Tips for Buying Get Well Soon Flowers

There are a lot of things in this world that are out of our control as human beings. Getting sick or being involved in accidents is one of them. It is only natural to want to show love and care to our loved ones with get well soon flower bouquet or regular visits if they are confined to the bed or if the ailment has restricted their daily activities. Giving your loved ones get well soon hampers reassures them of your love and your wish for speedy recovery.

Now, in a case where they are really far away from you and dispatching a get-well-soon hamper would take forever, what do you do? You have to go the most conventional and reliable way of sending a bundle of wonderful blossoms, and maybe fruits or other treats to brighten up the otherwise dull, and sullen atmosphere around them. Consider the subsequent factors when choosing get-well-soon bouquets:

  • Colour of the flower: Starting with the most obvious, the main aim of sending flowers is to brighten up the person’s day so why not use blooms that are bright and colourful? Bright colours are more attractive, livelier, and they are also very much attention grabbing irrespective of the age group. Think through sending Gerbera daisies to put a smile on your loved one’s face.
  • Floral scent: As much as you may want to give the person sweet scenting flowers, remember that you should steer clear of flowers with strong scents. Your loved one may be sensitive to strong smells. Your local flower delivery should be able to give you advice on the flower of choice when it comes to decent or modest smelling flowers. Some people may love certain smells and some of the safest to go with are sunflowers, roses, and tulips because they do not scent much. Lilacs, freesias, and lilies are contraindicated.
  • Choice of bloom: This is especially useful if you are very familiar with the person. If you know the type of flowers your person likes, select it for him or her. If you are not very sure, select hand bouquets that are centred on roses. You can hardly go wrong with them because they are everyone’s preferred flowers. Also, choose flowers that last longer so that the person can enjoy them more. Generally, alstroemeria lilies, daisies, lisianthus, and flowers in the carnation families are usually appropriate kinds of flowers because they are long lasting.
  • Budget: It is important to know just how much you are willing to spend when choosing flowers or hampers. I am quite sure you would be seeking for a budget friendly, yet effective choice of blossoms and hampers. There are hampers which include flowers, snacks, and vegetables, chocolates, wine, etc. but they may be more expensive than you planned for. You may need to also pay for delivery, so keep that in mind.
  • Age of the person: You cannot present chocolates and teddies to an elderly person. It will be more appropriate for a kid. Kid friendly options would be chocolates and cookies, and maybe a stuffed animal. A kid would love roses as bloom of choice, but an adult would prefer a lot more variety because roses may be a bit cliché to him or her.
  • Cause of hospitalization: When choosing a hamper, keep in mind the peculiarities of the condition of the person. For example, if it is a diabetic, it does not make sense giving chocolates, biscuits, and wine. You would rather want to give a more diabetic-friendly hamper with fruits and cookies only, then flowers also. If the person is asthmatic, or has any other allergic pulmonary disorder, do not give flowers with strong scent as they may trigger an immune response.
  • Timing: Proper timing is key here. Use your discretion depending on how long the patient is recovering. For example, you know a lot of people are likely to deliver flowers to a person on the first few days of their hospitalization than a couple of days later. You may want to deliver yours a few days later so that your loved one enjoys them more and they do not get mixed in the crowd. If you are not sure about how long they will stay in the hospital, then go ahead to do same day delivery. When delivering to someone in the hospital, make sure you know about the rules and policies in that particular hospital. Check the visiting hours at the hospital and have a work sheet that contains:
  • The hospital contacts
  • The patient’s name
  • Room number
  • Visiting hours.

If your special someone is convalescing at home, then you can think of a beautiful bulb garden and potted flowers.

Very few things can aid recovery or convalescence like a perfect choice of bloom accompanied with a note card. Studies have shown that flowers can actually speed up the recovery process by boosting energy levels, reducing anxiety, and improving the state of mind psychologically. Get-well gifts will remind your loved ones about how much you care and it will also lift their spirits. So, before you consider purchasing Get-well-soon hampers, keep in mind that a flower bouquet accompanied with a tasty gift basket or specific healthy things from the get well soon hamper may be a better option.