Symbols and Meanings of Flowers

Flowers play a vital role in our daily lives as many express their feelings with the help of flowers. Flowers are gifted to near and dear ones during occasions such as marriages, birthdays, engagements, funerals, and many more. Though we keep gifting them to our friends and families, very few know what each flower symbolizes and what they mean.


In this article, we will b discussing the symbols and meanings of various flowers that are popular in Singapore. The symbols of flowers are very similar to that of the interesting world. Some flowers that symbolize hope, strength, desire, passion, and love are mentioned below.



Rose is one of the most popular flowers globally as they are used for gifting for several occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, and thanking someone.



Rose is a flower that has always been associated with love and romance. In ancient times, Romans hung roses from their ceilings of banquet halls as it symbolized secrecy and confidentiality. The hanging of roses in the ceilings of banquet halls meant that anything discussed under the influence of wine should remain confidential.



Rose can be found in various colors, and each of them symbolizes something. Each color of rose symbols is mentioned below.


  • Red roses: The red rose symbolizes love and romance and is used widely on Valentine’s Day.
  • Pink roses: The pink roses symbolizes joy, grace, admiration, and gratitude
  • Orange roses: The orange rose is a symbols strength, enthusiasm, and passion.
  • Yellow roses: The color yellow in roses symbolizes friendship and can be gifted to a friend during friendship day.
  • White Roses: The color white symbolizes purity so is the white rose. The white rose also symbolizes innocence.



The name of sunflower was chosen because sunflower tends to reposition itself to face the sun. Sunflower symbolizes vitality, faithfulness and is used in temples for the same. The sunflower is a popular flower having its existence all over the globe. Below we will be explaining the symbols and meanings of the different colors of sunflower.



As per Clyde and Apollo’s myth, the sunflowers have been trusted with the meaning of adoration and loyalty. The meaning of sunflower can vary as per cultures, some of which are mentioned below.

In China’s countryside, the sunflower is believed to associate with long life, vitality, and good fortune.

For the Native Americans, the sunflower means harvest and bounty as they offer seeds, pigments, and many more benefits.



  • Yellow Sunflower: yellow sunflower symbolizes happiness, vitality, and intelligence. Traditionally across many cultures, the color yellow also symbolizes friendship.
  • Sunflowers also symbolize worship in many religions, as they resemble the Sun God. The Sun God is related with spirituality and knowledge to the desire for truth.
  • The Incas had used sunflowers to symbolize the Sun God and had brought them to temples for worship. The Incas priestesses wore sunflower in their garments and crowns.



Tulips first originated in central parts of Asia but soon grew in popularity in the whole of Turkey. Tulip’s word has been derived from turban as a tulip when in full bloom takes the shape of a turban. Tulip resembles true love as it symbolizes the love between Farhad and Shirin, who are Turkish and Persian legends, respectively. Below mentioned are the meaning of tulip and what its delivery symbols are.



As referred earlier, the most common meaning of tulip is deep love. Tulip also meaning rebirth as they are the first flowers to bloom in the spring season. The Victorians have associated the flower tulip with charity.



Tulips can be found in various colors, and each of them symbolizes something. Each color of rose symbols is mentioned below.


  • Pink Tulip: The pink tulip flowers symbolize happiness and confidence.
  • Purple Tulips: The purple tulips symbolize royalty.
  • Yellow Tulips: Yellow tulips have been associated with happiness which is why it symbolizes cheerful thoughts
  • White Tulip: The white tulip symbolizes forgiveness and can be gifted to someone you seek forgiveness.



Orchid is derived from the Greek word “orkhis” by a Greek botanist named Theophrastos. Orchids have the highest species, as there are more than 20,000 types of orchids to choose from. Out of all the species, the Moth orchid is the most popular. Below are mentioned the meaning and symbol of this extraordinary flower.



Orchid has been associated with fertility and sexuality for a very long time now. Due to their exotic appearance, these flowers have also been associated with love. During the ancient Greek times, if the father ate thick and fleshier tubers of tulip, then the child would be a boy, whereas if the mother ate thin and smaller tubers, she would have a baby girl.



Orchids can be found in various colors, and each of them symbolizes something. Each color of these flower symbols is mentioned below.


  • White Orchid: White orchid is the symbol of innocence and purity. Many people also associate white orchids with an elegance that is true, seeing their shape and color.
  • Pink Orchids: Pink Orchids symbolizes joy and are associated with femininity and grace.
  • Yellow Orchid: The yellow orchids are symbols of friendship or a new beginning. In many parts of the world, the orchid is gifted to friends to celebrate accomplishments.
  • Purple Orchid: The purple orchid is a sign of royalty and admiration. As orchid is rarely found, it holds the symbol for being one of the most royal flowers. Orchids are gifted in many parts of the world as a sign of respect.
  • Orange Orchid: The symbol of the orange orchid is pride and boldness. It celebrates the enthusiasm in a person.


To survive, orchids rely on a symbiotic relationship with fungi that is remarkable.



Flowers are expressions as every flower has a meaning to it. Whether you want to express your love towards someone or grief towards someone, flowers can do it without speaking, which is amazing. The four flowers and their symbolic meaning mentioned above are popular globally as they represent love, hope, desire, royalty, kindness, and integrity and are the favorite of many.