What Does Funeral Roses Symbolize?

Roses remain the most popular option when it comes to funeral flowers. Perhaps, this is because Roses are the type of flower that comes in a wide range of variety and color. They are also a kind of flower that is known for different meanings and symbolism. Here’s a list of Roses in different colors and the symbolisms and meanings they convey:

·        Black Rose

A black Rose is commonly linked to death and funerals, as well as to tragic romance, mortality, and a broken heart. Other than the romantic symbolism, it is also associated with mourning, grief, and bereavement. Some close friends may use this flower to convey sorrowful farewell, but for an enemy, it expresses deep hatred. Although black Roses do not really exist in real life, the florists provide “baccarat” Rose instead, or dark red Roses.

·        White Rose

A white Rose is one of the most common flowers used for funeral flowers. It symbolizes innocence, purity, and eternity. A funeral bouquet or floral arrangement made of white Roses is typically given to the family or brought to the funeral home during wake and interment to express sympathy and condolences. This flower is also an option in customizing a funeral spray or funeral stand and in personalizing special flower tributes for a family member who passed away or for a close friend who will never be forgotten.

·        Red Rose

A red Rose is commonly associated with romance and intimate relationships. If used in a funeral flower arrangement, it is meant to convey deep emotion and love until forever. In addition, red Roses may show respect and honor if combined with other flowers in a funeral spray, funeral stand, and funeral wreaths. Traditionally, the heart-shaped tribute flower comes with red Roses to evoke a grieving heart. Some funeral cushions and pillows have red Roses as an accent. But more than the impressive design, they are intended for the symbolism they show.

·        Yellow Rose

A yellow Rose is significant of reverence and adoration to someone dear who passed away. It is also used to express loyalty and unforgettable memories from close friends. As a form of sympathy, yellow Roses are also given to a friend who is mourning and suffering from a great loss. If you are sending a funeral basket or bouquet to pay your last respect and give tribute to a special friend, yellow Roses are a perfect option. The funeral flower can help you customize a design to make your funeral flower meaningful and expressive of your messages.

·        Pink Rose

A pink Rose signifies appreciation, gratitude, and honor to the deceased family member or special person. In a funeral flower arrangement, the use of pink Roses is significant of sympathy, but for another sentiment, it also expresses admiration of a woman’s grace and dignity. Children, for example, offer a funeral bouquet or a posy of pink Roses to their dear mother or grandmother to convey their undying gratitude. Pink Roses at the funeral may also symbolize respect to a female teacher, mentor, or boss.

·        Purple Rose

A purple Rose is symbolic of elegance, royalty, and dignity. A funeral flower arrangement in purple color is indeed beguiling, and it shows the true meaning of beauty and perfection. If a deceased person’s life was perfectly lived, this can be the best color of Rose for a funeral flower. The family may offer a basket or spray of purple Roses to an elder who passed away to show respect and honor.

Other Types of Flowers aside from Roses:

·         Carnations

Pink Carnations symbolize remembrance while red ones are used to express love, admiration, and yearning. White Carnations, on the other hand, are associated with purity, faithfulness, loyalty, innocence, and untainted love.

·         Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or Mums are prominently known as funeral flowers in some countries or regions. In fact in Japan, this is the type of flower that is exclusively meant for funerals. The red Mums symbolize love while the white ones are symbolic of truth and purity.

·         Orchids

Orchids are elegant and unique flowers. They are a wonderful option for flower bouquets and arrangements intended for festive occasions and celebrations. However, in funerals, Orchids are meant to express graceful elegance and long-lasting memory. Typically in white, pink, and purple, Orchids convey heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

·         Gladioli

Gladioli are a great flower option for the funeral because they are meant to symbolize morality and integrity. Its long and slender feature conveys a strong character that is worth considering as a good example.

·         Lilies

Lilies, including Peace Lily flowers, are common in funerals because of the white color and strong scent. In fact, people say that the room smells like a funeral home when a bouquet of Lily flowers is nearby. Also, most Christians consider this flower as a symbol of purity and radiance of the soul. Based on history, the tomb of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was covered with Lilies and white flowers.

The meaning and symbolism of funeral Roses in corresponding colors and other types of flowers are worth knowing, especially if you are planning to send funeral flowers. Before you ask the funeral florist to craft the most attractive and meaningful flower arrangement, it is best to learn what these flowers actually symbolize. For a loved one, family member, close relative, or dear friend who passed away or who is suffering from a great loss, you can choose the perfect floral design if you know what the Rose flowers convey.