What is Valentine’s Day and how did it start and Why We Celebrate?

On the fourteenth of February of every year we celebrate a romantic occasion known as Valentine’s Day. On this day, around 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are sold; that does not include handmade cards we make. From the moment we had our first crush, puppy love prompted us to save our allowance to buy a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement and a chocolate bar.

Some families also spend Valentine’s Day together, teaching children that this occasion is a time to show our love and appreciation to the members of our family. Kids can be taught to make heart-shaped cards in school or hand-out handmade Valentines to their friends. It is also a wonderful time to give out sweets to a special someone.

If you’ve ever wondered how Valentine’s Day began, it traces back to a pagan celebration, secret marriages, and a public declaration to make it the celebration we know today. Let’s start by getting to know the meaning behind the name Valentine who was a legendary man.

Who is Valentine?

In third century Rome, a pagan emperor by the name of Claudius II had problems listing single men in his army, which in his opinion made better soldiers than married men. The problem was, young men fit to be in service do not desire to leave their women. They chose to get married instead of joining the army. The situation prompted Emperor Claudius II to forbid marriages for young men.

Valentine, as legend would have it, is a Catholic priest that held marriage ceremonies in secret for these young men. Alas, the day came when Emperor Claudius II discovered Valentine’s sly acts and ordered for the priest to be captured. In Prison, Valentine fell in love with a blind woman that was the daughter of a jailor.

Before his execution by beheading, the blind woman was healed of her blindness and received a card from Valentine. In salutations, it read “From your Valentine,” which today remains a popular expression as well as “Will You Be my Valentine?”

However, the identity of Valentine remains to be a mystery as two other saints were also martyred at the time and were also named Valentinus or Valentine. In England and France, Valentine is a well-renowned saint symbolizing the freedom to love whom you choose.

When Did We Start Celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Centuries after the death of St. Valentine, the Catholic church was determined to replace traditions with pagan origins. For a long time, February 14th was celebrated by godless men in Europe as a fertility festival in the spring time. Men (legend tales refer to rich men, young men, or priests) who would go naked and smack women with sacrificial blood from a goat.

Eligible men would proceed to choosing an urn with a woman’s name on it. By the time the Catholic church became a strong force in Europe, the pope abolished the pagan ritual and declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day in the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

In the Middle ages, the famous poet Chaucer made reference to St. Valentine, linking him with romantic endeavors. This began a tradition of expression love and admiration, often in secret. Historians also believed that Europeans gathered to read romantic poetry and played flirtatious games on February 14 of each year.

Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day Today

Valentine’s Day developed as a tradition all over the world as a time to express our hidden feelings, words of admiration, and appreciation to the ones who hold our heart. Families spend Valentine’s Day together around the world which includes giving gifts and sweets to children. Couples also take this time to plan a romantic getaway, dinner at a VIP restaurant, and reservations at a luxury hotel.

Some people take advantage of the love-filled air that often begins early in February or the last week of January. Men grab the moment to propose to the woman they like and take their relationship to the next level. Many marriage proposals and anniversaries are scheduled on Valentine’s Day. Gifts may include a hand bouquet or a hamper delivery complete with champagne, chocolate basket, and a fruit basket.

How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated Around the World?

In Japan and South Korea, they have two celebrations for Valentine’s Day. One where the women give gifts, flowers, or sweets to men and another day where men give roses and chocolates to women. In South Korea, they also observe a day of mourning for the single men and women who have not received anything from their Valentine. It is called Black Day because they eat black bean paste noodles.

In Islamic countries like Pakistan, Valentine’s Day is considered contrary to the teachings of their religion so it is banned. In Indian cultures, they force couples spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day by marrying them off.


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