Why REAL Men Do Buy Women Flowers?

There is certainly an unexplainable charm in flowers that gives them the appeal that they hold for almost all the age groups and genders. Flowers have been known to have historically symbolized life, fragility or delicateness, and beauty. They are a part of almost all special occasions throughout our lives.

Women, love, and flowers

The bond of love that ties the two genders together finds expression through flowers in so many ways, like on weddings, engagements, or dates. It’s been a general practice of men offering flowers to women where a beautiful bouquet can magically turn any moment into a romantic one. Be it seeking approval, wooing a lover, sending good wishes, or expressing apologies, flowers surely go a long way in being a perfect company to all such moments.

It is very hard to think of any woman who doesn’t like flowers. There has always been a special connection between women and flowers as can be seen from all sorts of representations. Flowers are very closely associated with femininity in different forms and this fact is something that men use to the best of their advantage. Either you put the roses or jasmine in their hair or just get them a bouquet, these little gestures sure make the day of any woman.

Reasons why a man must buy flowers for the woman

Women have generally been represented as delicate beauties in art as well as literature. The poets have written in lengths about the feminine beings and compared their beauty and fragility with the flowers that bloom in spring. It is the acknowledgment of this comparison that men offer flowers to the women. It is a sweet acceptance of the woman as to how they are and nothing can be more satisfying than being accepted as what you are.

Now, let’s try to understand the reasons behind the offering of flowers made by REAL men to women as there can be many.

  • Let’s begin with a very obvious reason. Men do give flowers to the women because they love receiving them; so it’s like a two-way process that is facilitated with the exchange. This signifies that you care about the natural emotions of the women in general and take care of the same for your woman. It is like you must buy flowers for your woman because you should. It might be sounding compulsive but nothing can be better than this simple act of giving.
  • Another very general reason is that giving flowers signify the special treatment that you want to give to the woman. Be it your mother, sister, or lover, if they receive flowers from you as a surprise, they surely are going to feel immense joy and pride as they would feel your emotions coming to them with those flowers and it is a very comforting moment.
  • Flowers generally instill a sensation of calm and happiness when looked upon. If you send flowers as a surprise to your woman in a busy hour, you probably cannot imagine the relief and comfort they would cause to her beside the gleaming happiness on her face. In just a moment, you will be able to feel her happy, peaceful, loved, alive, and what not in the plethora of happy emotions.
  • Every flower holds a special meaning and a man can take a lot of advantages out of this fact. Picking up the right flower will make it an extraordinary gift for any occasion. A bonus would be to insert a sweet message in the bouquet and you are all set to leave a mark!
  • Keeping the romance alive is imperative for a healthy relationship that lasts for long. Any man who wants to keep that one woman in her life always will not hesitate to go that extra mile and even perform the so-called clichés. Flowers are a cliché for a reason because they have proved to be the right gift in every way. No matter what event you plant for her, make sure to add flowers.
  • If you want to add the element of excitement and surprise to your love life, make flowers your best friend. Unpredictable romance is very much a ladies thing and an aware man while never let go of the opportunity. Making up for fights becomes even simpler with flowers as it can really deepen the impact of your apologies.
  • It is a very general fact that men are usually bad at conveying their feelings. Now without going into the reasons for it, let us emphasize the men who want to grow despite that inability and flowers do come to the rescue in such situations. Nothing remains too complicated if you want to do it and flowers facilitate communication without words. Combine it with some music and wait for everything to turn just right.
  • On some days, any reason wouldn’t be needed to make the special women of your life feel happy. Real men can take to surprise their women with random gifts and nothing can beat the option of flowers. If you really want to leave your lover thinking about you all day, then send a nice big bouquet to her workplace or home. She wouldn’t be able to avoid your thought every time she will look at the flowers.

No matter the dimensions in which time and beliefs change, flowers would surely always be the most loved cliché offering to swear by. These little surprises have the magic to turn any gloomy woman into a smiling one. Any man who genuinely cares about the woman in his life would never fail to make the best of this little effort. We are not saying that you can pacify any conflict or situation with them, but it ultimately boils down to the emotional bond that a man and woman share and flowers can make up to be the perfect pawns for the assertion of that bond.

Now if you are a real man and you strive to make your woman feel loved and held, make it simple with a big bouquet and may be add chocolates for some brownie points.