All About Cockscomb – History, Meaning, Facts, Care & More

The history of Cockscomb where it first originated is still unknown. However, it was believed that the geographical origins of this flower first emerged in the dry slopes of Africa, Asia, and North and South America specifically in the dry and rocky regions. This flower is also known as Wool Flowers or Brain Celosia because its appearance looked like a colored brain. And its name suggests that of a rooster’s comb. It is part of the Amaranthaceae family. Its head can grow as big as 5 inches and its stems are 28 inches in height. It blooms from late summer to late fall.

Interesting Facts About Cockscomb

Cockscomb is also known as Celosia. It came from the Greek word “kelos” which means burned because of its bright colored petals. You can find 60 species of Celosia growing around the world and they can be either an annual or perennial growing flower. The twisted floral head of a crested type of Cockscomb continues to grow bigger especially during its blooming season and its foliage have a colorful appearance. Since Cockscomb has long stiff stems, it is perfect for fresh and dried flowers in case you want to preserve them after they wilt. They can live as long as 15 days inside a vase if you just take care of them properly. There are different varieties of colors of Cockscomb from yellow, red, pink, and as well as gold. However, if you are looking for fragrant flowers, Cockscomb is not the one for you because it does not exude any smell which can also be perfect for some people who are hypoallergenic.

How to Grow Cockscomb

  1. Make sure to plant the seedlings of your Cockscomb at least 8 inches apart from each other so that there will be more space when it will grow bigger.

  1. Choose an area where the soil is moist and well-drained. Cockscomb flowers like it when their soil is moist. So make sure to pick an area in your garden where the Cockscomb can thrive. It is easy to know if the soil is well-drained. Just dig a hole at least 300 cm deep on that particular area and fill it with water. You will know if it is suitable for your Cockscomb if the water easily drains ideally in 10 minutes. If not, then you have to pick another area.

  1. Avoid putting too much water on your Cockscomb. They thrive best in hot and moderately dry conditions. Keeping them moderately dry will prevent them from getting any fungal diseases.

  1. If you are planting in a region where there is winter, make sure to plant the seeds of the Cockscomb indoors at least 6 to 8 week before the last frost then you can transfer them outdoors at least 8 inches apart.

  1. Put fertilizers on your Cockscomb at least every 4 weeks or as needed. They actually benefit from fertilizing. You can buy your fertilizers from your trusted flower shop.

How to Take Care of Cockscomb

  1. One convenient thing about growing your own Cockscomb at home is that they are easy to grow and maintain. They can survive either in indoor lights or natural light from the outdoors.

  1. You need to allocate at least 8 inches apart when you are planting them at home depending on the type of Cockscomb because some varieties can grow bigger than others.

  1. Once in a while or as needed, apply mulch over the surface of the soil. Cockscomb thrives best when you put mulch on the soil. The benefits of applying mulch include the conservation of the moisture of the soil, as well as improving the fertility of the soil. A mulch is usually organic. You can buy them at your local florist.

  1. Spray a dilute solution of fertilizer on the foliage of your Cockscomb. In that way, you can actually help them improve their energy level, especially during hot weather conditions. You can DIY a dilute solution of fertilizer or you can buy one at your local garden center.

Flamingo Cockscomb

Flamingo Cockscomb is a variety of Cockscomb or Celosia spicata. It is also known as flamingo feather because it literally looks like a flamingo feather. This type of Cockscomb is easy to grow and maintain as long as you put them in well-drained soil and expose them at least 5 hours of sunlight a day. This is perfect for someone who wants something a little different and that will truly captivate the eyes of their neighbors because of its eye-catching colorful petals.

Growing your own Flamingo Cockscomb

Typically, this type of Cockscomb is an annual plant which means it only grows in a particular season. You have to be careful in choosing the season of the planting of this flower because it doesn’t survive in cold weather conditions.

When it comes to taking care of this flower, they are easy to maintain. You just need to water them regularly but not too much. They can also tolerate the drought but you still have to make sure that its soil is moist but do not clog it with water. You can also apply fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks or as needed. If there are pests going around your Cockscomb, you may want to spray insecticidal soap on them.