What To Do With Your Wedding Flowers?

Flowers are the best and perfect gift for any occasion and most of your friends choose flowers to give you on your wedding day because this can be chosen easily and are liked by most of the people. This is the reason that people choose flowers to present on birthdays, weddings or any other occasion. These look so special and beautiful but they have a very short life. They remain fresh for one day and the next day, they lost their freshness, brightness, and bloom and became dull. You just pick the bouquet and throw it in the garbage with a heavy heart. You never want to waste the bouquet in such a harsh way because you know that with how much love and affection your loved ones have given these flowers to you. These are very special to you and near to your heart. you can keep that collection fresh by keeping them in water for two to three days but this is not a very long duration. To keep this precious collection with you for a long time you can preserve these flowers in multiple ways to reuse them for further decoration and presentation.


Give These Flowers To Guests

You can give the bouquets you have received to your guests when they are leaving the ceremony. This will be a very good gesture from your side. You can exchange the bouquets, don’t give back the bouquet of the guests rather exchange them among guests.


Donate The Flowers

Another very good option is to donate those flowers. you can find many organizations around you that accept donated flowers. you can give those flowers in any old house or orphanage to make the people living there happy and delighted.


Preserve Your Wedding Flowers By Drying Them

If you want to keep those flowers with you, you can preserve them by drying the flowers. you can hang the flowers at a string or any other even and hard surface to dry the flowers. These dry flowers can be used for many other purposes.


Make An Album Of Dry Flowers

You can make a very attractive and unique album of these dry flowers. This is a good way to preserve your flowers for a long period. This album can be seen whenever you want to remember the day of your wedding and can show to your friends and family members who have presented these flowers at your wedding. They will be really happy to see that you have preserved those flowers. You can write the names of the presenters on a small piece of paper and can insert that caption with the flowers for your memorization about the presenters of the flowers.


Make Dry Flower Presentations

Flowers look beautiful in any form, these can be decorated in dry form too. you can make dry flower arrangements by using dry flowers, bunches, dry leaves, and beads, etc. These arrangements can be placed in your living area or any other area of the house for decoration. Every guest and visitor will like and appreciate your effort and idea of preserving flowers in such a good and beautiful way.


Make Greetings Cards

Dry flower petals can be used in card making. You can make very beautiful greeting cards for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or mother’s day, etc. Handmade cards are liked by everyone and due to your effort in these cards, it will have much importance for the receiver. Your hard work and effort will prove your love and affection for the receiver.


Use Dry Petals In Paintings And Pot Decoration

Dry flower petals are very efficiently used in artworks; like paintings and pot decoration. These dry flower petals are painted in various attractive colors and are pasted in paintings to give the image of trees or flowers in it. Pots decoration is another very famous art, in this work you can use dry petals or flowers to paste on the pots to look unique and beautiful. These dry flowers or petals can be painted to give the colors of your choice or requirement.


Use Dry Petals For Decoration In Beautiful Vases Or Pots

Dry petal spread fragrance for a long time. You can collect dry petals and can place them in some beautiful pot or vase. Place that pot in your living area or drawing room, this will make the air fragrant by spreading continuous scent all around.


Make Jewelry Or Decoration Pieces With Dry Flowers And Resin

You can use dry flowers and petals in jewelry making. Make your own customize jewelry according to your choice. In this process, you can use resin, put some liquid in any mold to give it your required shape. On the surface of that liquid, add a dry small flower and after that again add resin. You can make earrings and pendant by this method. This jewelry will be beautiful and unique for any occasion.


Make Jam Of Dry Roses

Roses are considered the most beautiful flowers and many people prefer to buy and present roses on any special occasion. If you have bouquets of roses at your wedding, you can use those bouquets in a very beneficial way. You can cook those petals in water and sugar. This will make a yummy and healthy jam for you. It will have a heavenly aroma and delicious taste. This jam is also very beneficial for your health and can solve your stomach related issues.

If you are thinking about to waste your wedding flowers and your heart is sinking on the wastage of these beautiful flowers. Forget to waste them, you can choose any idea of your choice and convenience to utilize these flowers once again in any creative way. There are many other ideas to keep flowers preserved, some of them you can find here. By using your creativity and esthetic sense, you can save flowers and can decorate your home even in a better and unique way which will be a source of appreciation and praise for you.