Surprise Your Love One with Flower at Video Conference during Circuit Breaker Lock Down

Lockdown during this pandemic of covid19 is prevailing all around the world. Social distancing is the only topic to discuss today and everyone is experiencing social distancing to save himself and others from the worst effects of coronavirus. Every social activity is stopped and moving freely has become a dream these days. Not only social but economic activities are also rarely happening. Festivals and celebrations are banned and life is stagnant. This does not mean that feelings are stagnant and we have lost our love for our loved ones. We want to cheer up and celebrate every little occasion of our lives. In this situation, many other ways can be adopted to celebrate the small occasions and events of our lives. Everything is happening virtually, from business activities to social events that are arranged online through video calls and conferences. This is a good idea for maintaining social distance to meet your friends through video calls. We can also send them special gifts online to celebrate their special days with them. It is very right that video calls cannot replace the importance of physical meeting with your loved ones but yes, you can lessen the effects of the pandemic through video conferences.

If your friend’s birthday or some other special day has arrived, you can arrange a party for him or her virtually to surprise him or her. You can have special decorations for your house for this event and can make a group video call of various friends to give surprise to your friend. This unusual birthday will make your friend happy and surprised. You can make this party according to your liking and desire. You can also keep this party very personal. You can celebrate alone with your friend without inviting anyone else. Just decorate your place and make a personal video call to your friend and have fun.

On the other hand, you can also surprise your friend by sending him/her special birthday gifts online. Gift can be chosen according to your choice or of your friend’s choice. In this case, flowers are the best gift which is liked by everyone and can give your message to your friend without even speaking a single word. Your feelings and sentiments are delivered most efficiently by these flowers. you can find various flower shops around you in your area from where you can send flowers to your friends. The online facility of sending flowers is also available. You can send flowers by just clicking the keys of your laptop or touching mobile phone for this purpose.

It will be a good way to order flowers and get the idea when the flowers will be delivered to your friend’s home. Make a conference video call to see the surprised face of your friend. During this lockdown when you do not have the opportunity to meet your friends and celebrate specials events with them, this idea of the video conference is the best. Through this video conference, you can take the feel of the presence of your friends. You can enjoy the company of your friends and have fun with them. You can make this party a special day by little efforts and maintaining social distance which is required these days.

The most precious thing which you want to see while surprising your friend and throwing a surprise party is to see the facial expression of your friend that you never want to miss at any cost and this astonishing face is always very precious for the friends and it enhances the joy and happiness of the party givers. And when you celebrate this day at the video conference, you will not lose these special expressions, it will be a fun when your friend will receive special flowers on an exceptional day during the video conference. He/she will be overjoyed by getting flowers and will feel himself/herself someone special. Your feelings and sentiments will be reached by these flowers.

Special events and days are not always important to send gifts and flowers to friends. You can make them surprise only to tell them that they are important to you and you miss them. Especially during this lockdown when you are away from your loved ones and do not get the chance to meet them on any occasion. You can send them gifts and flowers to show your feelings of love, care, and affection to tell them that you miss them. If you love someone it is very important to tell them that you have a special feeling for him/her and they are special to you. You cannot imagine your life without them. They complete you and your life with their presence around. Their pleasure and happiness are very important to you and you can do everything to make them happy. Even in this difficult situation when everyone is worried and thinks about health and coronavirus, you are thinking about the ways to make them happy and glad.

So, it will be a good idea to celebrate your  days by adopting other ways and means and keeping social distance intact. Social distancing is very important these days and it should be the most important thing than anything else because this is important for our health and life but this does not mean that we should forget everything else. Social distancing is not keeping yourself alone, it is just to maintain physical distance. You can have online calls and video conferences to be in touch with your loved ones. These ideas to make them surprise will make them happy and overjoyed in this paralyzed life. Our loved ones have a distinct place in our hearts and we can make special arrangements to make them happy and pleased. Making their special and important days more special and memorable is necessary but you can also surprise them without any reason. The basic reason is to see a smile on the faces of those people who are superior in your heart.