How to Pick the Freshest Fruit Produce?

Sending gifts to your loved ones is very important because it is a way of telling them how much you love them and what they mean in your life. Fruit baskets are trending in the gift market and most people are taking this option when planning to gift something special and unique for their loved ones.

But at the same time, it is not like any other gift you have to be very careful that all the fruits that are putting in the basket are fresh and this blog is exclusively written to help you on how to pick the fresh fruits.

So if you are someone who is currently planning to give fruit basket to your friend, family members or any other loved one then you will find this blog very helpful so keep reading the blog till the end.

Never ever buy products that are either bruised or damaged

Always try to avoid fruits that have quite visible damages or bruises because these bruises and damaged skins are ideal places for bacteria to hide themselves and from there they spread fast to other parts of the fruit or plant body.

In addition to this damaged fruits are very less nutritious which means that the amount of nutrition that is present in a damaged fruit is far less as compared to an ideal healthy fruit and also such fruits are less tasty.

Before making final selection squeeze the fruit

This is also a very important factor to determine the freshness of fruits. If the fruit is fully riped then it will a little under pressure. Except for apples no other fruit should be rock-hard.

Other fruits including pears, bananas and avocados such fruits continue to become soft after picking them up from the garden and placing them at room temperature.

Smelling is also helpful

Fruits like apples, mangoes, cherries, strawberries and pears give a very sweet scent upon smelling which indicates how ripped these fruits are.

Vibrant colors of fruits are also an indicator of their ripeness

Different fruits have different colors once they are fully ripped. They are both bright yellow, red or dark green in color and these color variations are also a very important indicator of how much the fruit is actually ripped.

Also if in your fruit basket you select a variety of colors then it will not only enhance the beauty of the basket but also its nutritional importance is also doubled.

Prefer to have only seasoned produce

Ok so it is very important to know that not all the fresh fruits all year long. If you want to have fruits that are off-season not only the retailers have to pay the shipping charges but you will also be charged for that price apart from the original price.

So it’s better to buy fruits that are in season because they will be tasty and full of nutrition but at the same, they will not cost you much.

Price Comparison

It is also very important to compare the price of all the fruits. Before making any final decision you must compare the price difference between prepackaged and loose produce.

It is a common observation that fruits that are often available in the form of a single unit are better in quality as well as in price as compared to the prepackaged ones.

Always choose the products yourself so that you will buy good quality as well as less in price fruits.

Texture of fruits

Fruit texture is another factor that can help you to buy fresh and healthy fruits. Fruits like oranges should be heavy as well as smell like citrus and fruits like apple and pears should be firm and nice and there should not be any hole in them.

Watermelons must feel heavy when you hold them and if you tap on them then they must produce a hollow sound.

While choosing strawberries always choose berries that are fragrant, red not yellow or green and they must have fresh and shiny tops. Check the bottom of the basket for any kind of spoiled and crushed berries.

Put your Fruits away from meat, seafood and poultry

Once you are done with the shopping make sure to put all your fruits away from poultry, seafood and other meats. Blood and other juices from these raw meats can have pathogens with them which can further contaminate the fruits.

Wash all your fruits properly before putting them in a fruit basket

Washing these fruits properly before putting them in fruit basket is a great way to wash away all the pathogens and chemical fertilizers. This way your fruits will be clean and they will look radiant.

Frozen Products are better

While purchasing fresh fruit products go for fruit items that are either surrounded by ice or they are refrigerated. If fruits are halved or even opened then before buying them make sure that they were displayed in a chilled environment.

Choose fruits that are not fully ripped

Ok, so this is important only if you want to put the fruits in the fruit basket and planning to ship it in another city or even country. At that time it is ideal to go for fruits that are not fully ripped and the time duration won’t affect their quality.

Although in today’s world we are so busy that we want to do everything quickly and online shopping has made things even easier and we have become quite lazy.

But as far as fruit shopping is concerned you cannot do it so much quicker you have to look at certain things just to make sure that all the fruits are fresh. So through the tips mentioned in this blog you can pick the fruits which are fresh and make your fruit basket worth memorable.

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