Why Orchids Are Perfect For Mother’s Day?

The place of a mother in any person’s life is beyond invaluable. What else can be a more convincing fact to celebrate your mother every day that she is the prime reason behind your existence in the first place? You are not being cringy if you are going beyond your ways to make her feel special. You might be away from your mother or she may be right next to you this Mother’s day, but you need to make sure that this day is full of happy surprises for her in any case.

A good way you can begin with that is by gifting her orchids for mothers day. Yes, you heard it right! Roses and lilies are surely amazing but since we are opting for efforts this time, orchids would be the perfect kick start. But why orchids for mother’s day, you ask?

Top reasons why you should choose orchid for mother’s day

If you are choosing orchids for your mother, then you are being very thoughtful, and here is why.

Bright colors for a bright life

There are huge color varieties in orchids that make them one of the most diverse gifting options. You can choose from the striking hues of sunshine yellow, peach, deep purple, fierce red, lush orange, soft pink, Fuschia pink, baby blue, shiny white, and even multi-color orchids. In fact, you will be able to find one color of orchid matching with your mother’s style.


Long living orchids for long-lasting wishes

Just like orchid plants keep growing for years, the flowers have impressive staying power too. These perennials will just be the perfect orchid mother’s day gift to show your regard for her never-ending love and how you want her to keep flourishing for longer just like the blooms. Not only that, seeing these flowers every day will make your mother remember your gesture for a long time too.


Different orchids for meaningful wishes

We are talking about the different meanings and significance that each variety of orchids carries. Before going for mother’s day orchids delivery, you can check the types of orchids and their meanings and get the one delivered to your mother that expresses your emotions most closely. Usually, white, pink, purple, and yellow are great mother’s day orchid varieties that you can choose. These flowers carry the values of beauty, femininity, admiration, royalty, friendship, happiness, etc. that will make the gift very emotionally valuable.


One orchid for every style of your mother

The morphological and temperamental characteristics of orchid varieties can match all of the styles of your mother. Dendrobium orchids will be good for your working mother, Phalaenopsis orchids will be a gift to complement your mother’s elegance, Cymbidium or boat orchids will be a fancy gift for your luxury-loving mother, and there are many other complementing orchids you can look out for.



Easy to care orchids

Going for the mother’s day orchids is another way of you wanting things easier for your mom. Unlike the common houseplants or cut flowers, orchids are very easy to take care of no matter it’s the plant or just the bouquet. At the same time, you just need to put the flowers in normal and clean water and they will remain fresh for weeks.

Orchids are a gesture of welcoming

A lot of you might be having stepmothers with whom you all must have shared a journey of emotional ups and downs. The color and temperament exhibited by mothers day orchids represent values of welcoming and acceptance that makes them the ideal gift for your stepmother. By gifting her orchids, you will be showing her your regard for her efforts towards you and how you want to reciprocate the same.



Easy blending orchids

Just like your mother blends in well with every member of the family and takes care of them alike, orchids also sit well with other plants and house interiors. You will surely find one or more orchid varieties matching your house settings that will match. If you opt for orchid delivery for mother’s day, you can choose to get the flowers delivered with a hanging basket or creative vases to make them a gift package.


Safe flowers for everyone


Orchid flowers are free of any allergy risk or poisonous substance. Thus, you won’t have to worry about gifting these to your mother that she or the rest of the family might catch any allergy. At the same time, orchids are safe for pets too that makes them even more desirable.


Easily available and affordable orchids

Well, this one is an advantage for you while picking a gift for mother’s day. Orchids only look exotic but the majority of their varieties are available at cheap prices. Also, orchids are easily available at local flower shops as well as online sites.


Tips on buying and caring for the orchids


Here are some general tips that will make your orchids mothers day gift better:

  • You can choose to gift a whole orchid plant to your mother too that she will be able to nurture for longer. The plant will make a great addition to her garden.
  • Buying mother’s day orchids from the local growers or florist shops will a better way to ensure buying fresher flowers.
  • You can check out orchids on a plethora of online sites that more varieties at competitive prices. You will be able to compare the factors and get the best for the bucks.
  • The orchids must only be exposed to mild and indirect light and optimal temperatures around 70-80F.
  • Water the orchids with enough gaps in between to allow complete drying of the soil. Orchids love a mildly humid environment, so maintain around 50-80% humidity around them.

This was all about the orchids that are going to be making your mother happy certainly if you go for them. Orchids are special flowers with a rich past just like the relationship between you and your mom. Get the best orchids for your mother for witnessing her brightest smile.