Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

Getting flowers from your boyfriend makes you feel really awesome. At that moment, your face brightens, your heart melts, and you cannot resist feeling special inside. Fresh, innocent, and gorgeous flowers are the favorite of almost every woman. It is true that a bunch of fresh flowers can beat any expensive gift at any time of the day.

However, it breaks your heart when you expect your boyfriend to buy some flowers but he does not. So, here are some things that you have to know why your boyfriend does not buy flowers for you. Then, you can stop performing the actions that discourage them from purchasing flowers and do the things that make them giving you flowers!


  1. Buy flowers does not come naturally to men

Most men do not truly understand how beautiful flowers can be. It is very rare to come across a man who smiles automatically on seeing some flowers. This is because men’s perspective of flowers can be like they are just the plants’ colored plants, where their only purpose is to make the plant reproduce. So, men do not love plants like women. Thus, they cannot understand how a girl can be so crazy about them.

So, if your boyfriend does not give you flowers, do not just think that he is unromantic. This is because his male friends are not enthusiastic about flowers. This is what buying flowers for their girls do not come naturally to men. In that case, it is better to tell them how much you love getting flowers from them.


  1. Do not understand how happy you will be on receiving flowers

On understanding men better, you will find out that they enjoy making their women happy. However, they are clueless about how to make them happy. That’s the reason they are always on a trial and error action, where they take advice from their friends or just copy what they come across on TV. So, if your man does not gift you flowers, you should forgive him for being manly.

In that situation, you need to say to them that you would feel very happy on receiving flowers from them. If you are expecting some kind of flowers that you adore, then tell that straight to them what flowers you like the most. Otherwise, they may disappoint you!

This is important because if your man feels that they have failed to make you happy after buying you flowers for the first time, it is unlikely that they would be motivated to purchase any other kind of flowers for you again.


  1. They do not see flowers as practical

Another reason why men do not buy their women flowers is that they do not find flowers practical. Flowers are expensive and also, do not last for longer. They do not serve any purpose other beyond beautification and pleasant scent. After a week or so, we have to throw them away.

So, men find it practical to gift something that serves an application, such as a gadget or application. A woman will use this gadget at least once in a while. Men see gifts in this light, which is a bit different from what girls expect. However, you can tell your boyfriend how much you love flowers and want him to buy you some. At the same time, it is significant to watch out how you approach your guy with this request.


  1. How you approach your man to buy you flowers is very important

Most women think that if they are asking their men to buy them flowers, then what they need to do is to give a hint. If you ask your boyfriend why they do not buy flowers for you. Then the most usual answer from a female friend could be, she did not think of it and if you like them to buy flowers. Or else, they will just buy flowers for you.

However, a man would not respond in the same manner. They will probably wonder that you like to know why they do not buy flowers for you instead of just buying flowers for you. So, men are not that good at decoding the hints of women.

The situation could be worse if you ask your boyfriend to get flowers for you by saying if they loved you, they would buy you flowers. Now, your guy will take it as a complaint. This will make him think that he could not make you happy and takes it a reason for leaving a relationship.

So, these are the things that you have to understand why your boyfriend does not buy you a bouquet of flowers.

However, if you love flowers and you want your boyfriend to give you flowers, then you can do two things. First, you can drop a hint that you want them to buy you flowers. For this, you need to express your admiration for the flowers. Whenever you pass by a flower shop the next time, you have to tell them how those flowers will look into your lovely room. By seeing your love for flowers, they will turn up with flowers the very next day.

The second thing that you can do is to surprise yourself. Buy some flowers when your boyfriend is with you. If you do this more often, your man will understand what important flowers hold in your life. So, doing these things will surely awake some romantic vibes in your boyfriend.

Now, if your boyfriend does not buy you flowers, it is absolutely fine. This does not mean that they do not love you. Maybe they like to show their love and affection through other love languages. If you still want flowers from your boyfriend, asking them directly is the right choice. If they understand it, very good. However, if they do not, then buy flowers for yourself on your way back home and let go of the issue.