The Meaning of Lavender Roses

Roses have been the ultimate emblem of expressing love at its deepest level, between individuals. Roses come in a variety of colours. A very rare colour of these lovelies is the lavender colour.

Lavender is a very pale or light colour of purple that has often been confused with lilac on many occasions. The colour represents mature femininity, grace, elegance, and sophistication. The lavender rose out rightly enchants anyone that beholds it. Coupled with the lavender rose’s rarity, it has become a great alternative for many occasions and is commonly used by professional florist worldwide.

There are many traditional meanings that are associated with lavender roses. These meanings are distinct, just like other coloured roses, and these meanings have developed over the years.


Lavender roses are far from just being a modern trend. They have a rich history of standing out and excelling amongst other flowers and being used by people on different occasions. Their importance dates back to centuries ago, where they were commonly used in the old age gardens. Nowadays, the more modern hybrids; miniature roses and the enormous single-stemmed roses are used.

The Meanings of Lavender Roses

  • Enchantment: As aforementioned, the lavender rose is a symbol of enchantment, allure, magic; an object of fascination. It shows a subject of love interest and has been used to show love at first sight. People have used it to confer the meaning of a burning love that they have no control of. Many people have used this precious flower to express their romantic fantasies, intentions, and desires with someone. If the bristles or thorns are removed, it shows that love was experienced at first sight. This means that if you have a crush or you are a secret admirer of someone, you now know what to do.
  • Caution, modesty and discretion: This is associated with the intrinsic nature of the colour. In the time past, Roman Catholic priests wore the colour during lent. Lent is a solemn and fervent religious observation for a period of about 6 weeks. It is sober and a time to bring the body under control. Thus a Lavender rose can be used in this setting to pass across this message. Here, all forms of pleasure or vanities are forsaken, and these lavender roses are useful for reflection during this period. If you are seeking to encourage spiritual thinking and creativity, you should consider this.
  • Opulence and Royalty: Since it is closely associated with the colour purple, it is also used to signify royalty. It suggests a grand majesty full of glory and splendour. You can have lavender roses as a great option for being a centerpiece on important occasions. Even attires decorated with lavender roses in their different forms have been shown to be extremely attention-grabbing. At your place of work, a hand bouquet of lavender roses placed on the desk can command an air of superiority.

  • Mystery: As it is difficult to obtain naturally, the lavender rose poses an esoteric phenomenon, which is also closely associated with the blue rose. It creates an aura of mystery, where you imagine the impossible, the unattainable, and all the wonders and magic. Colours are a tool of description of certain behavioural patterns or personalities. Here, the lavender colour is about mystery and intuition. There is this thing about the mystery that seems to draw people in. This encourages creativity. People would go the extra mile to seek answers to things that they do not understand. Naturally, blue roses do not occur, so these lavender roses are widely regarded as the closest to the mystery of the blue blooms.
  • Sincere love and appreciation: This is an undeniable fact because the appeal of the lavender rose is irresistible and just serves to show how sincere your love for someone is. If you are looking to make a perpetual impression on your loved one’s heart, this is definitely the right choice for you. People have used this flower to say Thank you to a spouse, family member, or even friend.

Varieties: The lavender rose has several varieties. These range from the very old garden selections to the more contemporary Lavender rose hybrids. Among the species are the mini rose bushes, the large single blossom flowers. It has been said that the “Sterling Silver” hybrid tea rose was the first lavender rose to gain much popularity because of its rich blend of silver and purple.

The “Blue Moon” is one very popular commercial type of lavender rose that grows up to about 4.5 feet tall. They are very famous for their double-blooming petals and their sweet fragrance. This is a recommended variety for your garden. The “Angel Face” happens to be extremely resistant to many of the diseases that affect flowers. They have a fruity smell. Consider the “Barbra Streisand” if you need your lavender roses to bloom time and time again throughout late spring, projecting into the early part of summer months.

Seeing the riches in symbolism that the Lavender rose possesses, it is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to send just the right message that comes from your heart. This flower should be a top choice for anyone. Giving and receiving a bouquet of Lavender roses or a single one filled with love will create an experience that will last in your heart forever. Leverage on the powers of the Lavender rose to make your dreams come true today.