7 Ways to Make Someone Happy Today

Happiness comes in a lot of different places, reasons, things, and emotions. It is one aspiration in life that has been wanted by many. No material things or many can buy genuine happiness that is why it feels so good to be able to share happiness with the people we love and the people around us. You can make someone happy today just by doing a simple gesture or action. You will realize that making someone happy is not hard at all.

If there is one inanimate thing that can make someone’s day, it would most probably be flowers. Flowers give a sense of love, affection, appreciation, and dedication – which are all important in making someone happy. If we feel someone’s love, it makes us feel great about ourselves. If we feel someone’s affection, it makes us feel accepted. If we are appreciated, then it makes us feel validated. If someone shows their dedication through flowers, it makes us know that someone is willing to fight for us.

You can really make someone happy through flowers. As a matter of fact, there is no other emotion to feel when you receive a beautiful bouquet but happiness and appreciation. Here are seven ways to make someone happy today in unique and simple ways.

  1. Decorate the house with flowers

Whether it is a painting or plastic flower, decorate the house with these floral accents to make the vibe homier and more relaxing. The colors of flowers have been known to elevate the happy hormones inside a human’s mind that is why flowers are often given when someone is sick to make them feel appreciated and happier. If you live with your family, your mom or sisters would surely love this feminine touch as women really love receiving flowers in any way, shape, or form. If you have enough budget, buying fresh and fragrant flowers and placing them as a dining table centerpiece can really liven up the table setup and engage meaningful conversations over food.

  1. Give someone a flower if they feel sad

Someone’s sadness can be caused by a lot of different reasons. It may be the death of their friend or relative, failing an important exam, being crippled by depression, or maybe just plain sad. You can really turn their day upside down if you give them a very simple flower. Even one stalk of rose can really liven up their mood and let them know that you care for them and that you are there if they need someone to talk to.

  1. Surprise them on special occasions

Special occasions are very important, especially for the celebrant. If one is coming soon, you can make the celebrant’s day a lot better and more special if you prepare a bouquet of flowers for them. You can play on colors if you the celebrant has a quirky personality or even toned-down red roses for those who are discreet and simple. Any other way, flowers give off a feeling of being special and appreciated that is why you can really turn to a beautiful bouquet if you want to make the celebrant happier than ever!

  1. If you can’t buy them, plant them!

Gardens have a way of making people feel a lot more relaxed. If you have ever been to one, you know that being surrounded by beautiful plants and colorful flowers give off a feeling of tranquility and peacemaking you want to live there forever. If you have a friend or relative that loves plants and gardening, giving them a flowering plant on a pot can really make their day a hundred times better. You can also plant them in their garden and surprise them with it. Flowers are really great in setting the mood and making someone more relaxed. If you have a garden, then I do not know how more relaxed you must feel!

  1. If you can’t afford them, send them a picture then!

Color therapy is a treatment where the patient is being exposed to different vibrant colors to make them feel a certain way. If you cannot afford actual live flowers, then searching online for beautiful bouquet pictures and sending them every day to a loved one can already work. As they say, it is the thought that counts. The mere fact that you made the effort to search for beautiful artwork and sending it to them is already enough to show your love and your mission to make them happy. Money is not a prerequisite to making someone feel special and loved. Even the smallest gestures can make a big difference!

  1. Recycle flowers and make them new again

If you have given a bouquet of flowers to a loved one and you want to preserve a little part of it so that they can carry it wherever they go, then recycling is a great way to do that. Flowers being given to someone does not only make them happy. These flowers also have a sentiment in them that is why some keep the bouquets long enough until they are severely wilted and dried up. What you can do is to gather the petals of the flowers and create beautiful bookmarks with them. You can also take a few petals that still have colors in them and create pendants by pouring resin all over them in a mold. This little gesture will preserve the flowers and make someone happy.

  1. Make exciting gifts through flowers

Giving a gift to someone is indeed a great way to make them happy. Flowers are very versatile, and you can create a lot of different items with them. Dried flowers that still have a scent in them can be made as potpourri and serve as a room fragrance. You can also buy a bunch of rose petals and surprise your loved one with an intimate overnight date. You can also create flower crowns using tiny flowers and make a little kid happy and pretty as well.

Flowers really can make someone’s day turn around. With the right effort and the flowers’ own magic, you can really brighten someone’s day and carve a little piece in their heart that they can carry on forever.