What Flowers Mean Apology?  

Have you done something bad again? Did you mess up your date night? Did you forget to pick her up? Or even worse, did you forget your anniversary? Well, regardless of what you’ve done, apologies can be a bit tricky. Sometimes simple words are not enough. In this fast-paced world where everything can be done with technological aid, you might be tempted to apologize on the phone, through email, or just by emoticons. That could be an option but it might come across as impersonal and insincere. Flowers, on the other hand, are the universal language for sending heartfelt emotions. With a simple bouquet of fragrant and sweet-smelling floral delights, you can quickly turn anyone’s frown upside-down.

Flowers are not just gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s a reason why some flowers can bloom all throughout the year. This is Mother Nature’s way of helping you to fix whatever problem that you have with other people.  The colorful and intricate designs of flowers make an intimate and personal connection with the person that you are sending it to. The colors of the petal and the intoxicating aroma of these delicate buds is a guaranteed way for you to please anyone and tell them how really sorry you are. Apologies become more real and personal once you make an effort of sending them these gorgeous eye candies.

However, there are an overwhelming plethora of blossoming choices for you. In choosing the right flower you really need to put on your thinking hat. Sending out the wrong message should be avoided at all costs. But there is no need to worry. Here are some handpicked fresh floral ideas for you to select from.


  • Flowers for whom? Know your relationship.

Before calling your florist and ordering any random bunch of flowers, you have to think about whom you are sending it to. If you are a husband or a boyfriend that wants to say sorry to your wife or girlfriend, then classic flowers with enticing scents are perfect. These can be roses which imply an unparalleled devotion and affection. Lilies are also a nice touch since they express outspoken humbleness and meekness. Tulips on the other hand can be a symbol for starting over and sincerity.

For girlfriends and wives who want to extend their apologies to their boyfriends and husbands, you can also use flowers too. It may be a bit tricky, but you should pick light-colored petals. There are orchids that may stand for inner strength and reconciliation. Asphodels and poppies are also there to indicate sorrow and reproach.  It’s also never too bad to be extra and pair it with his favorite food. For broken friendships and forgotten loyalties, flowers can go a long way to fix your bond. A great choice for you can be yellow roses or sunflowers which symbolize care and gratitude. In short, flowers are not just for women, since flowers do not pick any sides and are universal.


  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, what message do you want them to know?

Now the next thing that you want to consider when picking apology flowers is what type of message do you want to come across? Different colors of flowers can mean a lot of things. Now you just have to remember that white colored petals can invoke sympathy. Pink hues indicate strong auras of gratefulness and humility. Yellow shades can send out joyful sentiments of reconciliation. While red pigments are for regret, love, and sorrow.

However, if you don’t want to stick to these mainstream choices and you want to make your gifts extra special, then there are also other options. You can also choose violet hyacinths that still convey the sentiment of regret and reproach. There are also germaniums that are often related to messages of bringing warmth and consolation.

On another note, gigantic floral wreaths made of white carnations, white roses, or white lilies are also a go-to for sending out condolences during funerals. These can also be coupled with daffodils and daisies which can be a perfect pairing for austere and solemn ceremonies. These floral wreaths are often gigantic in size, which are present at funeral parlors during wakes.


  • How bad was it? Learn to own up.

After choosing the perfect flower, the next thing to consider is the gravity of your apology. Think about what you’ve done and reflect on it. How bad did you make them feel? To make this easier, you may want to set up a scale of one to five on how badly you screwed up. One is for something as simple as forgetting to kiss them goodbye, to five as forgetting your anniversary. It is up to you to choose what level of apology do you want to say. For one to two, you may want to send her single-stemmed flowers with an apologetic sentiment. For three and four you can have a bundle sent with a nice big bow along a couple of sweet treats and an apology card. For a big time blunder you have to pull out the big guns and actually send them an entire bouquet with a box of candied treats and a long heartfelt message.

Sincerity in your apology can be expressed through a lot of ways. Flowers have been one of the options that have been proven and tested to work when it comes to that. When picking the right flower just remember the relationship that you have with the person, the message that you want to say, and the gravity of the fault that you have done. With these advices you can make anyone’s bad day into a sunny and colorful one.