All About Statice / Limonium – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

Limonium History

Limonium, which has the botanical name of Limonium Bellidfolium, is commonly known as Misty or Statice. The name was derived from a Greek word, leimon, which translates to a meadow. This is because it can usually be found in meadows. There is not much history that was recorded about the flower as it became somewhat common and researches had a hard time pinpointing where the bloom actually first grew.


It is known as a flower that has soft and feather-like plumes of baby blue flowers and lilac and are more often used as dried flowers for dried floral arrangements such as wreaths. It is also known for its very distinct fragrance that is described as musky. Although these flowers are not considered to have an appealing scent, they are still considered very beautiful and are good to decorate around the house or an event. It is suggested, however, that you place them in confined places to make sure the scent doesn’t bother those who do not like it.


Meaning of Sending Statice

Limonium, also known as sea lavender or statice has a genus of about 120 species. It comes in many various colors and is known as a low-maintenance plant. The name ‘sea lavender’ came from the observation that such a flower grows near the sea. There is a lot of meaning behind these beautiful and vibrant flowers, which do not differ based on its color like some flowers. The flower is known to mean or symbolize, remembrance, beauty and sympathy. Although they are not considered flowers to use as the main arrangement for a bouquet because of their small and cluster-like design. It makes for the best foliage or second flower on your floral arrangements.


Interesting Facts of Limonium

If you are interested in the sea lavender or are planning to buy or plant one, here are some facts you need to keep in mind to know more about the plant:

They are known to be one of the best everlasting flowers, even when you dry them out.

They retain most of their color, unlike some flowers, when you dry them out.

They are actually very valuable when you sell them as cut flowers or even dried flowers.

Like most flowers and plants, the Limonium is used in herbal remedies. It can help with diarrhea, gleet, chronic dysentery, pulmonary hemorrhage, bronchorrhea, leucorrhoea and even chronic laryngitis.

It can be found in different colors such as pink, yellow, white, blue and purple.

It can grow up to 90 cm or 3 ft in height.

It can be annual, perennial or shrubs.

They are known to have leafless, but winged stems.

They have inflorescence branches that come in the color of green.

They are known by many different names such as Sea Lavender, Statice, Marsh-rosemary, or misty.

They are low-maintenance plants that bloom in during the seasons of spring or summer.


How to Care For Statice

 If you are interested in growing these plants and are a beginner at gardening, you would find why this plant is a favorite by florists. They are considered low-maintenance plants and you can easily grow them even with no background in planting and growing them. There are, however, tips and plant care to make sure that your Limonium would thrive and grow into beautiful flowers. You can ask a close friend who owns a garden or even a florist to know more about taking care of plants, but to take care of Limonium, make sure to keep these care tips in mind:


These flowers need full sun. Make sure to plant them where the sun will hit them directly every day.

The soil in which you plant them in should be well-drained. It is known to grow best in sandy soils.

It doesn’t need much water. This is why it is considered as a low-maintenance plant as you do not have to water them every day.

You would know when to harvest them as their flowers would just begin to open.

They can be sold in many ways, cut flowers or dried. If you are planning to dry them, make sure that upon harvesting, you should place them upside down in a dark, open and airy location.

They usually grow back and can offer a yield of harvests if taken and grown properly.

It is known to grow up to 18 inches when taken care of.


Gardening is always a fun hobby, especially if you are really fond of taking care of things. To begin with it, you should start with low maintenance plants like Limonium to start with. This is so you can slowly and easily learn the craft and level up with the plants you grow as desired. When growing Limonium, you should note that you should be prepared to not get a harvest the first year. This is because it takes time for the plant to settle and get rooted.

They are sold most often as dried flowers, so make sure you know how to dry them properly to avoid them from dying or wilting easily. Maintaining a garden takes a lot of time and knowledge, especially with regards to the flowers you are growing. Ask around or do your research, even low-maintenance plants could die and wilt if not taken properly or if rejected. You also need a lot of patience with regard to waiting for them to grow.