Why Most Women Hate Flowers Sent Anonymously?

Women Hate Flowers Sent Anonymously!

Although flowers are a very wonderful gift to have on a special day, receiving it from the anonymous sender may not be favored by many women. Anonymous flower delivery may add a sense of mystery and surprise if you have a hint of who the sender is. On the other hand, it can be creepy, too, especially if the flower gift is something not really impressive. There are times that a lovely and glamorous flower bouquet can be the worst gift for a woman if it is sent anonymously. Most women hate flowers sent anonymously. Why? Check out these possible reasons:

  • She is in a relationship and anonymous flowers may cause her trouble with her boyfriend or husband.

One reason why women hate anonymous flowers is that they do not want problems or questions asked by their boyfriend or husband. It will be inconsiderate of her to accept beautiful hand bouquet from someone other than her boyfriend. If you know she is already in a relationship and you still want to send her a flower bouquet, it is best to have a card signed with your heartfelt greetings. She will accept it with all gratitude knowing that your intention is to greet.

  • She hates guessing about who the sender is.

Another reason why women hate flowers from an anonymous sender is that she hates guessing who the real person behind the gift. Some women aren’t good at guessing and it can be confusing who to thank for. Accepting anonymous flowers is like a puzzle that she has to solve for the rest of her life.  They would rather put the flowers aside or throw them in the trash than to enjoy its beauty and elegance and keep thinking of who sent them. If you want the thrill of playing mystery with your gift of flowers, the florist suggests that you insert a note or a few lines that will give her a hint of who you are. The florists in Singapore can help you with the most appropriate flower arrangement depending on the occasion or celebration.

  • She does not want to misinterpret the gift.

Flowers are expressive of feelings, and with a lovely flower, it can be difficult to know whether it is meant for a romantic message or not. It can be misinterpreted into romantic messages, especially if the flowers are fabulously arranged and the sender is unknown. If you want to make her day brighter by sending her a gift of beautiful flowers, might as well have the card signed and let her know who you are rather than refuse the flower delivery or throw the bouquet in a trash bin.

  • She finds it sweeter if you will personally give her the bouquet.

Sending her anonymous flowers can be a sweet surprise but, for her, it is sweeter if you will send it signed and if you will give it personally to her on her special day. If you are nervous and shy to hand your flower gifts personally, that is just fine. Flowers have the power to express how you feel even without saying a word. Instead of sending anonymous flowers on her birthday or on special occasions and holidays, why not have the florist deliver the flowers with your name on the card message. She will definitely appreciate the gesture.

  • She does not like a mysterious gift.

Most women love the thrill involved in surprises. But when it comes to mysterious gifts, some women hate it. A flower gift anonymously sent to a woman will not always be accepted and appreciated because she thinks it is creepy and weird to have flowers from an anonymous person. Flowers for them are a special gift and should only be given by someone who is personally close to them. If you have plans of sending anonymous flowers to play mysterious, make sure that the recipient is positive about this idea.

When you choose to send a woman anonymous flowers, there are certain things worth considering so that the beautiful flower bouquet will not end up in the trash can. According to the florist, you should be careful and mindful of the present relationship status of the woman you are sending flowers to. It might cause her real trouble with her boyfriend. If she is single and open to entertaining suitors, you should know if it is fine with her to accept a hand bouquet from a disguised person. Be sure of it that she will be thrilled with the beautiful bouquet and not refuse it before you have one delivered through the florist. In addition, if you don’t want to be misinterpreted, choose appropriate flowers to send. Red Roses and Tulips are among the romantic flowers, and when you send a bouquet of these flowers, you are automatically conveying your romantic feelings for her.

The florists in Singapore offer a wide range of flower bouquets and special flower arrangements appropriate for anonymous flower gifting. The bouquets can be a great gift that can brighten up someone’s day. It can be exciting to receive one from anonymous sender but it can be creepy as well. It may have its pros and cons but if you think the woman does not approve the idea, it may be best to let her know why you are sending one by writing a note and inserting it in the bouquet. Women love flowers as gifts but they might hate it if the sender chooses to hide his identity and intention.