Must Know 12 Tips on What NOT to Wear to a Funeral

When going to a funeral there are some rules on the proper attire to wear. Wearing a white and black are the most common colors to wear. Although, there is no perfect answer to the Do’s and Don’ts for funeral attire, below are some helpful tips by our expert florist when you are having difficulty deciding what to wear in a funeral.

  1. Stay away from athletic wear or any active wear

Athletic wears and active wear should only be worn during your time at the gym or when exercising. It will only make the funeral service look like it is some kind of joke. 

  • Jeans

A funeral is a formal occasion and it deserves to be respected. However, jeans are acceptable when you pair it with some collared shirt or blazer.

  • Revealing Clothes

You should avoid wearing revealing clothes such as spaghetti straps and miniskirts because you may be put in a spotlight where all the people attending the funeral are looking at you rather than focusing on occasion. Remember that this is not the right time to wear your sexiest outfit.

  • Shorts

While shorts may be fashionable but definitely, during funeral service is not a time to be fashionable and wear super short shorts. You will know if your short is super short is when people stare at you for the second or third time because you cannot properly sit down.

  • Glittery and Sequined Clothes

These type of clothes are only appropriate during parties. Funerals are not a time for fun and parties and it deserves respect. Therefore, you better set aside your glittery and sequined clothes for this occasion.

  • Bright Colors

You should avoid wearing bright colors for this somber occasion. It may be offensive wearing bright colors like blues, red, and yellow. It is very important to avoid red because in some culture red is a sign of a happy occasion. However, if the family of the deceased requires their guests to wear something bright then that should be considered as an exception.

  • Slippers or Flip-flops

Wearing slippers is a big no especially if you are attending a formal funeral service. However, if you are attending the scattering of ashes on the beach, it may be an exception.

  • Floral or Animal Printed Clothes

There are better occasions where you can wear your animal printed clothes like during a party but funeral services are definitely not one of those occasions. On the other hand, floral printed clothes are also not appropriate to wear during a funeral because conveys a happy occasion, plus you don’t want to blend with the funeral flower stand or condolence wreath of the deceased.

  • Pajamas

It would be weird when people wear their sleepwear during a funeral and it only means that you are not taking the occasion seriously. It is a sort of mockery to the bereaved family.

  1. Baseball Caps

Wearing baseball caps will only make the occasion informal. However, you can opt to wear your fedora but make sure to pair it with clothes that look good with a fedora.

  1. Torn or Ripped Clothes

How you dress totally reflects your personality especially when you wear the wrong clothes on a formal occasion like a funeral. Although distressed clothes are on trend right now, still it would be inappropriate to wear it during a funeral.

  1. Statement Jewelry Pieces

Statement jewelry pieces or accessories like cufflinks and tiara are inappropriate for a funeral. You can wear pieces of jewelry but make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. For a funeral, it is highly recommended to wear formal jewelry pieces like your favorite pearls or your pair of diamond earrings from your grandmother’s jewelry collection.

How to Choose the Right Clothes?

  1. Choose dark-colored clothing.

By tradition, funeral clothes should be black. However, you do not have to wear black only. You can opt for darker shades like blue if you do not want to wear black. Nevertheless, stick to dark and neutral shades like dark grey, brown or dark green.

  • Always go for a formal look.

Unless otherwise, the family requires a specific type of clothing that you should wear for the funeral, stick to a formal look. If you are not quite sure which clothes to wear, just think of it as if you are going for a job interview. For women, it is advisable that you wear long dresses and skirts but make sure that they are not too fitting. The dark colored blouse is also a good choice. For men, on the other hand, it is advisable to wear a suit and tie. But if you find it too formal, you can wear dark colored pants and polo.

  • Always go for a plain look.

It is preferred that you go for plain clothes over patterned ones. Patterned clothes are entirely not bad for funerals. However, make sure that they are not too flashy. Avoid wearing clothes with red polka dots because it means a happy occasion in some culture. You must always remember that funerals are a somber occasion and it needs to be respected. So wearing the proper clothes means you are paying your respect to the bereaved family and to the deceased as well.

  • Pick shoes that are formal and comfortable

Funeral services require you to stand for so long. So it is advisable that you pick the right shoes that are formal and comfortable at the same time.

It pays to be well informed with the funeral etiquette especially on what you are going to wear for that occasion to maintain its solemnity.