When Should You NOT Send Flowers?

First, you need to know when and why people send flowers to know just when “NOT” to send flowers. Here is the thing; flowers resemble love, beauty, and care. Whenever you send flowers to somebody, you are sending them your love, since flowers give hints or words to emotions. You are showing them you care and support them by sending some positive vibes that boost their morale with convincing might. It hints them of your appreciation for their beauty since, as we all know, flowers define beauty, and/or all those things combined.

Now, since you already know the reasons for sending flowers, let this article show you the situation. Situations where flowers, as beautiful as they may be, might not be appreciated, may have a better alternative, and in certain circumstances, could be branded as creepy.


Situation one: Getting back from a breakup.

You should never just send flowers to reestablish a severed connection. Your ex might not appreciate your romantic gesture. Why? Because even though flowers do pave a way to the heart, it will not be enough in this situation and she just might conclude that you think that you could get her back by just buying and sending her flowers, which makes her kind of cheap. It also does not address the actual reason why you both broke up in the first place. In this situation, instead of sending her flowers, you should rather just call her on the phone, meet up with her in person, and show how you have changed or improved. In this way, she will see how confident and determined you are to get her back.


Situation two: Anonymously sending flowers

Sending flowers to someone can be cute and it adds a little bit of a mysterious touch if you send it to the right person, but can also go beyond that to being creepy depending on the situation. Let us consider this situation, a person you admire for a long time just broke up with her boyfriend. You have not really talked to her and just admired her from a distance, knowing that she was in a relationship with someone. You saw how she is coping with it and it does not look good, so you decided to send her some flowers anonymously to let her feel that someone is there for her. Your action, regardless if your intentions were good, can be considered as creepy since you do not have a stable connection with that person in the first place yet. In this situation, it is better not to send flowers to her at this point and better build a connection with her first.


Situation three: Anniversaries

Anniversaries are special because it signifies how strong your bond is with one another. It signifies all the hardships that you have encountered with each other without giving up. Wouldn’t it be a waste to only buy and send her flowers on this very significant day? Instead of just sending her flowers, you can give your loved one a much more meaningful and personal gift. You can make an art showing what the both of you have been through the past year, you can also compile your photos showing how strong your bond is getting, or you can bring her somewhere meaningful to the both of you. Just sending her flowers alone on this day would simply not justify this milestone.


Situation four: Get well wishes

When someone you care about is in the hospital or just at home recovering, it might not be a good idea to send them flowers. It would be better to give them something healthy to eat, something to help them be more comfortable, something entertaining to read or a crossword puzzle to pass the time. In some cases, hospitals ban flowers inside the premises since this may aggravate the situation of its patients and spread germs to the other sick.


Situation five: Apologies

The best way to apologize is always by admitting what you did wrong and saying the words “I am sorry” in person. If you want to do it in any other way, then sending flowers is the least that you should do. There are many alternatives which are far better than sending flowers with a note saying you are sorry. One is finding the best stationery you have and handwriting your apology in a clear and simple manner. In this case, it is much more personal and heartfelt compared to just sending flowers.


Situation six: Thank you

There are many ways of showing your gratitude to the person which showed you their generosity. Reciprocating their help is one of the best ways to do it. Everybody needs help at times, whether just lending them a hand in simple things, or being with them when they need it the most. It shows that you remember the goodness that they did for you and is far more meaningful and much more appreciated than just sending flowers.


Those are some of the situations that you should watch out for in case you are deciding to send flowers to someone.


There is nothing wrong with sending flowers to the person who you hold dear, feel thankful, guilty, or remorseful. What you must observe is the timing and situation; the where and whom you will be giving those flowers to, and for what purpose should it serve. You should not just give away flowers to every occasion that comes your way. It would just show your lack of effort into making that occasion special to them than other days. Do not let it come to a point where the person you will be giving it to would think of it as something normal and not special in any way. Especially if that person is someone you cannot afford to lose.