The most exciting part many rose lovers and florist find about the green rose is its uniqueness in that, it does not have petals like other roses. It only has green sepals or leaves. This means the rose is sterile, and that human effort such as grafting or stem cutting is needed to aid its continuity. As such, green roses may not appear like your typical rose. However, they are a sight to behold.

Green roses exist in nature, though relatively rare when compared to other colours such as red, pink, or white roses. Having learned that the meaning of colour reflects on the corresponding rose colour, it stands true that green as a colour, represents life, plentiful growth, and a constant cycle of life and natural energy. In other words, it embodies fertility and opulence. So is the most important meaning of the green rose.

Significant history of green roses

In the 17th century, around 1856, it was said that a U.K firm put up a special green rose for sale. Less than a century later green roses began to be seen growing in nature. However, it was not up until the 19th century that they began to be appreciated in England and other parts of the world. Since then, more and more people have sought to express themselves in the meaning of these remarkable blooms. The green rose is officially called “rosa chinensis viridiflora”, and oftentimes termed China rose.

The meanings of green roses

Green roses have a lot to offer in terms of meaning. Below are the major meanings this wonderful piece of science and art carries:

  • Fertility: This is the foremost meaning of the green rose blooms. It is a symbol of the richness of the earth. Imagine how fertile grasses and vegetation could be. Green roses have this spring tide freshness and the joy of the rainy season. Ironically, even though this flower itself is not fertile, it still holds the value of enriching the mind of people and creating an environment that breeds fruitfulness and productivity of relationships, businesses, and ventures. If you are talking about a season of plenty or bounty, you can as well say so with green roses.
  • Life and cheerfulness: Green is the colour of life. Green roses signify the youthful renewal of the soul. For life to remain fruitful, evolution has to occur after some time in order to adapt to changes over time. So, with green roses, both the spirit and the mind is renewed. At the turn of the year, green roses are given to indicate best wishes for the New Year. This means that green roses are also used to celebrate new beginnings because it is a messenger of good tidings.
  • Self-respect and well-being: With proper nourishment, everything thrives. The green rose tries to reveal the state of wellbeing during the season of plenty. As a result, this meaning is a consequent of that of fertility. The green rose does not boast or try to get the attention of someone. It rather maintains its position as the natural colour for vegetation. It is of little wonder that Christmas trees are still green, despite the promises of radiant energy from other brighter colours. This unique rose just has a way of bringing stability and balance to the whole mix.
  • Peace: Green is a peaceful colour. The green rose transmits a feeling of calmness and stability of the mind. You wouldn’t find the high intensity of feelings of love associated with brighter rose colours, but you will find a positive overtone that will remain with you for a long time. You can even surprise a friend, relative, or associate with a green rose. When given to a love interest, it does not have an overtone of love, but it is good for a start if you are very shy.
  • Jealousy: Green has been associated with envy and jealousy right from time. These are feelings of resentment towards someone because of some underlying insecurities that may exist. While a little jealousy in relationships is essential to remind a partner his or her importance, it is really not a good emotion to be expressed. There are very few occasions where green rose hand bouquets have been used this way.

Green rose blooms are rich in meaning and significance. Green roses are perfect for wishing a pregnant woman a safe delivery as a sign of fertility. They are also perfect for someone who is taking a new step in life. Get well soon messages are also ideally accompanied with these elegant blooms. Anywhere the dress code is green, a green rose will always be an ideal choice. At such, Christmas, Easter, weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries all provide options to rocks green roses.

You can hardly go wrong with green roses because of the nature of meaning that they convey. Celebrates successes and victories in life with freshly picked or skilfully crafted green roses. Enrich your homes, offices, and garden with these homely blooms. Create a special feeling with someone today, and make green roses, a part of something worth celebrating.

Abundance, plenty, and the goodness of life have been appreciated better because of the smart innovation of the green roses. They can even be mixed with other colours of roses in a mixed bouquet for aesthetics as well as meaning.