriend to buy you flowers.


A Step-Wise Guide to Get Your Boyfriend Buying You Flowers

Obviously, you did not get into a relationship to get flowers from your guy. However, sometimes, it makes you feel special when someone shows up with a bunch of flowers when you are least expecting them. This is what you need to tell them in the right way. So, go through the steps listed below for making your boyfriend do it:

Step 1

Select the right time. If you are in the middle of an argument about whether they care for you or not, it would not be a good idea to ask for the flowers. This will more likely backfire. It is best to ask your boyfriend to get you flowers when both of you are relaxed and happy. So, you can make this request when there is a positive atmosphere around you.

Step 2

Do not become emotional while conveying your thoughts. If your man does not get you flowers and if it holds significance for you, discussing it may bring up emotions of sadness or insecurity. Do not let these emotions enter your discussion. It is better to ask your man rationally and directly what you want.

Step 3

You have to sound reasonable while putting forth your thoughts. There is no harm to ask a thing that your boyfriend can do for you. If he cannot buy you a bouquet of roses, then ask him to pluck a few flowers from a garden for you. In this way, you both will be happy.

Step 4

It is fine if your man says no. You should be prepared for accepting that decision. Also, keep a backup plan ready. Your boyfriend may prefer to do things the way he is accustomed to doing. If this happens to you, plan to buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers after work every Friday and let go of the issue. Who knows, he might come around after watching how meaningful they are to you.

So, if your boyfriend really loves you, he will get all these hints and surprise you with a bouquet of amazing flowers. However, it is fine if you could not make him buy you a bunch of flowers. If you will focus more on lack of things, then probably you will start focusing on other love languages, like getting a post-it note on the kitchen counter, slid under the pillow, or slid under your bedroom door with a sweet message “I love You.”

The more you want flowers from your boyfriend as a symbol of love, the less you will receive them and the worse you will feel. Until then, do get some beautiful flowers for yourself and brighten up your day!