Women Sending Men Flowers: Kind of Weird or Sweet?

According to traditions that date ages ago, we have been taught that flowers are meant for girls and ladies. However, times are now changing. Today, there are no reasons why you cannot gift flowers to the men in your life like your boyfriend, father, brother, etc. The game has changed!

If men receive flowers, it is definitely not unmanly. Men also love receiving them as gifts, since the whole experience also makes them feel special; for instance, men receiving a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day. Or a lovely vase of orchids is left behind in his desk with a loving note.


Why was it not okay to send flowers to men in the past?

In the earlier days, flowers were known to have a feminine allure because they are extravagantly colorful, have a very sweet aroma, and a soft touch.

However, the thought process of the people changed; often we will see men opting for a mud bath or facial and getting a body massage. Over a span of time, men started displaying their acceptance and comfort towards floral arrangements and flower bouquets.


Why should you gift flowers to men?

Flowers are a pocket-friendly way of expressing emotions and bestowing your love. Hence, there is no reason why flowers should only be given to women by men. As all men gift flowers to show their earnest emotions and love towards their loved ones to make them smile and have a good day, the same can be done for men too. The only difference here is the thought. Hence, you can surprise the special men in your life with a flower, be it your lover, best friend, brother, or father.


Do men like receiving flowers as gifts?

This is a question that is asked by a lot of women around the world. The answer is Yes! Men love receiving flowers, similar to any other type of gift. If you are not certain how you should pair the flowers up, here are some ideas that will work well:

  • New outfit for the gym
  • A new book by his favorite author
  • His favorite beer or wine
  • Gift vouchers
  • Fragrances
  • Snack hampers
  • Mobile phone and/or computer accessories

What types of flowers are right for which occasions?

When you are handing a flower to a man, it is the same as when a man is gifting you a flower. Flowers are a great way to let the other person know how important his/her presence is in your life or convey all your feelings. Whatever be the occasion, there is always a type of bloom that will convey your thoughts, as long as you are able to choose the right type and color of the flower. Here are some tips regarding the flowers:

  1. Red roses for love

The classiest symbolism for love is a red rose. It is the right flower when you want to show your husband, boyfriend, or date that you love that person. Of course, a bouquet is the best option, especially if you already have been in a steady relationship or celebrating your anniversary. You can opt for a vase or boxed flower arrangement as well for a romantic evening.

  • Pink roses for affection and admiration

Of course, you will find all types of colorful roses. While red signifies love, pink, you can gift pink roses to your man to convey your affection or admiration. You can also share a bouquet of pink roses with the one with whom you share a platonic or mutual affection. Pink roses can be given to the men in your life who play important roles like colleagues, school/university mentors, best friends, family members, etc.

  • Lilies or yellow roses for joy and friendship

Sunny and brightly-colored flowers like lilies and yellow roses signify friendship and gift it to your work colleague or best friend. These flowers can be used for wishing them on important days like birthdays or their anniversaries or to congratulate them. Yellow is considered the color of positivity, and the man to whom you are gifting the flower on events like:

  • Graduations: You only earn a degree through persistence and effort. You can send an arrangement of yellow and purple flowers.
  • Promotions: If the man has worked hard and earned a promotion, you can gift him a bouquet of gerberas and chrysanthemums to convey your congratulations.
  • Sporting victories: When the team where your male friend or brother is playing in wins the game, you can gift that person a bouquet of yellow roses to congratulate him.
  • White flowers for saying sorry

If you want to apologize to your boyfriend, brother, father, or friend, you can gift that person an arrangement of white flowers to say sorry. Alternatively, you can also hand these flowers to him if that person is going through a rough time. White flowers signify condolences, sympathies, and apologies. Some white flowers you can send in the form of bouquet include gerberas, orchids, lilies, and white roses.

From the above, we all understand that your bouquet or floral arrangement is in the color and type of flower, not the gender of the person who is on the receiving end.


On what occasions should you send flowers to men?

There is no specific time that you need to follow. Flowers can be gifted on any occasion like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, for apologizing, for achieving something, birthdays, and anniversaries. Or else, you can simply send him a flower bouquet if you are missing him.

You can send in a sweet bouquet of flowers, along with an equally-sweet note written or send in a surprise floral arrangement to him to his home, depending on what he likes.

Final thoughts

From the above, we come to know that men just as much enjoy receiving flowers from women as it is the case vice versa. Hence, you can easily gift your favorite man/men in your life a floral arrangement. It is absolutely not weird at all to gift flowers to men. So, you can simply go ahead and do it!

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