Why Do Many Brides Choose Orchids for Wedding Flowers?

There are a lot of flowers that brides choose for their wedding days, but orchids are one of the most chosen flowers for the wedding day by the brides. There are many reasons that justify this selection of orchids for wedding flowers. For example, the orchid flowers come in almost any color that you can think of, apart from this, they have the ability to last longer as compared to the other flower species. The beauty, freshness, odor, and easy to use and arrangement are some of the properties that also contribute to this choice as well.


Every bride wants her wedding flowers to look beautiful, synched with the wedding theme, and provide a refreshing look. That is why most females choose the orchids as they fulfill all of the requirements for a perfect wedding flower arrangement species. Not only this but in most parts of the world, especially in Singapore and neighboring Asia countries, a large number of orchid varieties are local. This makes these Orchid flowers an affordable choice as well because if these flowers were imported they would have cost a lot more as compared to the local flowers.


Below are a few reasons Why Do Many Brides Choose Orchids for Wedding Flowers?


Orchids are simple yet beautiful:

Orchids are one of the most simple and yet beautiful-looking flower species. There are a lot of orchids varieties that are perfect because they are simple. This simplicity factor is very important because simple flowers and simple flower arrangements cost less, and they also look more beautiful as compared to the complex and complicated flowers and flower arrangements. So, many brides, when they are choosing wedding flowers, they prefer choosing Orchids over other flower types.


Orchids flowers are all colors:

There are a lot of types of orchids for weddings. Each of these orchid types for wedding flowers has its own distinct color. Almost every color that you can imagine, is seen in some orchids species. This multi-color availability makes them a suitable choice for any color of wedding theme. So, for example, if your wedding theme requires white wedding day flowers, white-colored orchids can be used.

There are a lot of other colors available as well, such as red, pink, purple, white, cream color, yellow and even green color as well. This wide range of color availability also contributes to their popularity and their use in wedding flower arrangements and that is why many brides want them in their wedding flowers.


Orchids have a longer shelf life:

Flowers are very delicate and they can easily wilt within hours, so, if you choose a flower that wilts quickly that will destroy the look of your wedding theme as the flowers will start to wilt when their shelf life ends. The orchids on the other hand have a longer shelf life. Meaning that they can last longer as compared to the other flowers and they will remain fresh all day. This is something that attracts many birds to select these orchid flowers as her wedding flowers.


A huge variety of orchid species:

There are more than 20000 orchid species in the world, which means if a bride wants to have orchids in her wedding flowers. She will be able to choose from an exceptionally large variety of flowers that are available. This huge variety of orchids provides more options for the bride. So, many brides decide different varieties of Orchids combined at once in their marriages and some birds only choose a single species of orchids that has all the required properties. This is also something that contributes to the popularity of these flowers as a wedding flower choice by the brides.


Orchids have cultural and historical value:

In Asia countries, especially in Singapore, Orchids have a lot of cultural, historical, and heritage values. This means that not only these flowers are beautiful but they also have cultural importance in this region. The Orchid flowers have been used in weddings and other events for a long time. They were considered a symbol of happiness and joy in the past and this tradition of using these flowers in the wedding still continues to date. Many brides want these flowers in their wedding flower arrangements just because these flowers have cultural and historical value.


Works well with the most wedding themes:

As you already know that the Orchids come in all different colors, and there are a lot of different species of these flowers available for floral arrangements. These two factors contribute and make them work well with almost any kind of wedding theme. The multicolor availability of these orchid flowers makes them a perfect choice for any color of wedding theme. Apart from this, multiple species of these flowers provide the required variables for some wedding themes that need a different kind of look and a different kind of flowers.


Orchids are more affordable:

This is something that most attracts many brides. The orchid flowers are local flowers in the Singapore region. Meaning that they do not need to be imported from anywhere and they can be found locally. Due to their easy availability and being local flowers, they cost much less as compared to the exotic and imported flowers. Most brides look for a flower arrangement that is equally beautiful and exotic but costs much less as compared to the imported flowers, they tend to choose the Orchids as their wedding flowers.



There are a lot of options for brides to choose for their wedding flowers,  but most of the brides choose orchids. This is because of the unique and beautiful texture, multicolor availability, and low-cost affordability of these Orchid flowers. These traits of the Orchid flowers make them a perfect choice and that is why most brides in the Singapore regions select these Orchids as their wedding flowers. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of choosing the Orchids as wedding flowers that also play a major role in its selection as a wedding flower by every bride.