March Birth Month Flower  

March is the month that brings to the mind of people the onset of spring especially in the northern hemisphere. Daffodil has been the prferred bloom for flower delivery that has been associated with the month of March in time past till date. Daffodil is also known as Jonquil and Narcissus. Daffodil is one of the most popular flowers during spring. They are more of a friendship flower, like flowers you give to someone to show a well-appreciated friendship.

The daffodil has a bright yellow and white petal, the flower is formed in such a way that the corona is cup-shaped at the center and the corona is mostly the yellow part of the flower. The corona of a flower is the part of a flower that holds the stamens. The yellow cup-shaped corona is then surrounded by six large petals.

History of Daffodil, the spring flower

This birth month flower is most famous during Easter and to most people, it tells the end of winter and the beginning of spring. No flower describes spring better than the daffodil. This flower has its origin from the Mediterranean where they are mostly cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, although today they are cultivated by Holland and Great Britain too, with well over 13000 different varieties of daffodil ranging from yellow to white and orange to pink.

Daffodil, a beautiful yellowish flower, adopted its name after a person in the Greek history who felt so deeply in love with himself that he drown in a pool of water while staring at his own reflection in the water. He admired himself so much that while staring in the pool, he drowned himself. The daffodil is not just a flower of vanity but they also symbolize a new beginning, rebirth and rejuvenation. The daffodil can also bloom all through the year so they also symbolize faithfulness.

To different people in different parts of the world with different cultures, the daffodil has a different meaning to them in China, for example, daffodil symbolizes good luck and prosperity, because of the time they bloom. They bloom around the time China celebrates their New Year. Daffodil is also celebrated in Wales as a national flower. Daffodil is also the symbol used in the cancer care charity in memory of Marie Curie.

It was believed that the history of birth months flowers such as daffodil, could be dated back to the era of the Roman Empire when they used flowers to celebrate birthdays. During this time, friends and family would gather together in which they would come along bearing special gifts like the daffodil, gemstone jewellery such as aquamarine. Aquamarine is a type of gemstone that represents the water and the sea. The name aquamarine is a Latin word coined from two

Latin words, aqua and Marina. Aqua means water, marina means the sea. They were given as gifts to sailors because they were believed to protect the sailors. The aquamarine ranges from light to dark blue colour. The aquamarine can be given at a wedding also. They represent eternal life, hope, youthfulness, and fidelity. Daffodil as we already know has a Latin name narcissus, which originated from a Greek work narkissos. The narkissos is gotten from the base word narke,  which has means to numb the senses or a narcotic agent. Because of this,  the daffodil is said to have a sedative effect because of the alkaloid substance that is present in the daffodil.

The daffodil is a poisonous plant that is excellent for growing in gardens because they are critters proof, meaning that animals would not chew on them. The bulbs and leans of the daffodil are laced with poison, which only very few insects can eat and it would not hurt them. Although, some critters dig into the bulbs of the flower and feed on it.

Express your love with the daffodil

Giving someone a daffodil flower is a way of showing the person a deep love you feel towards the person, such that it can not be copied or competed with. The daffodil symbolizes an unequal love. Daffodil also symbolizes an epitome of rebirth and a new beginning. All over the world people celebrate birth months with flowers, even with the daffodil the birth month flower for March. Be it the birth of a child or the birth of a wedding, whatever birth that may be celebrated, you can never go wrong anytime a flower bouquet of the daffodil is presented to celebrate any joyous day.

Jonquil which has been popularly misunderstood many times to mean the whole of daffodil, does not mean the whole of daffodil but just a group of daffodil. But this particular group are called the Narcissus jonquil. Jonquil is gotten from a Spanish word jonquillo which means to rush, the name jonquil was then given to the flower daffodil because of the rush like leaf of the flower. The jonquil is an ornamental plant that have been grown a lot by the southern part of Europe. Having a kind of trumpet-shaped central crown.

So, do you have a wedding anniversary to celebrate? Or do you know someone whose birth month is March? Then a bouquet of daffodil as a present for the celebrant, or just decorating the hall for your wedding anniversary with daffodil would just help you pass across a unique message of a new beginning to everyone with their bright yellow petals.

The famous Albert Einstein, the father of physics, was born in this month on the 14th of March. Even the popular American soul singer Diana Ross was also born in this month, on the 26th of March. So having March as a birth month is not bad because great men were also born this month, this same month that signifies respect, regards, loyalty, rebirth and a new beginning.

Be sure to know that you can give a hand bouquet of daffodil to anyone all over the world just to show to them how deeply you appreciate them. So, go to those flower stores close to you and get those cheerful coloured bouquets of daffodil and be sure to give it to someone special just to show or extend a hand of friendship.