What Every Man Should Know About Flowers and How to Exploit it for Personal Gain

Most of people like to joke about how complicated women are and how hard it is to make them happy. But it’s not right, as a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers can melt anyone’s heart. So, if you are planning to make your girl happy and special, you should know that flowers can be your best friends for that. So, let us come to the point.

What Flowers Mean to A Woman

First, you need to know what flowers mean to a woman and how much they can make her happy. Many of the men think that flowers are pointless and there is a wastage of money in buying flowers for a woman. But guess what, women love the idea of getting something momentary and exciting at the same time. It is heart touching for them to know that you spent on something that can make them feel special and smile.

Also, women love to remember the time when they received the flowers. Grabbing the attention of a woman is much easier with a bunch of colorful flowers. Flowers have no logical purpose in human life as we cannot eat them or use them for any other purpose. Some flowers have medicinal value, but not most of those that are cultivated. So, for centuries, flowers are being cultivated just for fragrances and aesthetics. So, as women are considered as aesthetics, so they love getting flowers, and it means a lot to them if you get them their favorite ones.

When to Buy Her Flowers

Let us start with this; we all have one or more annoying friends who just calls or texts when they need your help. It is quite irritating. So, the same is the case with giving flowers to a woman. You cannot just go behind the idea of getting her flowers when you need them, or the times are rough. But you need to make a tradition of giving flowers so that if anytime you get into a fight, you could buy the flowers that can make her remember the happy times you spent with each other.

So, there are some major times you should get her flowers, including:

  • For saying “Sorry” – It always works when you get her flowers for saying sorry. If you think you have messed things between you two and now you want to fix things. You just need to make her feel special and show your love for her. Buying her flowers can do the magic as it will remind her of the happy days of you two together.
  • On her birthday – Getting her flowers on birthday along with a beautiful cake can cheer her up and make her feel special and lovely.
  • Anniversary – You have been together for years, and you actively celebrate every year of you together, then flowers must be a permanent gift item for your woman. They are the best way to let her know that you care.
  • The Next Morning – If you have spent last night together and experience new things together. Sending her a bouquet of beautiful flowers the next morning with a special note like “thanks for your lovely time.” It will make her feel amazing, and she will keep recalling your time together last night.
  • Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s day is celebrated around the world, and people love to give flowers on the day to their lovely woman. So, getting flowers on valentine’s day can bring happiness to her, and it will make your bond stronger and unbreakable.

What Kind of Flowers Should You Get Her?

As classics, roses are the most giving flowers ever. Red roses mean I love you, pink means in between love and friendship while white means friendship. But giving roses is a bit traditional, so if you want to really impress your girl, you should get some unique flowers like lilies with a mixture of wildflowers. Try something different and attractive at the same time. A mixed wildflower bouquet is not expensive and also very much romantic. You should avoid getting her prickly or dry flowers like cacti or any other desert flowers. You can also get tulips or orchids.


Your Presentation Matters

Women carry a great aesthetic sense, and they give huge attention to the presentation. So, when you are giving flowers to your woman, invest in the presentation as well.

You get the flowers in the bouquet. You can send her the bouquet as it was given to you, but you can also set the flowers in a vase to present. For setting flowers in a vase, here are simple steps.

  • Get a beautiful vase and add some water to it. A bouquet of flowers has some flower food with them, drop that in water. If you do not have any flower food, crush a vitamin C tablet, and add in the vase.
  • With a sharp knife, cut the stem at an angle at the end as trimming. Place the flowers in a vase immediately. Remove any rough petals for a fresh look.


How to Give Her Flowers

There are various ways of giving her flowers. Here are some of them.

  • At Home Setting – You can simply set the flowers in a vase and place them somewhere unnoticeable. So, when you attract her to the place, she will scream with joy and excitement. Yeah, game on!
  • Deliver to Office – Many flower shops offer delivery, so you can send her flowers at her workplace. It will make her happy and feel so special around her co-workers. She will be proud of having you in her life.
  • Scattered Petals – Before her coming back home after an office tour of a few days, you can scatter petals in the bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere.

Last Words

Getting flowers for your woman is tricky, but it is the best way to make her happy and feel special. You should know how much flowers gift means to her from you.