How to Prepare Hydrangeas For Winter?

Hydrangeas are fragrant and beautiful plants and they also winter conscious which means that they demand very proper care and attention in order to make sure that they bloom again in the spring season.

The one unique thing about hydrangeas is that their spring flowers bloom from the last year’s buds and that is why it very important to prepare them properly for the severe winter season which may damage them.

So in this blog, you will come to know about some of the easy and effective ways to protect your hydrangea plants during the winter season.


Fertilize the soil all around the plant in summers

It is suggestible to fertilize your plant in mid-spring and also summers so that the flowers can grow well in warm weather. If you choose to fertilize your plant in winters it will result in the growth of new and fresh flowers and those fresh flowers will be more vulnerable to extreme cold.

So what you need to do is just avoid fertilizing your hydrangea plant in the fall season so that these plants will have better and brighter chances of tolerating the cold conditions.


Water your plants after every few days well before the ground freezes

This is also a very important thing to note. In order to keep your hydrangea plant hydrated and healthy, you need to water them quite often. In order to prepare the plant for the extremely cold conditions, you need to water them very deeply in the mid or late fall season.

After every 2-3 days saturate well the root area and once that is done, then allow the water to sink in the soil slowly in order to reach the base or depth of the plant.

The benefit of watering it deeply in the fall season is that it will give the plant the extra moisture that will be needed during the harsh cold conditions.


Cutaway the old wood

This is a very important step in hydrangea winter care, here you cut away the old wood at the very base of the plant and once that is some then cut any weak or dead branches as well by removing them from their base.

While doing this be very careful not to cut off the fresh and healthy wood or stem because this bloom is very important as this is the point from which the new hydrangea will bloom next season.


Winter protection of in-ground hydrangea

If you want to protect your in-ground hydrangea plant in the winter season then make a frame just around the plant by using stakes. Next form a cage by wrapping chicken wires around the stakes. In order to fully insulate the plant all you need to do is fill this cage with leaves or pine needles.

Oak leaves are a good option because as compared to other materials they do not settle well and easily. You can also keep the leaves from your fall or winter leaf raking pile so that you can fill the cage with those leaves throughout winters.

Don’t snap off the branch ends while filling the cage if you do so then you will not be able to see the beautiful blooms in the coming summers.


Winter protection of potted hydrangea

If you want to protect your potted hydrangea plants from the harsh winters then the first thing to do is just bring them inside before the very first frost.

If that is not possible and the plants are quite weighty to move then just let them outside and protect them covering them with thermal or plastic sheets. You can also use foam insulation in order to protect your plants in winters.


Try to keep your big hydrangea plants in a more protected place

If it is possible then try to place your non-blooming plants in a place that is more protected from high winds and place them in a more heat-absorbing driveway or wall. The best moving seasons of this plant are mid-spring season before the leaves emerge or in the late autumn just before the ground freezes.

Now you must be wondering that why it is important to take care of your hydrangea plants during winters right? So let me tell you!


Importance of winter care

Protecting hydrangea plants during the winter season can be more time-consuming and also labor-intensive.  But once the plant’s winter or fall home is in place then the rest of the winters will need a little tidiness to maintain healthy and successful plant winter protection.


When to prepare the hydrangea plants for winters?

Ok, so this is also one of the most frequently asked questions that when should we start taking care of our hydrangea plants?

Well, there is no specific answer for that because when to start preparing the plant for winters totally depends upon the area where you live and the conditions there.

You really need to make sure that it is after the hydrangea plant has grown its buds for the next year but it must be way before the winters or cold temperatures have begun. So you should start preparing it around November or when the temperature starts to drop.

Whether you decide to cut back the plant for the extreme winter season or you want to protect your plant from cold temperature always remember that just investing little time energy on your plant in winters will grace you with beautiful flowers next summer.