Reuse Your Valentine’s Flowers with Different Crafty Alternative Approaches  

Flowers have always been a popular choice for expressing love and other love-related feelings towards a beloved person from the good old times. Today, bouquets and floral arrangements are the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. However, flowers die or droop after some time and make up for an enormous amount of waste just after such a special event.

So, it is time to be more generous towards such a speechless envoi of love. The best thing that you can do with your Valentine’s flowers is to reuse them in different crafty manners, such as keeping them as a remembrance of your true love. Here, let’s discuss some of the crafty alternative approaches for reusing the flowers received on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Dry out the arrangement

To preserve your Valentine’s bouquets and different floral arrangements, you can dry them to maintain their actual 3D shape. The best way to dry your flowers out is by hanging every flower upside down. This process of drying flowers will maintain the shape of your rose even after it dries. For this, you just need to check the proper way for hanging the flowers.

To begin with, you need to tie the bouquet with a long thread and hang them upside down for some weeks to allow all the flowers absolutely dry. Once dried out, the flowers will retain their original shape and offer a rustic appearance that can be conserved for a long.


  1. Laminate your flowers

Another thing that you can do to preserve your Valentine’s flowers is to laminate them. Most lovers use various ways for safeguarding the flowers in various forms, such as a bookmark or so. First, you have to use a paper towel for wrapping the flower and then, place it in a hard-covered and heavy book’s center. Now, leave this wrapped flower in the book for some weeks. After a while, preserved blooms can be exposed to the same.

After that, you can laminate the fragile remnants of the flower, which can be used for various purposes, such as bookmarks, decoration, and other such purposes.


  1. Use flowers in a crafty creation

If you do not like the above two ways to preserve your flowers, then recycling different flower parts in a crafty artwork is the best option. Go for this process when the flowers begin to wilt, separate all of their parts, such as stems, petals, and leaves. Petals and leaves can be used on pottery, canvas, or other such artworks using glue if you feel like stems are of no use in this context and could be thrown away.

After gluing, the flower parts will stay intact for long and thus, turn out to a part of an amazing mixed-media artwork. Not just that, but you can even use different parts of the flower in other artworks as per your imagination and creativity.


  1. Give them to someone

Freshly-cut blooms are popular for their well-admired elegance. However, this grace is just short-lived. So, you can trim some of your roses and use them as center table pieces or can give them to your friends as a gift. For extending the life of your bouquet, you can purchase freshening sprays from a nearby flower shop.

After the blooms begin to lose their elegance, you can select the ones still alive out of the bunch and combine all of them to donate to different organizations. This is because institutions like nursing homes, hospice facilities, hospitals, etc. appreciate such kindness and generosity and accept such a token of love readily.


  1. Make rosewater

The most amazing way to reuse your Valentine’s flowers is to make rosewater with them. This lightly scented, beautiful water can be employed in various ways. For this, you need to take some cups of rose petals. Now, fresh petals will be the best. However, wilted and dried petals will yield strong fragrance and less rejuvenating properties.

Now, keep the rose petals in a pot and put in distilled water for covering them. Heat them on low flame until the petals begin to release their fragrance and lose their color. Next, strain the water and let it cool. Decant into bottles and store the rosewater in a dark, cool place. You can use this rosewater as a toning, refreshing facial mist.


  1. Give dead flowers for making compost

If you do not like to keep your flowers as a remembrance of Valentine’s Day, then it is better to take these flowers to the nearby compost bin. In this way, your token of love will go into eco-friendly recycling. Furthermore, if you have your own flower garden, then you can grind these blooms into fine pieces and then, just sprinkle them over your flower bed. As the beautiful life of blooms starts from the ground, so your Valentine’s flowers can be put to the perfect use for the newly budding flowers as nutrients.

So, decayed blooms are a perfect addition to the compost. They serve as a nice enrichment of the garden soil and thus, allow the next flowers to grow much better.

Purchasing a floral gift on Valentine’s day could be a tricky task. This is because Valentine’s flowers are so beautiful to look at, but when these blooms begin to wither and dry up, they become all wasted. However, their recycle and reuse is also a significant issue. So, you can either use any of the above-mentioned ways or other environmentally friendly ways to reduce the waste remnants from your house.

As you know, dead flowers can become an abode for harmful bacteria. It is imperative to reuse or recycle flowers and prevent the same from turning from the token of love to some disease spreading agents. So, you might consider flowers just a waste of time and ask your intended for some other gift next time. Meanwhile, follow these simple suggestions on how to reuse Valentine’s flowers and turn them into amazing Valentine’s remembrance you could not think of!