18 Romantic Gift Ideas for her on Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you have no idea what to get her on this special day. Girl’s can sometimes be confusing and are often secretive about what they actually like and shopping for them can put quite the pressure, especially if it is your first time buying a gift for her.

The first thing that would probably come to your mind is a box of chocolates or a Valentine’s Day Flowers. These are the most common gifts you can give her on this special heart day, but you can always spice things up a bit and make it more special by ordering online or searching for something that say’s more than “I love you.”

Here are 18 romantic gift ideas for this valentine’s day:

  1. A customized flower arrangement – A customized one is better than a pre-designed one because it would show you took time to pick out the flowers to be placed in the arrangement.
  2. Fruit Basket – If she is not the type to like chocolates or is allergic to flowers, you can always have a fruit basket delivered to her doorstep. This is not only a healthy alternative but it is also a very good idea to give as most flower delivery in Singapore make it special and fancy looking when you order.
  3. Hand Written Letter with a Hand Bouquet – Show your effort by presenting her with a hand-written letter that will express how you feel coupled with a hand bouquet that you can definitely order through a florist online.
  4. Hamper Delivery – Go all out and not worry about what to give her with a hamper delivery of everything romantic thing you can think of like a beautiful flower arrangement, a box of chocolate a bear and other things you want.
  5. Favorite Book – Make her happy with a copy of her favorite book and she will definitely think that you pay attention to what she likes and wants.
  6. Customized Scrapbook – Customize a scrapbook dedicated to the time you have spent with her or little things you like about her and place it in one whole book that she can flip through whenever she feels down or when she misses you.
  7. A puppy or Kitten – Girl’s love cute things, so giving them a puppy or a kitten not only makes them happy because they are cute, but it also makes them think that you are responsible and somehow you are ready to take care of a living thing with her. These shows want to have a family or a commitment to something you both want.
  8. Customized Necklace- You can customize a necklace to have her name spelled out or a word that has meaning to both of you. Necklaces are a trend right now so buying one won’t be so hard anymore and they can easily be found online. Pair it with flowers from an online florist and make her the happiest on that special day.
  9. Customized Bracelet– Just like necklaces, bracelets are a trend right now other than flowers, and this is because they are wearable and can last longer so it can show commitment or a promise of your love.
  10. A home cooked meal – A candlelight dinner date can be one of the most romantic things you can give to her, especially if you cook it yourself. This show’s effort and they want to make her feel wanted and pampered as you share a night in the privacy of your own home. This gives off the feeling of safety and wants to be together.
  11. Coupon for a Spa or Massage – Give her a day to pamper herself and just relax by giving her a coupon for a spa treatment or massage to ease off her stress and make her feel relaxed. This is definitely a good gift idea for someone who usually has a stressful job or has to work long hours or even studies through the night like law or medical students wherein they usually forget to take care of themselves.
  12. Movie Night – A night watching movies is definitely a treat especially if you don’t get to spend much time together.
  13. Same day flower delivery – Surprise her by a same day flower delivery on valentine’s day. This type of surprise will not fail you because you don’t have to worry about hiding the flowers from her before giving it to her because it will be delivered right when she won’t expect it.
  14. Travel to somewhere – A trip to a new place will definitely set a good mood and an exciting day.
  15. A book of self-written poems – If you are artistic and like writing, a book of self-written poems will definitely get her heart fluttering with the effort and the beauty of it all.
  16. Concert Ticket – Take her to a concert she has been dying to see or a band that you both share and like that would stir happy memories of your time together.
  17. Stuffed Toy – Something stuffed and cuddly would make her feel soft inside and she would have something to sleep with at night that reminds her of you.
  18. Music Box – A music box is not one of the most conventional gifts, but this is something that someone who likes music or things that are antique would love to have.