What Kind of Flowers to Send a Man?

Women are usually the recipients of flowers. Flowers are often inclined to feminine side and not so much on the masculine side. But if you have a partner who you want to surprise with flowers, then do not worry, flowers can also be given to men despite their feminine nature. You do not have to feel awkward if you buy flowers  and you are a girl. This is perfectly normal and with the modern world we have nowadays, it is considered normal for a girl to make an effort to make her boyfriend/husband happy.

Some would think that the flowers that may fit men are often the dark colored ones but actually, they can totally work with the lighter colored flowers. It would probably depend on which flower and the type of arrangement that will be done. There are a lot of contemporary manly flower arrangements nowadays that can fit a man’s taste. Floral arrangements with clean style and natural look will definitely fit him well.

For the types of flowers, just like with any other flower there is, symbolism and messages through flowers can always be portrayed when giving them to your man. You can ask your florist which of these flowers are available but most of them are all year round:

  1. Red roses – as usual, red roses are the symbol of love. You give red roses to someone to express your love, appreciation, and infatuation. If you are a girl, and you are very much in love with a guy, giving him red roses is still in style and can match a man’s taste. The deep red color of red roses gives this arrangement a more commanding look that is why red roses are very versatile and is used in a lot of different occasions and to various recipients.
  2. Daisies – these white, innocent-looking flowers may look feminine, but they hold a deeper meaning in them. Giving a flower arrangement filled with daisies is a sign of loyalty and fidelity to a partner. If you feel like your partner has proven his loyalty throughout the years of your relationship, giving a bunch of daisies is a great way to show your appreciation.
  3. Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums or mums are considered to be one of the most classic flowers because of their versatility when it comes to use. But in general, chrysanthemums symbolize great bond and friendship. If you happen to have a best friend who is a guy, giving him a beautiful arrangement of mums will definitely make him feel absolutely appreciated and happy.
  4. Yellow roses – If red roses are usually given to show love and appreciation, yellow roses on the other hand, are given to express friendship and long-time bond. If you have a male friend that you have known for several years now and you want to surprise him with a bunch of Flowers yellow roses are one of the best choices you can buy. You can choose a more contemporary arrangement to give it a more muscular look. A message card will also make this more special.
  5. Bamboo – since a more muscular arrangement involves straight lines and sharper features, using bamboo as the main material in your flower arrangement will give it more depth and sophistication. Even though bamboo is not a flower, you can still add this to the arrangement and add some height to it. If you have a boyfriend, a husband, or just a friend who is a guy, a bamboo flower arrangement will definitely be a great choice and he will not feel awkward receiving it. Bamboo is also a symbol of good luck especially if he will embark to a new journey. Sending this kind of arrangement is very unique but it is sure that florists will be able to give you the right arrangement with this material.
  6. Flowering plants in a pot – If your man does not like floral arrangements that much, you may choose to purchase flowering plants that are planted in a pot. In this way you will also teach him to take care of the plant and he can be able to remember you when he sees this plant in his room or house. Right now, flower and plant propagation are very popular in many countries. This is not supposed to be only for girls but can also be a hobby for guys. You definitely will not have any reasons not to give Flowers at this point. Flowers are really versatile and can fit any occasion and any recipient.
  7. White Orchids – White orchids are very gender neutral in nature. They can be a great decoration to any space whether it be at home or in the office. If you plan on giving him a flower for a special occasion, white orchids are the best choice especially if you place them in a beautiful pot. He can literally place this anywhere especially in his office at work. This will not only give an aesthetic value to his cubicle, but he can also remember you when he sees this arrangement. White orchids also do not wilt too fast. Just as long as he replaces the water or waters it if it is planted in soil, it will last for a few weeks or even months.
  8. Gerberas – Gerberas are very popular because of their vibrant colors and their versatility to any kind of arrangement. When it comes to symbolism, gerberas signify cheerfulness and happiness. If you have a partner who always makes you happy and is the sunshine in a dark room, giving him gerberas will definitely be fitting. One of the goals you need to have in giving Flowers is to make the recipient smile. If you give this kind of flower to him, he will definitely feel happy and loved at the same time.

That is it! Let us break the idea that Flowers are only given to girls or women. They are very versatile in nature that is why men can also receive Flowers as a gift or as a token of appreciation. Nowadays it is not anymore weird that girls are the ones who makes efforts to make their partner happy. Happiness must always be generic and should come in different sources.