Tips To Select a Beautiful Bouquet for Your Wife’s Birthday

Birthdays provide you with a splendid opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation towards your wife. There is nothing more beautiful for her than to open her door the next morning to a doorbell and receive a bouquet of her favorite flowers. The sentiments of surprise and love will increase your respect and love in her eyes. Flowers are such a beautiful thing that if you give them to your wife, they are going to make her cheerful for sure. She will forget all the differences and harsh moments of the past in your relationship (if any) and have a smile on her face. Believe me, this feeling of joy will last for longer than just that moment! Such an incredibly beautiful thing it is.

Now, there comes a not so easy task of selecting flowers for your wife. Nowadays, there are so many creative options available that it seems a great task to select one from so many choices. Here are some simple yet effective tips to select and buy a flower bouquet for your wife on her day to make her feel special.


Buy Her Favourite Flower

By asking your wife about her favorite flower right away would make the surprise go away. You can have an idea of it by asking some subtle questions without letting her know what you are planning for her. A woman always appreciates her man knowing about her favorite things. You can even pick out a bouquet yourself; she would love it either. But for that surprising rather wow factor, always consider her choice.

Keep Her Personality in Mind

While selecting a bouquet for your wife, you must consider her personality and style in mind. Like does she welcome time-honored traditions, or is she more of an adventurer who relishes surprises? Also, think about her nature, like is she romantic who loves roses, or is she green and cherishes nature? If that is so, then a plant is a good choice.

Flower of her Birthday Month

If you are looking for something unique, then you must add the flower of her birthday month to the bouquet. As for July, the official birthday flower is “Larkspur” or “Delphinium.” Their bright colors, especially the blue blooms, are spectacular and look incredibly beautiful when combined with ruby-reds. Some people have also described “water lily” as the flower of July.

Roses Scream Romance

One can never go wrong with roses. There are some specific meanings behind every color of the rose, so we must do research or ask the florist to know about some well-known significances of each color to avoid expressing the wrong gesture or message. For instance, red roses are an ideal gift for a romantic event as they symbolize love. Pink roses signify affection, while yellow roses signify friendship. White roses are a symbol of innocence and purity, while rainbow roses of fun, joy, and happiness.

Some Other Flowers


The exotic bloom like orchids is ideal as an extra special gift for her. If they are given proper care, these delicate and vivid flowers can bloom for a longer period.


These are available in a range of colors, from bright and bold colors like red, yellow, and orange to softer hues of pink, purple and white. Tulips always make a good choice because of their beautiful style and class.


Lilies are an amalgam of fragrance and beauty. They are surely going to make your woman smile on her birthday, whether given on their own or mixed with other flowers in the bouquet.

Red carnations

Carnations come in different beautiful hues. If you are looking forward to expressing your romantic feelings to your wife on her birthday, then red carnations make a good choice for that occasion. They also serve the purpose of flower arrangement.


They make an affordable and trendy choice for the bouquet. You can adorn the bouquet with daisies of her favorite color.

Gerberas and sunflowers also serve the purpose as they depict a loving, hearty, and cheerful lady. Freesia and alstroemeria also make a great choice.

Presentation Matters

To make this gesture of love memorable, make sure that the presentation of the bouquet is outclassed. Whether your vase it or not but make it novel and unique. You can customize a presentation box or luxury vase to surprise her. Whatever effort you put in making her day special will make her fall in love with you all over again.

Include an Extra Gift

To make it more precious, you can add some more items like you can buy her a beautiful ring or bracelet or something like that. If your lady has a sweet tooth, you can add some chocolates, candies, small cupcakes to the package.

Deliver Bouquet to Her Workplace

There is no other way for your wife to feel extraordinary special than to deliver flowers to her workplace where she can look at them throughout the day. She will admire the bloom and fragrance of flowers the entire day, and every time she looks at them, she will think about you. This will increase your value in her heart. And that is not all, everyone at the office will talk about this lovely gesture, and this will bring attention to your wife, which she would relish with joy.

Give Words to Your Feelings

The best thing to adorn your bouquet is to put a small note of love from your side. Choose your words wisely and keep that note precise and sweet


Women always admire gestures and signs of love from your side. To make her feel like a queen on her day, the significance of sending flowers her way cannot be beaten. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to nail that birthday event. Your wife, after receiving them, will busy herself in arranging them in a vase, and sometimes she will adorn them in her hair as well. So, there is no exaggeration in saying that the flowers always make women happy!