Why Do People Give Flowers?

Flowers are considered to be one of the most thoughtful and romantic offerings to be given to someone. They are not only beautiful in their own way, but they also give off meaning, messages, and symbols that the giver wants to portray to the recipient. Flowers are very unique gifts – something that may wilt in time but the feeling of receiving still remains. If you are planning to give flowers to someone, you must think of which flower to choose and the arrangement as well. These two important factors can make a difference if you want to impress your loved one.

Flowers are not so popular nowadays with the emerging of technology throughout the globe. For the old-fashioned and those who love classic things, this will surely be a great choice. For ages, flowers have stood the test of time. There can really be a lot of other gifts to choose from, but the gift of flowers is still in style and in season no matter the occasion and the person to give them to. We have listed down a few reasons why people love giving flowers and why these blooms are still awesome choices as gifts.

  1. People give flowers because of an occasion

More often than not, flowers are given during special occasions like debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines’ Day, and a lot of other commemorative occasions in someone’s life. During these occasions, flower shops are often stormed by people who want to celebrate or just make someone’s day through flowers. That is why it is very important to reserve yours a few days before the occasion. This way you can also choose among the complete set of flowers and not just the remaining ones. During important occasions, people really hope someone will surprise them, most especially in Valentine’s Day and during birthdays. If you have a friend or a loved one you want to surprise in an upcoming occasion, consider flowers as your first option to give.

  1. People give flowers to make someone’s day

Making someone’s day is really not that hard to do. With a little bit of thought and effort, we can really make someone feel lighter and better if they are having a bad day. flowers are naturally colorful and fragrant. In recent studies, it has been found that these qualities of flowers boost the happy hormones in a person’s brain. You might think that these inanimate objects could not possibly make someone happy – but really, they do and even more sometimes. If someone is having a rough day, flowers can really brighten up their mood and flip their day upside down.

  1. People give flowers to commemorate and remember

Flowers are often used as decoration in weddings. This new beginning in a couple’s life makes flowers an object of change and a celebration of life. However, flowers can also be given to someone who is mourning from a loss of a relative or a loved one. People give flowers not only to make someone happy, but also to commemorate and remember the life of someone who just recently died. Flowers are very versatile, but they convey the same meaning – love and affection. We show these two in our actions and our thoughts. But with flowers, our intentions are much more amplified and could come across better to the people we give them to.

  1. People give flowers to congratulate and show appreciation

If someone graduates from school or gets another degree or two, flowers are a great way to show your appreciation of their endless efforts in this momentous achievement. It has been a tradition to give graduates flowers as gift because they symbolize a new beginning in someone’s life. This action will also make the graduate feel more appreciated and loved during this special moment. If someone gives birth or came from a successful operation, giving flowers is also a great gesture to symbolize healing and the welcoming of a new chapter. The vibrant colors of flowers show happiness as well and fits the momentous occasion perfectly.

  1. People give flowers to court or pursue someone’s feelings

Flowers are often given by suitors. the main reason is probably because flowers symbolize love and if someone gives them, it means that they want to offer a chance of love and relationship. Flowers also symbolize beauty and elegance – probably the feeling that the suitor wants to show to his or her special person. Flowers are very versatile and can really come across different meanings. The suitor needs to make sure that he or she chooses the right flower to successfully send the meaning they want to express to someone.

  1. People give flowers to welcome or say goodbye

Welcoming someone, for example in a company or in circle of friends, is indeed something to be celebrated. A great idea is to purchase flowers as a welcome treat for that new employee or friend for him or her to feel welcome and appreciated by everyone in the company or team. On the other hand, if an employee or maybe a relative or friend will soon say goodbye from the company or to another country, respectively, it would be a great gesture to give them flowers as a send-off gift.

If you cannot find the right gift to someone or if you are planning to give a gift to someone who seems to have everything anyone would want, you may want to consider flowers as a primary choice. Not only they are timeless and beautiful in their own nature, but they can also be priceless and full of meaning and emotion. Rather than giving a gift worth a lot of money, it is most of the times the thought that really counts.

Giving gifts is not all about the amount of money put into them and the extravagance they may have. Giving flowers is great and relatively cheaper option to make that friend or loved one feel more loved and appreciated!