Symbolic Meaning of Flower Colors

What is the first thing that you notice on coming across a flower? Is its size, scent, shape, or color? Definitely, it is the color that we all notice in the first place. The color is one of the beautiful aspects of a flower. It’s the color that makes it beautiful. However, do you have an idea about what each flower color symbolizes? If no, then this article is what you need to read.

Flowers are admired across the globe for having their own language. With each color and the types of blooms, flowers whisper their secrets within the floral world. A stunning bunch of flowers tells stories of devotion and love, while another serves as a soft pat during a period of bereavement.

So, every color from a bright yellow to a deep red offers a meaningful and rich story. The color that you select for a bouquet could be more important than the kinds of flowers you choose for a floral arrangement. Now, read on to comprehend the meaning that different flower colors evoke.



Usually, red flowers are associated with feelings of passion and true love. However, these lovely flowers can be used for showing respect, courage, constancy, admiration, and desire. The most favorite flower species in red are definitely red roses. Roses are a classic choice for all. Other beautiful red flowers include poppies, geraniums, and tulips. So, go with this passionate and vibrant flower color to ignite the feelings of romance and love.



Generally, the yellow color is linked to spreading joy and happiness. However, this refreshing color is the ideal choice for symbolizing the bond of friendship. Thus, this flower color is perfect for the taste of pride and success. With its cheery personality and bright hue, a bunch of yellow flowers is perfect to brighten up someone’s day and to enhance the positive energy in a living room. When it comes to yellow flowers, the popular options are sunflowers, tulips, daisies, lilies, and roses.



Just like red flowers, these delicate light pink flowers are also known to be an icon of love. This romantic color also symbolizes innocence and grace. Not just that, but pink flowers evoke other symbolic meanings, such as femininity, gentleness, and happiness. This could be the reason that you may find lots of pink flowers in bouquets designed for Mother’s Day. This color can be found in various flowers like carnations, lilies, azaleas, and of course, roses.



Orange flowers are bold and bright. Thus, these bold flowers symbolize feelings of enthusiasm, exuberance, and excitement. This flower seems to be full of life and very passionate. You will find several options in orange, where some of the top choices are tulips, zinnias, marigolds, and lilies.



White flowers are conventionally used during memorial services or in bridal bouquets. Thus, they differ in meaning from innocence to purity to sympathy. So, these flowers are often linked to reverence, humility, and innocence. In simple words, they evoke simple beauty. For relaying these messages, you can go with gardenias, lilies of the valley, carnations, orchids, white roses, and daisies. So, a bunch of white blossoms symbolizes elegance and modesty.



This soothing flower color is basically a symbol of peace and tranquility. The blue hues that you find in many beautiful flowers are known for spreading feelings of relaxation. Thus, these flowers assist people in releasing stress or other negative feelings. Also, blue flowers convey openness and serenity. The popular names of some blue flowers are hydrangeas, cornflowers, and morning glories. If you deliver a bouquet of blue flowers to someone, it could be a sign for them to relax, slow down, and release the stress.



Generally, purple is a color of royalty. Thus, purple flowers are known to symbolize success, dignity, and definitely royalty. Additionally, these flowers evoke the feelings of tradition and admiration. Some of the admired purple flower varieties include iris, bellflower, allium, and clematis. So, when you give someone a bouquet of purple blooms, it could mean you adore and admire them.



Although lavender and purple may seem similar to the eye, they differ in their meanings. Lavender flowers usually symbolize youth, elegance, and grace. Thus, this flower color is a symbol of refinement. Lavender flowers feature a feminine, old-fashioned, and delicate touch to them even when you contain them in a modern bouquet. People can look for this rich color in various flower varieties, such as lilacs, orchids, petunias, and daisies.



Th green color is associated with nature and thus, green flowers symbolize the optimism of spring, renewal, and rebirth. In addition, green color is also a symbol of youthfulness, good fortune, and good health. You can go with various green plants to surround yourself with such positive feelings. When it comes to green flowers, you have several options like green cymbidium orchids, anthurium, button flowers, and bells of Ireland. These flowers make a perfect bouquet to wish for someone’s good health and good fortune.

So, these are some of the popular color choices that you have. Here, we discussed the meaning that each color symbolizes. Every flower has something to say. Do not ignore the feelings they evoke. Now, although flowers come in specific colors, one can always dye or paint them to reflect the color you like. Also, some flower colors could be changes. For instance, you can change hydrangeas from pink flowers to blue and vice versa by just changing the soil’s pH.

So, local florists are usually well-versed in national and regional flower-speak. They can craft the whole message simply by gathering a specific flower color next to another. Thus, the language of flowers is something you need to understand. Now, the next time you buy a bouquet for a girl, it is better to pay attention to the flower color than just picking up a random bouquet with colorful flowers. It will make a huge difference if you even consider the message they deliver.