How to Be Romantic and Give Flowers? 

Women often report that their guy is not romantic enough. However, men find it hard to express their feelings sometimes. Often, they even resort to Hallmark cards or expensive bejeweled baubles for doing the task for them. So, the question remains, how to be romantic without even spending a good fortune?

To become a romantic, you have to use the romantic language, where you do not have to open your mouth to convey your feelings and thoughts. This romantic language comprises of nothing but receiving and giving of flowers. As you know, every size and the type of flowers indicate some meaning and communicate your intentions perfectly. If you put thought into your flower selection, your lady will definitely love it. This is all you need to become a hopeless romantic.


Selecting the Perfect Blooms

When all has been done and said, a beautiful bouquet of flowers will always win, even if your lady will like those specific flowers or not. A bunch of fresh flowers will bring a smile to her face even on a dull day at her workplace. However, there is no measure to select the perfect blooms. If you do not want to go with the mainstream options like roses, then have a look at the options given below. So, here are some great suggestions that you can select from.



Chrysanthemums are a vibrant, colorful option that you can gift your lady on special days. These flowers come in a range of shapes, colors, and sizes, which make them a true statement.

However, in some European regions, these beautiful blooms are considered as the flowers of death. So, ensure that your lady is not into superstitions or quirks before giving them to her.



Lilies are great-smelling, long-lasting flowers for every occasion. If you are looking for a romantic flower, then there can be nothing like lilies. These flowers come in every size and shape. They bloom twice if you cut away their dead leaves and allow them to bloom.

However, cats do not like lilies. If your girl has a cat, do not present a bouquet of lilies to her as they are toxic for cats.


Peruvian Lily or Alstroemerias

When you buy these dainty blooms in bulk, they make a great punch. Do not care about their size as these flowers are really romantic. These flowers are delicate and intricate, which make an amazing statement if you purchase them in bulk.

If you find Peruvian lilies expensive, then just add some large flowers to your bouquet to make it more attractive and bulkier. These blooms are hardy and last up to two weeks. They are available in a range of attractive shades.



If you want to make a show of love, then peonies say it the best. These flowers may appear like roses, but these blooms are just amazing to tell someone that they are special for you. These fragrant, beautiful blooms come in an array of colors, ranging from purple-red and yellow to dusty pink and white.

Peonies are a bit expensive but they take the home the award every time. So, express your feelings with these beautiful flowers without saying a word.


Gerbera Daisies

If you like things to be simple, then Gerbera Daisies are the right choice. A bouquet of these joyful, bright, and flashy flowers will bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Unfortunately, they do not last long!

So, these are some of the unique flowers that you can buy for your woman. However, if you have decided to gift her an exact bouquet of her favorite blooms, then discover what they are with the help of her friends and family. If no good, then it is best to go with her favorite color. Surely, she will appreciate the thought behind it rather than just flowers. Now, if you are wondering when you should give her flowers, read the section below.


When should men buy their lady romantic flowers?

Flowers are perfect for a number of occasions. Not just that, but flowers are even great if there is no occasion at all. Your woman will be impressed by this sweet gesture more than the actual flowers. So, when should you buy your lady romantic flowers? It could be a bit confusing to select the right occasion to send flowers.

First of all, you need to ensure whether your lady loves flowers or not. This is because some women like wine, some prefer chocolate. So, there is no harm in asking! However, if you want to keep it a surprise, then go for it. You would not go wrong with a spontaneous, sweet gesture of love arriving at her doorstep. A bunch of romantic flowers is enough to be romantic!

Now, you can buy and send flowers on a special occasion. There are times when you will definitely like to warm your lady’s heart with beautiful flowers, such as a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or a congratulatory celebration.

However, you need to remember that flowers can be given for no reason at all. If you want to cheer up your lady on a dull, boring day, then flowers are all you need. Once you understand the language of flowers, you will be able to make bouquets that will add significance and meaning to any occasion.



So, these ideas will help you woo your lady love. Flowers will definitely add more love to your lovely relationship. Always remember that such a simple, sweet gesture like giving flowers to your woman can make an enormous difference. It really does not matter even if you do not spend a great deal of money, flowers come with an emotional value, which is priceless for women.

Your lady will always cherish this gesture forever. So, what can be more romantic than giving flowers to your beloved? Nothing, right! Now, buy a bunch of fresh flowers for your sweetheart and brighten her day like never before.