How to Order Flower Delivery in Singapore?

Ordering flowers is an easy task nowadays because of the help of the internet and online florist. Whether you want to order flowers to send to parents or spouse or loved one, you can find the most appropriate designs and arrangements at the online flower shop. You can browse the website and choose from the hundreds of designs available and have the flowers delivered to the recipient’s address. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that the flowers you sent made someone feel loved and appreciated on her special day. If you want to know how to order flower delivery, here is a simple guide from the florists:

Find a Florist

If you need flowers, no one can give you the most attractive design than the expert, the florist. No matter what the occasion is, the florist is sure to have the perfect flower bouquet for the occasion and for the recipient. With many florists operating online, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which one of them can meet your requirements and your expectations. To find the florist for your needed flowers, you can simply start by searching online under the style you prefer.

On the other hand, there are various specialties that the florists provide. If you need flowers for weddings, looking for a wedding florist is your best move. Some florists focus on funeral flowers, too, and they are the right person to turn to if you need condolence wreath and funeral flowers.

Select the Design

Flowers are always an appropriate gift no matter what occasion to celebrate. However, with all the designs available at the flower shop, you will be surprised to find hundreds of flower arrangements for the flower delivery. For birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, baby showers, get well soon wishes, and holiday flowers, everything you want in a flower arrangement can be found online at the florist’s website. There are various styles and themes to choose from, too. If you want to customize one, the florist can help you arrange the bouquet in the style you personally conceptualized. You will benefit more if you choose to let the professional florist handle the job even if it is a simple hand bouquet.

Add Your Personal Message

It is always thoughtful to include a personal card message in the bouquet so that the recipient will know who the sender is. The florist has different designs of a card for the messages. There are cards with a romantic line of words and there are blank cards where you can write a message from your own words.

Select the Flower Delivery Method

In ordering flower delivery, you also have to choose which delivery method is perfect for your gift. The florist assures you that the flowers are hand-delivered and they are always on time. Here are the available delivery methods to choose from:

  • Express Delivery – If you want the bouquet to reach its destination in a few hours, you can maximize an express flower delivery. It may cost you an additional amount of dollars for this method but you can expect your flowers to arrive in 3 to 4 hours.
  • Same Day Flower Delivery – Flowers can be sent on the same day. Some florists accept orders for same day flower delivery until 3 pm free of charge.
  • Next Day Flower Delivery – Flowers can be sent the following day upon your request. The florist provides only the best and highest quality of fresh flowers hand-picked and hand-delivered on the next day.
  • Delivery on Schedule – You can place your orders today and have the flowers delivered on the date and time you prefer. The delivery can also be on weekly or monthly schedule as per subscription.

Incorrect delivery information may cause a delay in delivery or other related problems. It is required from customers to always double check the address provided to avoid sending the flowers to the wrong address. The florists accept adjustment of delivery information at least two business days before the delivery date.

Select a Payment Method

There are various options for payment and you can rest assured that all payments are secured and safe.

  • Online Payment – Most florists offer convenient online payment methods for credit card users, debit card users, and PayPal users. These options are among the easiest and safest to pay for the flower delivery.
  • Offline Payment – Most florists also accept offline payments. You can pay through different banks and money transfer or remittances. Bank deposits and wire transfers are a great option to pay for the flowers.

The florists allow customers to claim refunds on payments because of poor quality and unreliable services. In case of issues on quality, the customers can send back the product and request for refunds as supported with proofs. In addition, customers are also allowed to change orders, cancel orders, and refuse flower delivery depending on the situation.

More than just flowers, the florists offer hundreds of other gift items and delightful treats for your flower gifting. You can send fruit baskets or hampers of gifts or boxes of chocolates and packs of chips. There are gifts appropriate for male or female celebrant on birthdays and there are gifts specially designed for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and baby shower or bridal shower. On special days and events, you can always turn to the florist and order flower delivery for the celebrant. There are plants, too, which are great as gifts for male celebrants, including fathers on Father’s Day. Order flowers now and send the most lovable gift you can give to the people you love.