Why Some Women Don’t Want You to Give Them Flowers?

It is a bit hard to accept for some factions of the world that not all girls are into jewelry. Also, not every girl creams themselves over the remark of chocolates either. At the same time, some women would have no idea about what to do if their guy shows up clutching a bouquet of flowers on their doorstep ostensibly for brightening up their day. So, flowers do not just do it for some women. Here, find out about the reasons why some women don’t want you to give them flowers!

This is how some women feel and there are reasons why they feel so. Many women believe that there are just two situations why a guy would present a bunch of flowers to a girl, either on Valentine’s Day or when he asks for forgiveness after committing a blunder.

For some girls, getting flowers in any of these situations is weird. This is because a bouquet of red roses is not enough to show your love on just one day, such as Valentine’s Day or a bunch of carnations cannot make up for a mistake that your partner made. These women prefer other things over bouquets and floral arrangements. So, you need to try something else just one time.

Also, apart from these two situations, some could not believe another situation, where a guy gives flowers to someone. However, there are some people who just give flowers to someone for no reason at all. This sounds absurd to many women. Not just that, but it sounds absurd but most people give flowers to themselves. They just want to have a bouquet of flowers in their houses if they like. They buy flowers of their choice and the ones that they can simply afford.

Some people will never do that as they do not spend much time at their house and would never have flowers lying around for no reason. It could be their love for flowers but there is no point in having them there if you do not have a moment to admire their beauty.

Another popular reason why some women do not want you to give them flowers can be that they are allergic to flowers. There can be lots of reasons, including you just do not care. So, if you are indifferent to flowers, then you will spend the entire life fielding questions, such as “What is wrong with you?” or “Are not you supposed to admire flowers if you are a girl?”, much like not wearing jewelry or makeup.

However, this lot come in the minority but they just hate receiving flowers. All people can do with cut flowers is to see them wilt and die slowly. For that reason, most girls like to have potted flowers instead of cut flowers. But some girls could not even bear potted flowers as they are not good at keeping the plant alive. So, flowers are a big no for some girls.

It seems weird when someone’s sick and people begin to come up with flowers or just deliver them. When the world is falling apart for the other one, you now have to sit with a room full of dead plants too. So, the reason could be anything for not liking the flowers given to them. Getting flowers from your guy seems fine once in a while but too much seems like they are trying and pushing too hard.

Some women find the drama of showing up flowers at a workplace a bit too much. They like to keep their romantic life private. This seems fine to some, while some women just detest such activities and cannot make something out of them.

The most common reason why some women do not want you to give them flowers is just they have no clue about what to do with a bunch of flowers. The flowers will just wilt and die. Some girls appreciate flowers when they are part of a plant instead of receiving cut flowers. So, it is not that girls do not like flowers but it is just that they do not know what to do with them even if they are their favorites.


Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Want You to Give Them Flowers


  • Waste of Money

Some girls believe that flowers are just a waste of money because they do not last. One cannot treasure this gift for the rest of their lives. At the end of the day, you need to throw flowers in the dustbin. So, some women like to have something that they can cherish over and over again.


  • Flowers Die

It could be depressing for some girls to receive flowers as a gift. This is because flowers lose their lives after some days. So, all the festivities are just over with them.


  • The Last Resort

When your partner cannot think of a gift, they just show up with a bouquet of flowers in hand. All they have to do is to stop at a petrol station and viola. So, if this is the consideration that they give to a present, then why they are bothering at all!


  • Put in no thoughts

While giving flowers, your guy does not put in any thoughts. All they do is to purchase a bouquet from the corner. They do not even think of giving you flowers of your favorite color or so.


  • Flowers are a cliché

Chocolates and flowers are a cliché. If your guy shows up with them, then this means that they have not considered what you actually need or want. They just assume that flowers are something that everyone likes and so, their girl will like them too!

So, these are some of the reasons why some women do not like to receive flowers. If you are thinking of giving your girl some flowers, you should know whether she likes flowers or not because some women don’t. If your girl does not like flowers, then do not waste your money and buy her a bottle of wine or something else that she will definitely love.