What is the Purpose of Flowers in the Grieving Process?

The flower has played a very prominent role in expressing sympathy, love, and support for generations. Flowers have the power to heal in many forms for the recipients as well as the giver. Flowers are used for various grievance purposes like paying tribute to warriors, during funerals, flower gardens for the memory of loved ones, and many more. They express sympathy, love, and affection, unmatched to any other offerings at these hard times. Flowers have helped people heal over the sudden demise of their loved ones.


Various flowers are specially offered during grievance and are known as sympathy flowers. These flowers are provided for families to show support to them for the loss of their loved ones. Funeral flowers have their meanings representing emotion and support. Sympathy flowers play a very crucial role during grievances and should be very carefully selected. They have healing powers to keep the environment positive wherever they are placed.


There are various flowers which have their purposes in the grieving process. Below mentioned are some of the most popular sympathy flowers, primarily used for the grieving process. Offering individual flowers can communicate to the loss in a much better way as they symbolize hope and support.



Lilies are one of the most common flowers which bloom in the summers. This flower has a considerable meaning attached to it and is a symbol of renewal. They are a powerful symbol for the spirit of the loved ones providing love, hope, and affection to the family members. The white lily is most commonly used for funeral and other grievance processes. The white color lilies symbolize purity and youth, which is perfect for someone who has died at a young age.



Roses are one of the most popular flowers having various meanings associated with their different colors. The white rose symbolizes purity and innocence, which is why it is popular among friends and families during funerals and other grievance purposes. Peach roses represent sincerity and can be given on the demise of someone who has blessed you. They are also a symbol of gratitude and serve the purpose of presenting families and relatives during their funeral. The yellow roses represent friendship and can be offered on the demise of a friend who had great value in your life.


Roses say a lot with colors that have made them so popular, especially for grievance purposes like funerals and death ceremonies. It is difficult to ascertain what families are going through due to the demise of their loved ones, but by offering flowers, we can always express our gratitude and affection towards them.



Many people believe that the word carnation came from incarnation, which is why this flower has so much importance for grievance purposes. Carnation flower has been the symbol of love for generations and will continue to remain as long as possible. This flower is widespread during Christian funerals, as it shows that the person was a great believer of Christ. This flower expresses love and can be given to families on the demise of their loved ones. Carnations are widely used during Mothers Day, which makes it a popular flower on the passing of a mother in your friends or relative. This is to show that they have been great mothers to their children and will miss their absence.



This flower is a symbol of remembrance, as the name suggests. This flower is offered to families, relatives, or closed ones to whom you want to ascertain that they will not be forgotten and always remembered. Generally, people tend to talk less about the people who have passed as it will cause sorrow to their families. This has been the trend for generations. But this flower is here to stay and believe that talking and discussing the people will help us keep them in our lives forever.

Forget-me-not is a beautiful flower with a sweet essence. This flower has been able to heal many families during the demise of their loved ones. Forget-me-not is a well-acclaimed flower and has excellent value during funerals all around the globe.



Gladiolus is a funeral flower that symbolizes strength and character. This flower is offered to families during the demise of their loved ones showing the strength and courage the person posses before he left this world. Also, it helps the family to heal and remind them to be reliable. Gladiolus helps to communicate your compassion towards the family that has lost someone dear by letting them know you would be there for them.


The flower reminds the family of their strength and motivates them to pass these tough times gradually. The flower also helps in motivating the families who have just lost their loved ones by denoting that they are entering a different phase of life. Their strength and support would be required.



This flower is commonly used in various parts of America, showing support and encouragement to the families who have lost their dear ones or are going through some health issues. In European countries, these flowers are offered to the graves of loved ones as it represents the symbol of death. This flower is popularly for its resemblances to death and mourning, which is why it is widely being used all over Europe and America.


Chrysanthemum offered to families brings hope and encouragement, aiding them to pass these hard times. This flower is available in various colors, and preparing a bouquet would be an excellent way to encourage the families who have lost their dear ones.



Flowers are the symbol of love, hope, encouragement, well being, and many more. Flowers can change the environment making it more positive and encouraging. Flowers, when offered during funerals or other grievance purposes, work wonders in helping the families who have lost their dear ones. Funeral flowers have in-depth meanings, and many studies show that flowers behave as healing agents during hard times. This is why we all offer flowers to someone who is ill or has passed away to show your support and provide their family some healing at these hard times.