Your Romantic Gift of Love on 14 February

The perfect time of the year when you can show the person how much you love him/her is Valentine’s Day. So, what are you planning for this Valentine’s Day? Different people plan different things to make their Valentine’s Day special; however, many people feel bewildered when it comes to presenting gifts to their beloved on Valentine’s Day. So, what is the perfect gift for your Valentine on Valentine’s Day? Although there are numerous gifts available for Valentine’s Day, there is nothing like gifting the most romantic gift to your partner. Moreover, 14 February is an exceptional day, and nobody wants to go wrong on this day.


If you are unsure and have no idea what to gift your beloved, you have come to the right place! We have made a list of a few gifts, especially floral arrangements that are romantic and delightful. They will surely bring back the smile on your Valentine’s face this 14 February.


Long-Stemmed Roses

Valentine’s Day gift is synonymous with long-stemmed roses. Hence roses are ideal gifts for your Valentine. Make sure you are sending the right roses to her as yellow roses are symbols of friendship. On the other hand, red roses are the perfect ones to send to someone you love. Show how much you love and care to your Valentine with red roses. Want to be a little more romantic? It is a great idea to gift a bouquet of long-stemmed roses and continue to express your love for your beloved. If you want to add something extra, you can combine pink and red roses, which would make the bouquet more colorful and exquisite.



Orchids are beautiful, aren’t they? If you want to gift a unique flower to the special one, orchids fit the list appropriately. It is a common practice to gift roses on Valentine’s Day; however, orchids are also charming flowers that show love and affection. Orchids are representative of beauty, strength, and luxury. Orchids can be of different types and colors. They look elegant and fascinating, and they are genuinely universal flowers. They are lovely flowers and stand for beauty and elegance. Some of the examples of common orchids are 3 tier arrangement of orchids, seductive combo, wonderful delight, lush of love, the essence of affection, romantic tickle, and shades of happiness. Gift your loved ones a basket full of orchids and carnations and match it with a combination gift of chocolate and stuffed toys.



A beautiful flower called sunflower can show your love for your beloved. You can win your sweetheart’s easily with these exquisite flowers. Although sunflowers do not fall in the category of romantic flowers, sunflowers are sure to uplift one’s mood and make your partner look cheerful. These flowers can quickly boost one’s energy and make her feel happy, satisfied, and bright. The broad faces of sunflowers represent happiness, love, and admiration. Red sunflowers are also available, and they are as popular as yellow ones. If you think of giving something different, then gifting the sunflower can be the best choice for you. Go ahead and talk to your florist to make sure how beautiful they can look.


Stargazer Lilies

Do you want to celebrate your Valentine, especially? If you have plans to celebrate it differently this year, you can go for Stargazer lilies as they are exquisite flowers. Heighten the look by pairing it with roses to make it look more excellent and beautiful. Hence, a combination flower is something that your partner would love and adore. Tiger lilies induce more romantic feelings than the usual ones. Therefore, gifting tiger lilies can also be a great choice.



When it comes to expressing true love, there is nothing better than pink tulips. Pink Tulips are the best flowers when it comes to presenting your Valentine’s Day gift. Tulips come in different colors, and each color is significant. Each color has a special meaning and conveys the perfect expression for your beloved. They are adorable flowers and symbols of love and affection. Hence, go ahead with these beautiful flowers as an ideal choice for expressing your love for the special person of your life.



Carnations are better known as anniversary flowers. They are a trendy flower and can look fantastic as Valentine’s Day gifts too! The best thing about this flower is its fragrance. Hence, they make an excellent gift for your Valentine’s Day. They also make a unique gift for Mother’s Day. However, carnations are gorgeous, and hence many people choose it for expressing their love and gifting it on 14 February. While the white carnation represents good luck, the red ones are symbols of intense love.



These flowers are representative of friendship and adoration. They are very close to the lily flowers, and they are known for their fragrance and scent. Also known as the Peruvian lily, these flowers look very colorful. They come in different colors, such as apricot, lavender, and white. When paired with pink roses, they express genuine love for your beloved. These flowers are gorgeous and beautiful. Go ahead and choose them for your beloved today!



Is your Valentine an ever-cheerful person? If she is a bright and happy-go-lucky person, white daisies are the best option for you. They are one of the most common Valentine’s gift, and you can easily catch your loved one’s attention with this romantic piece of gift. Daisies stand for innocence, friendship, and happiness. Hence white daisies are an excellent choice.

Some other flower choices are Calla Lillies, Chrysanthemums, and Silk Flowers.


Finally, it can be said that there are different types of flower gifts when it comes to gifting on Valentine’s Day. However, apart from flowers, there are other gifts, too, which can be the best combination of gifts. Go ahead and check out with your florist to find the best present for your beloved!