Things to Consider While Selecting Flowers for A Memorial Service

One of the most difficult trials in life is facing the loss of a loved one. The family may go through a period of mourning, and no one can say how long it can be. Fortunately, there are several things that a family, relative, or friend can do to help ease the burden. One of those is to send a flower arrangement that conveys sympathy and condolences in the most sincere way.

Sending flowers to the bereaved family is practiced in different countries across the globe for centuries. Nothing can say it better than a gift of flowers. With funeral flowers that are arranged elegantly, they can express the words that are sometimes hard to utter. However, not all flowers are appropriate for funerals and memorial services. Meanwhile, there are proper funeral etiquette and guides to consider in selecting and sending flowers.


Types of Flowers

Flowers express your deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to the family as they grieve over the loss of a loved one. While all flowers are expressive of meaning and sentiments, there are flowers that may not suit a sad occasion like this. Here are some of the most common flowers appropriate for the memorial services:

·         Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are considered as the flower that symbolizes death and funeral in the European countries. They come in different colors, offering simple but sweet condolences and farewell to the deceased loved one. In addition, the flowers offer a form of perfection in terms of showing sympathy, thus they are present at the funeral homes and at the graves.

·         Lilies

Lilies are symbolic of innocence and purity, and they are associated with funerals and memorial services because they represent a deceased person’s soul. A bouquet of white lilies is appropriate at funerals while a bouquet of Stargazers is best for a sympathy bouquet. A potted Peace Lily plant, on the other hand, makes a wonderful sympathy gift to the bereaved family.

·         Carnations

Carnations are common in any funeral wreaths and funeral stands. They are also a popular choice for memorial services, especially when arranged as flower tributes and offered to a loved one who departed.

·         Roses

Roses are popular as romantic flowers, but for the funerals, they are also a significant choice. They are meaningful flowers expressing symbolisms depending on the color.

·         Orchids

Orchids are traditionally considered as sympathy flowers because they express sympathy and represent eternity. The unique shapes and colors of the flowers make the funeral flower arrangements more elegant and impressive.


Color of Flowers

The color of flowers suitable for the memorial services is one of the important things to consider. It is helpful to give it a thoughtful consideration when sending flowers to the bereaved family because the colors of flowers symbolize a sentiment.

·         Red

Red flowers symbolize love, but for a bouquet of red flowers for funerals and memorial services, the color is meant as the love that remains forever, even after death.

·         White

White flowers represent purity, spirituality, innocence, and honor to the deceased loved one..

·         Lavender

Lavender flowers symbolize grace and elegance. It offers the message of sympathy and comfort to the family.

·         Blue

Blue flowers represent peace, but to some people, it symbolizes mourning and sadness.


Flower Arrangements

The arrangement of flowers is also an important matter to consider when choosing flowers for memorial service.

·         Casket Spray

Typically, the immediate family selects the casket spray for the loved one who passed away. For a closed casket, a full spray is appropriate, and for an open casket, a half spray is best.

·        Standing Spray

Standing spray is an arrangement displayed on an easel or stand. Aside from the family, relatives, and close friends, bosses, teachers, and companies may also choose to send this arrangement to honor the deceased person.

·         Wreaths

Wreaths are common at funerals and memorial services, and they are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some wreaths are designed in a cross, book, pillow, or toy, and they are offered as special tributes.


Family’s Religion and Beliefs

Another important matter that is worth considering in choosing and sending flowers or the memorial service is the family’s religion and traditional beliefs.

·         Catholic

All types of funeral flowers are acceptable at a Catholic funeral.

·         Protestant

Flowers are acceptable at Protestant funerals and memorial services.

·         Mormon

The Mormons accept funeral flowers on memorial services as long as the wreath or flower arrangement is not in the cross or crucifix.

·         Muslim

The Muslim families may accept funeral flowers depending on the arrangement. Many of them, however, prefer money or gifts in lieu of flowers.

·         Buddhist

The Buddhist is open to accepting funeral flowers, and most funeral arrangements are appropriate for the memorial services they observe and practice.

·         Hindu

The Hindus prefer floral garlands as funeral flowers.

·         Jewish

The Jewish people prefer the flowers to be sent directly to their homes. They do not want flowers displayed at the funerals during the wake. However, some contemporary Jewish families allow flowers displayed at the entrance of their synagogues or churches during the funeral rituals. In case you are unsure, you can bring a basket of fresh fruits instead, to the bereaved family.

Flowers at the funeral or memorial services show support and sympathy to the grieving family and friends. Flowers express the words that are sometimes difficult to say personally, thus it is important to select the right and appropriate flowers for the sad and unhappy occasion.