Finding the Perfect Flower Arrangements For Any Event

Admit it, a bouquet is the sweetest gift you can give to your lover, friends, or family. It symbolizes and represents a variety of meanings such as “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, or “I miss you”. Flowers can make people happy in a completely different way.

Flowers are not just gifts though, they are also a popular decoration. You see them all the time in different events and occasions. Whether it be outdoor or indoor, a variety of flowers bunched together to give a place life, color, and a unique personality.

There are dozens of different flower arrangements. Some are the classic and simple arrangements, and of course, the jaw-dropping ones. You might be wondering how to choose which type of arrangement is best for your event. No need to worry, this list provides you with tips and tricks on how to choose (or even make) your arrangement.

Choose the right flowers

The type of flower you choose will vary on the type of event you are trying to decorate, your guests, and your venue. However, there are plenty of popular flowers that bloom all year round and are good as decorations. These are the top five blooms that go well in various settings:

  • Roses

Roses are the most common decorations and no one can blame people for choosing them. If you plan to choose roses as the main flower, you have to pick the right color depending on the event and the venue. Red is the go-to color when it comes to this flower, but, they come in a variety of hues, too.

  • Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is delicate flowers that are popular accessories in bouquets. Baby’s breath can be added into any arrangement and make it more visually appealing. However, this flower is most commonly used in weddings because it symbolizes everlasting love, pureness, and innocence.

  • Tulips

Spring season is tulips season. Tulips are the first flowers to bloom during spring and are thus, are associated with rebirth. Because of this association, tulips are commonly used during birthday parties and casual dinners.

Tulips are popular since they can be styled in various ways. You can put them in glass vases, small baskets, cups, or even in recycled materials. No matter where you put this flower, they will still give you a cool, rustic vibe.

  • Lilies

If you are planning to host and decorate a family event, then lilies are the flowers for you. Lilies commonly mean devotion and are linked with motherhood. Not only that, but lilies also last approximately two or more weeks when arranged and taken care of properly.

Be cautious when giving this type of flower, though. Lilies can be toxic to cats so if your event is held at a home that has cats, it is best to avoid this flower. As what people always say, better be safe than sorry.

  • Orchids

Orchids are beautiful flowers that come in different colors. They are great house decorations that give a simple yet elegant feel to your home. Plus, orchids tend to last longer than other flowers. So, if you are planning to host an event or a gathering at your place, then orchids got you covered.

Pick a floral arrangement style

Nothing enhances an event more than an amazing floral arrangement. Whether it be a table centerpiece, or an intricate floral display, choosing the right arrangement can even make a simple event look grand.

Floral displays take events to a further stage and are often used as a backdrop during photoshoots. Besides, having an array of flowers in your venue will surely fill the air with its sweet fragrance and make the atmosphere livelier.

  • Flower entrance

This type of arrangement is common during big events such as a grand ball or a big fashion show. This arrangement is made by using hundreds or thousands of flowers that are held together to create an archway entrance.

The majority of florists use one type of flower in two to three different colors. However, some florists opt to use a single color and use the lightning display to suggest a change in mood as the event progresses.

  • Ceiling and candle installation

This installation is most popular at wedding venues. To make this lovely display, flowers are suspended at the ceiling with the help of the venue’s chandelier. The flowers will provide a hanging and cascading display that will surely draw eyes upwards.

  • Little and large

Little and large is a popular table decoration at big events. It makes an impact without taking up too much space while still allowing guests to see each other. This arrangement is done by using larger bouquets that float above the table with the use of elegant sticks, while smaller, and identical bouquets sit at the bottom.

  • Elliptical arrangement

It is called an elliptical arrangement because flowers are arranged to form an ellipse. Bright colored flowers are used in this arrangement since it highlights the allure and beauty of the flowers’ petals.

This arrangement is commonly used in a bouquet and is given as a present during birthdays or other simple events.

  • Fan-shaped arrangement

This arrangement is one of the most common arrangements used by florists across the world. The fan-shaped arrangement displays the flowers in an outward position and has left in the background. Flowers with long stems are usually used for this type of arrangement.

Flower type, color, fragrance, and design will all matter when making a flower arrangement. Enhancing the beauty of flowers is its essence. You do not necessarily need large arrangements to showcase the flowers’ beauty. Remember, small flower arrangements can be as eye-catching as large ones if done properly.

From casual hangouts to big events, an effective flower arrangement will surely catch the eyes of the guests. Arranging flowers can be quite tricky and hard, but it can be enjoyable and rewarding. When your guests compliment the way your flowers look, it will surely make you want to do it more.

Use your imagination. Read some tips and tricks. Most of all, practice hard. Even the most skilled florists started somewhere. If you want to improve your skills in the floral arranging scene, or if you just want to decorate your home, then you need to practice what works and what does not.