When Should You Send Flowers to a Girl?

Sending flowers to a girl could be confusing and exhausting for almost every guy because there are so many color varieties and arrangements to choose from and sometimes it becomes too difficult to interpret that which flowers to send and also when is the best time to send these flowers. Of course, you need to send flowers depending on the situation you are in.

Therefore to reduce the stress and simplify the overall process this blog is full of useful suggestions that will help you to send the right flowers at the right time.

You may be thinking that when exactly you should send flowers to your girl but luckily enough there is no right time which means that you can send those flowers anytime you want.

Although there is no right time to send flowers you must keep in mind that flowers have the largest effect when they are sent to the girl or anyone if they are sent in the spur of the moment. By doing so you will make your girl cherish and love the gesture all the time because it will convey your message that she is pretty much in your mind all the time.

Though flowers don’t need to be sent at any specific occasion it is good as well as thoughtful to markdown major holidays or some special occasions.

There are many occasions or go-to-holidays which actually give you a solid reason to send the flowers and some of these occasions can be Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, winter holidays or even your first or third date.

Below are some of the happy or suitable times when you should actually think to send flowers to your girl.


When you want to say Sorry!

In a relationship, it is quite common to have a little argument with each other and most of the time, things just get worse and she either gets hurt or angry. So at that time flowers can come to your rescue. Just buy some “I am Sorry” flowers, write a short but genuine note and send it to her and witness the magic.


 On your First Date!

If you are planning to date a girl and if you want to show her that you are a true gentleman then nothing will do wonders other than buying a beautiful bouquet of red roses and gift it to her. She will love it and will always cherish that moment.

Although it sounds a bit outdated and old fashioned but trusts me she will love it.


On her Birthday!

Girls are quite sensitive about their birthdays and they love to celebrate it with their special one.  It is a plus point if you remember her special day but to make it sound more romantic along with a nice happy birthday cake you must also buy some beautiful flowers.

Although buying flowers, in this case, is optional but it will help you to win her heart all over again.



On your anniversary you can plan a nice and romantic dinner but flowers especially a red rose is a must on this occasion. Because it is a great way to let her know that you care about your anniversary and how much she means to you and also you celebrate her presence in your life.


Valentine’s Day

Needless to say flower is must on this day because Valentine’s Day is a day when you express your love for your girl. It is said that Valentine’s Day was a day that was basically invented by flower industry to make you spend more on flowers on this special day.

There are not only varieties of flowers but different types of bouquets as well from which you can choose and gift your girl accordingly.


Just Because!

There are times when you want to send flowers to a girl for no apparent reason. May be you want to send her because you miss her or you want to let her know that she is pretty much in your mind.

Sending flowers just because you think about them without any specific reason will surely lighten up the mood and you will be the reason behind her smile.


The Third Date!

The third date is quite confusing one as compared to first or second one because neither you want to do something that makes you seem over the top nor you want to stay silent and make her feel like you are not interested at all.

So in order to find the right balance all you have to do is find the right time to gift her flowers, on the third date it will be clear that both of you like each other and that is why you choose to meet for the third time and from their things can go quite serious.

While it is not always necessary to only wait for occasions to give flower to a girl but on these occasions by giving a thoughtful flower to your girl you can actually make her feel special and can win her heart all over again.


When you should not send flowers to a girl?

Although sending flowers is a great gesture but there are also those times when you definitely should not send flowers to a girl especially when you want to make an impression on that particular girl.

If you really do not know the girl you are sending flowers to, then it is possible that she may perceive that as a little bit extravagant and insincere.

Girls usually love flowers that have a small hand written note with it too. Also one should not send flowers to a girl during or after breakup and in order to make them work try to bring the flowers on your own instead of just sending them over.