Is It Nice to Give Men the Gift of Flowers?

Flowers are cute little entities that are extremely calming and beautiful to receive and no one can deny this fact. Any human being who will receive flowers is going to be surrounded by beautiful and touching feelings of being special for the person. Everyone loves to receive flowers and if we talk particularly about women, it is the ultimate fantasy of a woman to receive flowers from either her special one or her best friend or from anyone. But hold on for a while. When women are being talked about as a whole, men are always ignored not only by women but even by men themselves. It is not a sexist statement but a truth that has to be told.


But what if we don’t see it with that view. What if we reverse the cycle of this and talk about a specific topic; How is it to give flowers to men? As a whole, it is not always encouraged to give flowers to a man for whatever reason it is. Whether a woman is going to propose to her guy of dreams or a lady hitting up her friend on his birthday, it is unusual for men to receive flowers. But beyond stereotypes, there exists a beautiful world of equality that considers both men and women as equal. Let us dive even deeper into this topic.


Understanding that men and women are equal individuals; The feminism:

Since the last two centuries, women are fighting for gender equality introducing the concept of feminism. The concept of Feminism involves the equality of women with many fields of life including politics, business, working areas, household, and almost any field that exists. It first started in the 19th century when women started protesting for their reply right to vote. In the early and late twentieth century, it took the form of a global movement. Ultimately it became a theory in the 21st century. Feminism has become the idea that considers men and women as an equal individual and negates the concept of any discrimination based solely on gender. This concept has become popular in the last two decades when women became independent and the internet gets its place in women empowerment by educating and teaching women their equal rights. Women started protesting against inequality in society and discrimination based on gender. By the efforts of women and some men that appreciate the concept, feminism has taken the form of religion now and is performed by the majority of the world in different regions.

Diving deeper into the concept of feminism, the basic idea of feminism is that women are no way any less than their fellow men and there should not be any place of discrimination on the base of gender. If we see things from that point of view, the reverse must also be performed in order to fulfill the concept of independent and equal individuals. It means that men are also deserving of all the things that women claim to be deserving. This point is the epitome of gender equality.


Understanding men; they have feelings too:

In addition to having equality in the material things, it is also claimed by human beings that both the genders are equal in terms of emotions too. Stereotypically, men are not encouraged enough to show their emotions, to cry, to get happy, to show their life at the fullest, and in many other times. If a man does that, he is considered weak and it is against the masculinity that society defines for a man. However, this is not just a common stereotype but also a dangerous limitation that does not allow the concept of feminism to even occur and function properly. If a man keeps on hiding his feelings for longer times, it may lead to the breakage of his own mental health, leading them to an unhappy life. So now it is clear that feelings are as important for men as they are for women. Similarly, if a woman wants her man to express his emotions with flowers and be grateful for this relationship, her man would also require a similar expression of emotion from his girl. This would be called real equality.


Ok, but what flowers to get him?

After going through all the theories and understanding and admitting them, a question arises in our heads? What flowers to give him? Well, the answer is totally conditional and varies from person to person.

Giving flowers to build a relationship

Is he your guy of dreams and you want to propose to him? Then break all the stereotypes by society and take the first step yourself. Awake your inner feminist and show the world that women not only claim to be equal to men for their own interests but they can also take the first step. A red rose should be your go-to option for the occasion. You can also go with a flower bouquet but it a single flower would be appreciated to compliment your partner-to-be’s minimalist nature. Then you might find him tucking it in the front pocket of his blazer the next day!

Flowers for your emotional partner:

Besides taking the first step, the women who are already in a relationship and are looking for ways to pay gratitude to their men for their relationship can also find their way into the expression of love with these cute little messengers.  Go with red roses if it is a date night. Else, for a casual day, pink flowers would be the best option.

Paying gratitude to other men in your life:

Besides your romantic partner, there are also men in your life you might be thankful to. He can be your friend, brother, father, or any other person. A yellow flower is the best option for your friendships and casual relations while a white one would be best for formal relationships like your colleagues or boss.

So these were our thoughts on the relationship between men and flowers.