What Kind of Flowers Should I Get My Girlfriend?

Flowers tend to be the most sought out gift to give someone special. They express sweet and warm sentiments that would make anyone feel loved or special. Choosing the right flowers are only a step into picking or making the perfect hand bouquet that would make anyone feel just how much you appreciate them. There are many ways to express how you feel to someone and flowers are the easiest and the sweetest method that is available and possible almost anywhere at any time.

If you are thinking about buying your girlfriend flowers, you should consider a lot of factors aside from what you want to make her feel. Factors like what kind of occasion this would be and things like that. If it is your first time to buy her flowers, then you should definitely ask around what the best sellers are. A flower delivery who knows his or her job knows which flowers would suit you. You can even ask an online florist for advice as they are available on the internet almost all the time.

This would not only make it easier for you to choose the perfect flower for your girl but this would give you insights and future references so you would be a flower expert in no time. And you won’t have to look up what flower you should choose on the internet. Other considerations you need to think about when choosing flowers for your girl are:

  1. Color

This is an important thing to think or consider when you are choosing the right flower for your girlfriend. This is because if your girlfriend has a favorite color, picking a flower with that shade would definitely make her happy and easy on her eyes. For example, pick a sunflower if she likes yellow. Pick a rose if she loves red.

There are many other flowers in the same color, and you can always choose those or have a flower arrangement with a variation of flowers with the same shade of color. This is a sweet gesture as it not only shows that placed effort into making a unique flower arrangement for her, but it also shows that you listen and know what she likes.

  1. Variety

Usually just choose one type of flower to make a bouquet but sometimes variation makes it more unique and beautiful. This also makes the flower bouquet look livelier with the variation of blooms. This also shows that you took your time to hand pick specific flowers you think she might like and placed them in one bouquet. This is also good for those who are not really sure what flower to choose but know what color or what flower would make their girlfriend happy or think of them when they are away. This is also a good idea as the flowers from the hand bouquet can be used as decoration at home or be displayed anywhere at home and would look perfect on any backdrop or setting.

  1. Meaning

As you all may know, flowers have meaning or refer to something be it an expression or feeling. Knowing what flowers mean would give you an advantage in flower choosing. For example, a lily can mean something like “I dare you to love me”. Roses mean love and passion and sunflower means gold or cheer and happiness. There are many flowers that have meanings that are closely related to love and affection. If you do not want to give your girlfriend the typical rose for her birthday or on valentines’ day, then you should definitely research on the possible meanings of flowers to have something different rather than the occasional flower everyone seems to buy.

  1. Occasion

Choosing a flower for your girlfriend may also depend on why or what it is for. What is the occasion? Because flowers can mean differently, some say, “I love you” and some say “congratulations”. So, choosing the right flower you would need to know what it is for. What you want your girlfriend to feel when she receives them. This can sometimes be a tricky process and sometimes it takes time just to choose and customize your own hand bouquet for your girlfriend. Make sure you do take your time and pick out the best flowers to make that bouquet because she deserves it.

  1. Quantity

Quantity is also important because there are some who prefer just a handful or flowers over a dozen ones. You should know what your girlfriend prefers when you go out to buy her flowers. Of course, the smaller the quantity the cheaper it would be but the way it is arranged can make a lot of difference already. Some girls want a few dozen flowers in their bouquet so make sure you know what your girlfriend likes.

These are just some things you should think about or consider when choosing the right flower for your girlfriend. If she has a specific flower she really likes, then that would make your job easier but sometimes a little creativity is also good. Thinking outside the box and making something special for her would definitely bring a smile on her face either way. Listen to her, observe what she likes and make her feel special and appreciated when you give her a bouquet of what she likes but never specifically told you. Flowers are beautiful either way no matter what kind.