The Meaning of Purple Roses


Roses have defined the purpose of man in several ways. Each of the colours of this phenomenon stands for a set of meanings. It is common knowledge that the red rose means love. Red and pink roses are far more common than the other colours, but there is a very rare and special breed of rose that has swept people off their feet. It is the purple rose!

Unlike the blue roses that do not exist naturally, the purple rose actually exist. A variety of naturally occurring rose species can be crossed to give the purple rose. Even within the purple coloured roses, meanings vary according to the shade or tone that is shown. Most of the times, the shades of purple are in tones of pastel.

This article will explain the meanings of the purple rose in context of history, culture, shade, number, and significance. The understanding of the meanings will guide you in making many crucial decisions.

Historical significance of purple roses

It is believed that purple roses were discovered in the late 19th century, around the 1880s. At that time, the Dutch were the chief breeders. European grown breeds were crossed with Chinese breeds. Some names of the most popular of these dark purple roses include: Burgundy Iceberg, Ebb Tide, Midnight Blue, and Night Owl. In the course of history, the purple rose has been referred to as the “mystic rose”.

The meanings the Dark purple rose carries

This flower has over time, become a favourite among flower delivery for people in showing their emotions. The intensities of the meanings they carry are described below:

  • Enchantment: This is the primary meaning of the flower. For the person giving the purple rose, he or she seeks to explain feelings of affection to someone. This is especially done at the first time you see the person. Here, the message that the purple rose is passing across is that the recipient of the flower is perceived as irresistible, and has a certain magnetic field that draws in the giver of the flower.
  • Ephemeralness: This is a meaning that is implied from the magical effect of the flower. Just as quickly as the magic hits the observer, it may also vanish into thin air in the same way, without any note of warning or notification. This is more closely associated with the lighter shade though.
  • Majesty, glory, and Splendour: Of course since dark purple is a royal colour, it only makes sense that a rose of that colour carries a meaning associated with royalty. Use these flowers as an arrangement to create an aura of majesty wherever you find yourself. The quality of the scenery produced means that whatever that you do, should be done at the highest quality.
  • Dignity: Purple roses are a dignified set of flowers. Many people have leveraged on the power of the purple roses to influence people’s perspectives of them. Use these roses with pride, because they were made to excel and preside over many situations. Go with dark purple roses to set a standard for others to follow every time.
  • Deep rooted love: The dark purple rose shows a love that has come to stay. It expresses a love where its roots grow so deep into the soil, that no force can uproot it. If you want to say “I love you forever” in a special way, to a special person, the purple rose should definitely be your top choice. The depth of the colour gives an idea of the depth of the relationship. For very intimate relationships, purple roses are a common feature. Couples celebrating wedding anniversaries over the 25th year, make use of purple rose bouquets very commonly.
  • Style: For a flower with so much sophistication, it goes without saying that style is an essential, and implied meaning of the dark purple rose. The sophisticated arrangement of the petals, creates some lighting effects that are not seen in other flowers. The quality that comes out of this is second to none.

If these dark purple roses are white tipped, it brings out a whole new meaning of its own, indicating mystery that brings joy, while also indicating a supply of demand.

When given in specific numbers, dark purple roses have a lot to say. For example, a single purple rose means you love the simplicity of the person you are giving it to. If its two purple roses intertwined, it signifies a coming together that suggest engagement. A hand bouquet of this unique rose expresses gratitude and appreciation, alongside the other intrinsic meanings they have.

Purple roses also have ornamental uses. Many people have used them to create a special feel in their gardens, and to also complement other floral arrangements in their home. The implication of this is that they enrich the aesthetic appeal of the environment to people.

Purple roses are appropriate to exchange on any occasion. But the most important of these would definitely been on Wedding anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

With proper understanding of the arsenal of the dark purple roses, they should be at the top of your list of favourite flowers to use. They both provide fun and enrich you with the necessary knowledge to fulfil your dreams. They remind us that love is the strongest force of nature and that it is necessary to share this love with everyone.