How to Plan for your Wedding Flower?

Wedding day is one of the biggest days in everyone’s life, it needs to be perfectly planned and choreographed so that everything is as you want it to be. Among other considerations for wedding day planning, it is also important that you carefully plan for your wedding flowers. Because if everything is according to your plan except your flowers on your wedding day, it will be a disaster as it will destroy your wedding theme. So, in order to avoid this, you must prepare your wedding flower plan carefully. You also need to make sure that your wedding flower arrangement plan is also according to the wedding theme. Below are a few important things that you must consider while planning for a wedding flower arrangement.


Here are a few steps that you must take in order to plan for your wedding flowers

1.  Search for the best florist in town:

If you think you can plan for your wedding flowers without consulting your florist, you are wrong. You cannot plan your wedding flowers without having a florist involved in business with you. The job of the florist is to know all ins and outs of the wedding flower arrangements. He knows better than you. That is why you should call a florist before starting to plan for wedding flower arrangements. You should hire a florist that is very well versed in his field, and that is considered the best in town. The best florist will help you out in every step of planning and deploying that planning. This will greatly reduce the amount of stress on your shoulders and will help you get the job done in an easy way.


2.  Select your theme for flowers:

This is the second thing that you must keep in your mind while planning for your wedding flower arrangements. Your wedding flower arrangements must meet your wedding theme. It is very important that all your wedding flower arrangements match your wedding theme, if not, your wedding flowers will not be contributing positively to your wedding arrangements as they should be doing. To minimize this risk, you should plan your flower arrangement theme for the wedding according to the overall wedding theme. A perfect wedding flower arrangement that is according to your theme will further enhance the beauty of your wedding day.


3.  Choose your wedding flowers color:

Similar to the wedding theme, flower color also matters a lot in your overall wedding flower arrangements. You should pick a flower color after a discussion with your florist. Keep your theme, your decorations, your dress color, your table cloth color, and all other color schemes in mind while choosing a flower color for your wedding day. Most people only choose one flower color for their entire wedding arrangements, and some people choose multi-color flower arrangements for their wedding day. The bride and groom should discuss this with their florist to know about available options and the best decoration flower colors. If you choose a perfect flower arrangement and flower color for your wedding day, your day will be even more special.


4.  Select the flower for groom and bride:

Once you have selected the flowers for the arrangements on tables, entryways, lawn, and other places. It is time for you to select the flowers for persons. Such as bride, and bride’s maids and groom and groom’s men. The flower color for the bride should be according to her dressing style, dress color, and they should also match the groom’s flower as well.


There are a lot of different options for personal flowers for the groom and bride. You can ask your florist to help you out in deciding that what is the best one for you. After successfully selecting the perfect bride and groom flowers, it is time for the selection of flowers for bridesmaids and groomsmen. These flowers should also match the overall theme and color composition of the wedding flower arrangements.


5.  Select the places to decorate with flowers:

When you are planning for different flower arrangements for your wedding day. You should also consider the places that you will decorate with flowers. This will help you make your wedding arrangements look more beautiful and more streamlined and according to the theme of your wedding. Typically, pathways, backgrounds, walls, dining places, dining tables, the bride and grooms table, are a few places that are decorated with flowers.


Apart from this, you can also include more places as well based on your budget. You should get your florist to visit your place and let you know which places you should decorate with flowers and which can be ignored. This will help you get a better insight into the places that need decoration and the ones that will work even without the decoration.


6.  Know your flower arrangement budget:

This is something that you should keep in mind while you are planning for your flower arrangements for your wedding day. Your flower arrangements should fall under your assigned budget for flowers. You can tell your florist about your flowering budget so that he/she can suggest the better options for you that are according to your budget and also according to your theme and requirements.


There are a lot of flowers that cost a lot more and there are cheaper versions of such flowers that are also available, so your florist would know about all of this better. Talk to your florist and let him know what you want for your wedding day and what is your budget. This earlier communication with your florist will get you the best without spending too much on your wedding flowers.


Wedding day is one of the most important days and you should plan your flower arrangements for your wedding day carefully. If you do that and plan for your wedding day floral arrangements, you will be able to get better results on your wedding day. You should talk to your florist, let him know your budget, let him know your place, theme, and other requirements so that he can suggest the best option for your wedding day flowers.