The Modern Guide to Buying a Girl Flowers

From ancient times to the modern age, the association of flowers and women hasn’t really changed a lot. The beauty and delicateness of flowers being a symbol of effeminacy has been sung and portrayed by artists overages and still. Now, if you really think that women are complicated and it’s difficult to know what makes them happy, just give them a flower! You will see instant sparks of joy flying all over her face.

Now that the task has been made easier for you, let us also fill your clueless being with some tips on buying her flowers to make the present special and meaningful.


Picking the right occasion

Well to be very honest, when it comes to making someone happy, the occasion doesn’t really matter, and the same if the case with gifting flowers. What can make you better at gifting them is having an idea about all the occasions when you can do so and then making the timely use of that knowledge. Moving on over this principle, let us list some occasions for you when you can gift her flowers to convey the right message at the right time-

  • First Date: This is doable and won’t look over the top. You can get her some roses or lilies and this subtle gesture will surely make your liking her for her evident.
  • Valentine’s day: This is a very obvious time to gift flowers to a girl but the practice never gets old. There are so many ways you can get her flowers this day and it would be better if you get help online.
  • Anniversary: Another great time for buying flowers for your woman, anniversaries can be made special either with floral decoration or just a magnanimous and meaningful bouquet.
  • Birthdays: Cake and present are of course there, but flowers can put a magic spell over the whole mood of the occasion and make the receiver super happy.
  • Say sorry: If you forgot any special day or fought with her, flowers can help you make the apology deeper and seem more genuine. However, make sure to emphasize on solving the knot rather than covering up.
  • Random days: Gifting her flowers on random days can be a great thing as it will make her joyful instantly, or feel extra special and supported on the gloomy days. Flowers can be a good accompaniment to good wishes, congratulatory messages, friendship gestures, and many other occasions.

Get some personal info

This can be important as well as beneficial to make the flower gift more meaningful. Gifting her flowers that are in tandem with her personal liking will assure her of your affection and care. Think or know about the color she likes the most, her everyday choices, her nature, and any specific allergies. Now all this might seem like a heavy calculation but will come in handy while making the right pick as well as make the gift more impactful.


Pick a flower

The first step towards deciding the flower to be gifted to her is thinking of the message that you want to be conveyed. This is important because different flowers have different meanings and you can do some research to know about that so that you choose the right flower for your message. On this note, let us list some great flowers for you-

  • Roses: Check out for the different colors of roses as each of them conveys a different emotion.
  • Tulips: These are equally great to the roses and can be given for proposals.
  • Lilies: These flowers are symbolic of healthy and strong relationships.
  • Daisies: You can pick these flowers for your new relation to spark a joyous and fun mood.
  • Sunflowers: These can be the gift for the sunshine of your life to make her mood bright too.
  • Tropical flowers: These can be unique picks to add charm to the special days of your partner.
  • Potted flowers: You can gift potted flower plants like orchids that will symbolize your care for your growing relationship.


Get quirky with presentation

Now that you are done with the basic prep, you need to focus on the presentation of your flowers that is equally important. Here are some ideas to try-

  • Bouquet arrangements: You can make them either by yourself or at the florist shops. It’s always good to add a personal touch to such floral arrangements. You can even try customizations like monochromatic bouquets, different textured flowers, and monotype bouquets.
  • Flowers vase: A vase with some water and her favorite flowers can be the best treat waiting for her in her office cabin or living room table.
  • Wall hangings: You can get these prepared at any local florists’ to decorate her living space and instill happiness in the environment.

You can even go a step ahead and add other stuff like chocolates, cards, stuffed toys, minimal jewelry, etc. to make the gift wholesome.


Choosing the place to buy flowers

Here are the two options.


Going offline while buying flowers gives you the advantage of supervising everything personally and also bargain that can be a bonus. You must find floral shops near you on the map and check their reviews beforehand. Even the local grocers or farmer’s market can be a great option to save some bucks and get the freshest flowers.



With e-commerce growing in all directions, people are resorting more to the online floral shops that seem more lucrative with great deals, huge variety, easy availability, discounts, offers, more convenient delivery, and whatnot. You also save time and can compare the deal to get the best price.


The avoidable stuff

It would be better to stick the traditional or general floral arrangements as they cut the worry of the flowers getting damaged due to the difficult handling of excessively ornate styles. Also, if your partner is really picky, then try avoiding any experimentation. Skip carnations totally!

What will make the flower gift really special are the heartfelt emotions and your bonding with the woman who is going to receive them. The rest can be taken care of easily with the tips that we gave. Go ahead and make her day special with some great flowers!