5 Practical and Easy Tricks to Keep Pets Away From Plants

Our pets can actually constitute a nuisance, specifically when they jumble everywhere up. At some point, we all must have had a horrible experience, seeing our lovely pets destroy our vegetation and dig into the garden soil just because they were curious. This does not always have to be the scenario. Plants and animals can peacefully co-exist with some tips and tricks we have for you and you do not have to make any critical decision of choosing between your plants and pet. Here are some tips recommended by the expert Florist. Apply the following methods:

  1. Make the plants unreachable:
  • You can achieve this feat by placing the plants on tall jardinières. This would be very helpful if your pet is not big. If your pet is bigger, it may be able to manoeuvre and gain access to the plants.
  • Another good way to keep plants out of reach is by putting them at remote places such as considerably tall shelves, hanging baskets that are mounted from the ceiling, high window sills, etc. You can relate to your pet more than anyone else, so you know the exact location that is unreachable.
  • Arrange your flowers wisely. Anyone with a high-spirited hound will know how he or she can easily get overexcited. If it is problematic for you to domesticate them, and you think they might effortlessly brush your plants over, find a better niche for your plants.
  • Construct a glass garden and keep your plants inside the secure glass containers.
  • Move the plants to a cabin that your pet is restricted from. Do not forget you need to shut the door, because pets may be disobedient at times.

  1. Design the plants to be grotesque to your pet:
  • Are you suicidal about your cat munching your plant leaves? Sprinkle some Capsicum frutescens or what you know as cayenne pepper in your plants. You can use it in the powder form or combine it with water. Cats really despise this whiff. You can use the peels of oranges plus lemon and dump inside the plant pot. This is a milder remedy.
  • Combine coffee dregs with orange peels and put around the plants and your pet will not urinate on your plants anymore. This mix also plays an important role in fertilizing the plant.
  • Purchase cat and dog repellents online, from your local pet store, or nurseries. Routinely spray to stop your pets. An example of a good pet repellent is “bitter apple”.
  • Place mothballs randomly in your orchard and garden plot to keep cats, dogs, and rodents away.
  • Try sprinkling pine cones at the base of your garden plants or potted cacti.
  • Some animals cannot stand the scent of vinegar even after it has dried. Soak several rags in white vinegar and place them on stakes around your plants. Resoak the rags after every week.
  • Animals love to dig the soil or even use the soil around your plants as latrine. Put large stones on the overlying soil to prevent this.
  • Grow plants such as rosemary, Coleus Canina, and Rue. Cats are averse to these plants, not because they are toxic, but because of the smell which they consider really offensive. Take note of the fact that none of these methods is a sure-fire.

  1. Pick pet-friendly plants:

This may look futile, but think of having plants that can serve as a source of entertainment to your pet, and therefore help in keeping it from other plants, while also being good for your pet’s health.

  • Many cats find catnip addictive. When cats chew on the leaves of this plant or break their stems, it releases an odour that they find really stimulating and addictive. Mint and cat grass are likewise great options.
  • Look around for flower hand bouquet that includes orchids, Gerbera daisies, or roses. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colours, and present many options for decorating your home.
  • Eradicate plants that are toxic to your pets. Common houseplants that are toxic to cats and dogs include: Aloe, lily, hyacinth, poinsettia, shamrock, etc. Do not let your pets to take in any part of them.

  1. You can train your pets to stay away from the plants:
  • Condemn them for bad behaviour: When training your pets to keep away from your plants, you first need to let them know that there are unacceptable behaviours. You can shout “No!” when they go near your plant. You can also spray some water on them and decide not to indulge them.
  • Reward good behaviour: Persuade your pet to stay away from your floras by giving them their most wanted food or patting them.
  • Be unswerving: Constantly repeating the processes above will make this method more successful. You need to be tolerant with your pet. It can be frustrating and tiring, but if you are patient, the result is often rewarding.
  1. Put up barriers to digging: Cats and dogs tend to dig holes in the garden. Putting up mechanical barriers will drive them elsewhere.
  • Lay a galvanized wire network across the top of your flower beds and cover with a thin layer of mulch
  • You could also use a wooden lattice.