What Are the Types of Garden Planters Available in the Market?

Plants are a great way to brighten up your home and office. They add beauty, freshness and also have health benefits so in order to give your mind the much-needed peace and positivity you must consider placing plants around you.

Now the next thing is, how to incorporate these plants in the interior that you have. The idea of placing pots inside your homes is a little outdated because by putting so many pots in the living spaces they look quite messy.

So what to do at that time? planters are a great way to place in your home or office because not only they serve the purpose of placing plants in the living spaces but also they look stylish and go well with the interior.

There are so many types and designs of planters that are available in the market. So in this blog, you will get to know about the different types of planters that are available out there. So let’s find out!


Clay planters

If you don’t want to use a typical old-style planter inside your house then you don’t need to worry. It is a fact that such typical pots don’t look stylish and they are a quite old school.

So at that time these modern and stylish ceramic planters are available out in the market. These are quite simple yet they go so well with the house interior thus increasing the beauty of the space.


Resin planters

The good thing about these planters is that not only they are quite good looking and unique but they are also available in a variety of different sizes.

These are also available in a variety of different colors so you can pick whatever is matching with your house.


Cage planters

So when you hear about incorporating plants in your living spaces then not necessarily means that you should do that indoors only the plantation outdoors are equally significant.

This cage planter also called birdcage planter is the best and most stylish planter that is available in the market. You can place it on the porch or in your bedroom just anywhere you want.


Hanging planter

This hanging wall planter can absolutely never be outdated or even a wrong choice to make. It doesn’t matter where you want to hang it like in the terrace, kitchen or porch they will absolutely go well with any place and any design.


Footed planter

This planter is the one that sits well on the floor. This footed stone planter basically has a lower base which can also be in the form of small legs and on this base the other body stands perfectly.

This planter is just the perfect choice for outdoor setups like a terrace or even gardens. These are available in various shapes and sizes and you can choose the one that goes well with your place. These are either made of stone or ceramic and that is why these are perfect for outdoor setups.


Basket planter

For plants you actually do not need a planter or a typical pot. You can use baskets or even hampers as a planter. Rattan planters that are available in the market can give a very basic look when you decorate it with green plants and fresh blooms.

Another good thing about these planters is that the plant that you will put inside will do absolutely amazing and they will grow bigger because of the drainage system.


Raised planters

These are the type of planters that will look good outdoors these are either placed in terrace, porches and also they are placed against the walls.

For planting herbs such types of planters is used most commonly. These are available in either plastic or wood which is why they are perfect for outdoor setup.


Ceiling planters

Hanging ceiling planters are perfect for any living spaces because of various reasons and one of them is they absolutely do not take any floor space and also for these planters to be put inside the living space you are not supposed to make holes in the walls.


Metal planters

These types of planters are although quite cheap but due to their roughness, they are normally placed outdoors than indoors. If you put them inside then due to their rough appearance they will have a negative effect on the overall interior design.

These are not ugly planters but the thing is they are just not suitable for indoor setups.


Vertically high planters

Vertically high planters can be used when you have a whole wall that has nothing on it and is completely blank. The reason to put up this planter up there is not only it will help you to decorate the undecorated and boring wall but also it will look unique and overwhelming.

For plant lovers, these types of planters are the best option and it is also suitable for outdoor setups and it is easily available in the market.


Cute mini planters

If you want to decorate your kitchen, coffee table and also dining tables then these mini cute planters are just the perfect choice.

These will not only help to hold the plants but also help to decorate the overall space you have. For plant lovers these are perfect but not only they go well with the interior but also don’t take much space.


Tire planters

These are available in the market at very cheap prices but the good thing you can also make this at home if you have a spare tire available. These can’t be put indoors so you better place them outdoors like terrace or porch.